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Vanguard: City of Brass - new content patch notes

NadiaNadia Topsham, MainePosts: 11,866Member Uncommon

City of Brass

· The veil between Telon and the Plane of Fire has been breached! Seeking revenge for an ancient betrayal, efreeti are capturing mortals and imprisoning them beneath the fiery skies of Jhor Razkur--The City of Brass.
· Join the fight against the efreeti and their allies inside the City of Brass, an all-new adventure area designed for groups of players at or near the level cap of 55.

· Face off against more than a dozen challenging named and boss mobs, earning valuable new loot.

· Daring souls who best these foes may summon forth The Keeper of Lesser Wishes, a 12-person encounter that will test their mettle. As they say, be careful what you wish for…
· To begin your quest to enter the City of Brass, look outside the eastern walls of Khal. Locals have been disturbed by the presence of a mad beggar whose incoherent babble speaks of sparks and fire…and a looming threat that must be stopped at all costs!

· The preview window now allows you to zoom and rotate the camera to get a better look at what you're buying. Just click inside the preview window and hold the mouse button down while moving the mouse, and use the scroll wheel to zoom in and out.

· Check out the latest batch of new items available for purchase:

o Mount: Sukenna’s Black Beetle - Take a ride aboard this buzzing bug!

o Petamorph: Wolf - Changes the appearance of your shaman, necromancer, or ranger epic pet to that of a wolf.

o Vanity Pet: Nelmook - Calls forth the hellhound Nelmook to travel by your side.

o Visage of the Lizardman - Makes your character look like a savage lizardman.

· Watch for more new items and special discounts to be revealed in the days after Thanksgiving!

Harvest Festival
· People from across Telon have journeyed to Khal to celebrate the Harvest. Billy Halgrim is busy making bread and Brenda Halgrim has some events to help commemorate the season.

· Also there have been reports that Turfin, Salrash the Birdmaster, and Chikran have returned and are lurking the area. Be warned!

· Enjoy a new Thanksgiving-themed quest, along with other festive content. It's our way of showing how thankful we are for having such great players in Vanguard!

· Changes have been made to the druid class in an effort to make their damage output more sustained, less prone to spikes and lulls. The intent is that damage output remains about the same, but that the class is more interesting to play overall.

· Three Stances have been added for the druid class, granted at level 10:

o Heirophant's Blessing - Increases the effectiveness of Lightning Strike, Wild Growth, Venomous Thorns, Solar Flare, Piercing Roots, Nature's Wrath, and Thunderclap by 25%. These abilities also have a 50% chance to generate 1 Phenomena point when cast.

o Lunarian Ire - Increases the damage done by Call Lightning, Deadly Swarm, Earthquake, Ire, and Starfall by 25%.

o Okeli's Guise - Increases the effectiveness of Life Stream, Restore, Sooth, and Soothing Rain by 20%. Also Regenerates 1 Phenomena point every 10 seconds.

o Stances can be changed once every 10 seconds.

· Base damage for the following spells has been adjusted: Call Lightning, Deadly Swarm, Earthquake, Ire, and Starfall.

· Heirophant's Boon has been changed to an ability that restores 15 Phenomena points, useable every 5 minutes.

· Three new ranks of Lightning Strike have been added at level 30, 36, and 42.

· Antshape now changes the caster into a full-sized ant instead of a small ant, which should make levitation less visually unpleasant.
· Lightning Strike XI has been renamed Greater Lightning Strike and its damage has been increased. It now has a10% chance to proc an additional bolt instead of a 5% chance.

· The shape-change portion of Therianthropy has been removed.

· A new level 30 ability, Wolf Form, turns the druid's group into wolves for 1 hour.


· Passive abilities are no longer stripped by resurrection effects or other abilities that strip percentage-style buffs.


· Mythic and Legendary items in Lair of the Vi'Rak will now drop more frequently from boss encounters.

· Raid encounters throughout the world now have an improved chance to drop their rare and desirable items.

· Tharridon's Memento now has Etherence, Rune, Imbued, and Infuse slots.

UI Files Updated

· VGUICommerceWnd.xml


  • RimmersmanRimmersman MonacoPosts: 885Member
    Lovely lol, i'm spoiled for choice at the moment. Just started Age Of  Wushu beta today, a full open FFA PVP sandbox MMO and now this lol.,

  • cybertruckercybertrucker Pensacola, FLPosts: 1,119Member Uncommon
    New 12 man new dungeon.arrrgh I don't have time for 2 MMOs.. Sigh what to do what to do.
  • Bakkoda24Bakkoda24 Albany, NYPosts: 257Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Rimmersman
    Lovely lol, i'm spoiled for choice at the moment. Just started Age Of  Wushu beta today, a full open FFA PVP sandbox MMO and now this lol.,

    Ugh I know. I have barely enough time as it is.

    Looks like I'll be reinstalling Vanguard on Steam...

  • tank017tank017 Glendale, CAPosts: 2,192Member
    I will be checking this outttttttt
  • nethervoidnethervoid xanex, CAPosts: 531Member Uncommon
    Man it's too bad they screwed this game up. This sounds like an awesome patch.

    nethervoid - Est. '97
    24k subs YouTube Gaming channel

  • RimmersmanRimmersman MonacoPosts: 885Member
    Originally posted by nethervoid
    Man it's too bad they screwed this game up. This sounds like an awesome patch.

    That's your opinion lol, your not even making sence.

  • cybertruckercybertrucker Pensacola, FLPosts: 1,119Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by nethervoid
    Man it's too bad they screwed this game up. This sounds like an awesome patch.

    ya I would recommmend trying it.. The game had its problems due to being rushed out the door by SOE... However the game has changed ALOT since those days. Some of the changes were good some bad. I loved the rift stones they added for traveling (way before the RIFT game)  however I disliked when they nerfed factions into oblivion. It was much better when dark elf players had to earnt he right to walk around in human cities and such. Had more immersion. But the game runs smooth now.

    Vanguard has some of the best PVE PERIOD!!! give it a go.. If SOE is about to start actually investing in this game.. This could be a huge relaunch.. much like with whats going on with FFXIV. But not a WOW clone.

    Open world dungeons for the win!

  • DavisFlightDavisFlight Talahasee, FLPosts: 2,556Member Common
    Hell fucking yes. This is still the best/most challenging PvE MMO on the market. Some of the best class design too. Very unique classes. I'll be hopping back in to check this out. It's good to have a full development team working on this again!
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