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[Column] Star Wars: The Old Republic: Reasons to Check Out SWTOR F2P



  • pinktailzpinktailz internet, ALPosts: 173Member Uncommon
    outdated graphics plus terribe UI makes this game unplayable, not monthly fee.
  • StryckerStrycker Marietta, GAPosts: 64Member Uncommon

    Jesus, the reaction to this article is startingly negative and expected.


    People are bitter because A) The sheer hype this game had and B) Becuase it's Star Wars, and every one expects a godsend of an MMO (Which hasn't happened in any genre in nearly 8 years).  The leveling was fun, I got farther in this than in Rift (Level 42 vs. 21) and I've been playing MMO's since the inital release of UO (How I hate to use my experience as a testament but it's fitting regardless).


    SWTOR isn't a bad game, it never was; It's the expectations that have been set by this community (The same reason the bashing of GW2 is never ending). Sure, it may of been unpolished in some areas, but does anyone remember the first few months of old MMO's? Absolutely terrible, yet we talk about them and cling onto them like they were somewhat of a saint among a dying genre.


    Personally, being sick of all MMO's at this point (Can..not..stand..quests); I will still return to SWTOR tomorrow and see where it takes me - whether it be a day, a week, or an month. Expectedly, I'll play a day and be sick of it, because let's face it.....


    We want SWG, UO, AC, AC2, DAOC, etc


    Still doesn't make SWTOR a bad game.

  • thamighty213thamighty213 NewcastlePosts: 1,622Member Uncommon

    It is a solid game when you lower your expectation I quit in Feb after the whole Ilum revamp being fail,   I returned last month not expecting SWTOR to be this uber awesome open world pvp game that shot lightning bolts from its ass and cured cancer and was quite surprised at what great fun I'm having.


    The hype machine killed SWTOR not the game.

  • Po_ggPo_gg Twigwarren, WestfarthingPosts: 3,661Member Rare
    Originally posted by Strycker
    People are bitter because .... Still doesn't make SWTOR a bad game.

    I'm bitter, because TOR could've been an award winning game, but EA wanted the monthly fee (and agreed, TOR is not a bad game, it's 'just' a bad mmo)

    I'm bitter, because f2p conversion can revitalize games if done correctly, but EA didn't change anything in the game, just put a cash shop in it to milk the existing subscribers a bit more. It was the last hope (lol) to put TOR on a right track, and they missed the chance.

    I'm bitter on comments 'now people can try out the game for free' - newsflash, people had that option already with the 1-15 trial, and check how many subscribers that brought... And it was an unlimited trial, with the full, actual gameplay, not the restricted one EA now make (hello hotbars, no mails and trading, walking to everywhere, etc.)


    As Frodo said "Why don't you try leveling a character using only 2 action bars.  See how long you last before giving up." I did that in every mmo that went f2p under me, just to have a first-hand experience on the restrictions. There was good conversions, and a few bad one, with AoC as the worst (they also made it only to put a cash shop in-game, like EA). I think TOR's f2p won't bring in new subscribers either, only a few previous subscribers who loved the story enough to give a try to these restrictions. But with the cash shop, it will generate a few extra bucks from current subscribers, so they achieve at least this goal :)

  • lotapartylotaparty taxila canttPosts: 514Member
    Originally posted by thamighty213
    It is a solid game when you lower your expectation I quit in Feb after the whole Ilum revamp being fail,   I returned last month not expecting SWTOR to be this uber awesome open world pvp game that shot lightning bolts from its ass and cured cancer and was quite surprised at what great fun I'm having.   The hype machine killed SWTOR not the game.

    i am enjoying the game alot .possibly will subscribe next month when my wow mopd 10 day trial on both accounts end 


  • 0lly0lly Jurmala, INPosts: 9Member

    SWOTR need to get some freedom :D

    Let's face it  - we need a new SWOTR !!!

    Single player game like SKYRIM with Star Wars story  would have been godlike :D Maybe with a bit of a multiplayer options.

  • Kingmob23Kingmob23 LondonPosts: 77Member
    It was a solid enough game that it held my interest longer than Rift and GW2 did.
  • ValadusValadus Allston, MAPosts: 12Member
    Sadly you've summed it pretty accurately in the beginning of your article "outside of the free-to-play stuff, Game Update 1.5 isn’t exactly meaty.". That's always been the problem of SWTOR not the $15 subscription. They've pretty much given up on Illum and open-world PvP, and we haven't seen any interesting new PvE content since release. That's the sad downfall of this game and I highly doubt that F2P will save it if that doesn't change. 
  • TheOctagonTheOctagon Arcade, NYPosts: 379Member Uncommon

    Most of you new FTP fanbois misunderstand. Most of us are. or were subbed at one time. We've played the game with all of its flaws, still hoping that EA(I don't blame Bioware.)would get its act together and put out what was promised. To this day, they have not. Now, in a desperate hope to save it, their giving it away with restrictions so tight, that this will fail as well. (Seriously, a limited general chat, having to buy a UI, no forum posting, can't form a group. And these are just the important ones off the top of my head.) And, to make it even worse, alot of the items we were promised will probably end up in the store instead of in the game where they were supposed to be at launch. Watch how fast the numbers go up, then drop again. Sort of like their first 6 months after release, then they'll rework the the FTP system to bring it more inline. Star Trek Online/Craptics FTP model is putting them up near the top. Maybe EA should take a look at them...


