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Did.... Did forumfall die?!

XarnthalXarnthal Landenberg, PAPosts: 130Member
Say it ain't so!  :(



  • GoozinGoozin St Paul, MNPosts: 60Member Uncommon
    yup vaporware!

    "Outside the dream world, life can be harsh--even cruel, but it is life"

  • SirBalinSirBalin Joppa, MDPosts: 1,253Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Xarnthal
    Say it ain't so!  :(

    I don't think so, the new darkfall site is down as well...maybe they are taking down the old to bring in the new.

    "You're either with us or against us"

  • GoozinGoozin St Paul, MNPosts: 60Member Uncommon
    Nope there gonna run and hide now. tell 12/12/12

    "Outside the dream world, life can be harsh--even cruel, but it is life"

  • GrixxittGrixxitt New Orleans, LAPosts: 545Member Uncommon
    The category 5 shitstorm resulting from the delay  announcement caused Forumfall to implode

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  • xpiherxpiher Indianapolis, INPosts: 3,311Member

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  • XarnthalXarnthal Landenberg, PAPosts: 130Member
    Originally posted by xpiher

    YAY we can say it here! Vaporware indeed!


  • naljejanaljeja BergenPosts: 94Member
    i predict a new forumfall
  • FusionFusion VaasaPosts: 1,384Member Uncommon

    They finally got tired of "vets" and long time supporters crying about every single thing and closed them down!

    Serves them ungrateful bastards right!


    ps. they just posted this: - now totally F2P no cash-shops or micro transactions at all.
  • indefindef Thousand Oaks, CAPosts: 344Member Uncommon

    I made a new forum account about 5 days ago and it never got approved by the mods when they normally approve new forums accounts within minutes.

    I suspect they knew the site was coming down and being replaced, so they didn't bother accepting my new account.

  • gravesworngravesworn charleston, WVPosts: 324Member
    I was on the forums earlier this morning. Havent check my forumfail in a few hours lol.
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