  • dreamsofwardreamsofwar bangorPosts: 468Member
    Has it fixed the black screen freeze after the loading screen yet? I only ask because when I tried to play it, it simply wouldn't work :(
  • rwyanrwyan raleigh, NCPosts: 467Member Uncommon

    I actually like SWTOR.  However, for me, it was the same game I've been playing for years with just a different coat.  F2P will definitely bring players back.  But can it keep them?


    I had the same thoughts about Rift when it first came out... and now its a really fun, engaging MMO with lots to do and lots to see.

  • bone12bone12 herningPosts: 31Member

    Swtor is not SOLID or great. or even good.. its  a crappy game  that focus on a kind of lame movie.. worst game ever i am lucky i sold my account for about 10% more then i bought that game for..


  • ZefireZefire lol, CAPosts: 676Member

    Not only bioware introduced a crap pay model now we have reasons to play it as well.

    hahahaha i suppose this a bad joke otherwise both bioware and mmorpg are trolling us very hard

  • CoolitCoolit Posts: 499Member Uncommon

    I was completely put off by the number of bugs at launch and the non-urgency the developers had to fix their own game. When you compare this to the RiFT development team who have far less resources, still manage to put out a close to bug free game at launch and reported bugs are fixed in a timely manner (1-2days) I know which game I'd support. What the developers needed to do after the failings at launch was take a "FF14 / SE" look at the game and they would have maintained their credibility, as it stands SWTOR did far more harm than good to Bioware.


    Once bitten twice shy, I see no reason to try this game again even when it goes F2P.


    F2P does not make this game good.

  • McGamerMcGamer C.S.T., USAPosts: 1,024Member Uncommon
    Personally, I think the one reason not to play, trumps the reason to play. That reason being that SWTOR is far from being a true Star Wars game. It is a space WoW with a Star Wars sticker on it.
  • AnubisanAnubisan Boulder, COPosts: 1,798Member Uncommon

    SWTOR is a very solid game and is not worth the crap people give it on this site...

    Not that I am surprised AT ALL. It seems that trashing games is the only thing people around here actually enjoy doing. Fortunately I also enjoy playing them.

  • KethrymKethrym Oklahoma City, OKPosts: 85Member

    I went back after buying the game when it first released.   I went in with ZERO expectations, just like I'd never played it before.    To be honest I'm actually enjoying myself.   The bugs that riddled the release are gone, the zones are populated again.  People talk, people group up.    It's no SWG, but at least it's SOMETHING.  

    Maybe others might enjoy it if they stopped looking for a reason to dislike the game.   Just my personal opinion.   Then again this is (the only website dedicated to MMO's but filled with people who hate them)

  • vonryan123vonryan123 Not home, MIPosts: 246Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by mnwild1998
    SWTOR is a solid game, it is like any new mmo that comes out.  You sub for a couple months, you go to the next game for  a month you go back to your main for a few months and so on and so on.  As for the haters/trolls they have been all over this game since it was announced.   They are just afraid people will leave their preshish game for a bit and they will be all alone.  They have spent so much time and effort to bash a video game (think those people need some serious help)  there is no way they can or would join the others and play SWTOR for a bit.    I started up last night after being away for awhile and the game was packed.  People looking for groups, I used group finder twice waited no more then 2 min to join a group.  Chat was active and very friendly I would say SWTOR is doing pretty good for what I saw last night.    The haters/trolls with do their thing as they do with all MMO's. They dont like SWTOR because in their eyes there is only one good MMO and its what ever they are playing and everyone else who enjoys others are wrong. 

    Solid for a solo game witha  few co-op style instances. To the haters comments I defended this game till the bitter end (end as in me quiting) I had high hopes and as always never fails EA gets the money and we get a shody game. I'm not sure whats sad you or the people you term haters. And as for the "Packed" comment. Really? Its going f2p ALL mmo's that go f2p have a massive influx of people wanting to give it a try or come back just before the rush thats not a big surprise or a very good leg to stand on.


     ohh one last thing before you say I havent played it as of late or at all. I just unsubbed last month.

  • mCalvertmCalvert Tallahassee, FLPosts: 1,283Member
    Its free now, you say? I guess its finally worth returning then.
  • montinmontin IpswichPosts: 218Member
    Forget about the previous time of swtor and consider it a new game, a fp2 game. It's actually fairly good for f2p. Live for tomorrow guys and stop being bitter about the past.
  • Jimmy562Jimmy562 UKPosts: 1,148Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by FrodoFragins
    Originally posted by Sevenstar61
    Originally posted by Swanea
    Lol.  The game is free for you and yet you are still going out of your way to hate on it. You aren't paying for anything.  Nothing.  Are you missing lots of features? Of course. But you can still play the base game for free. good lord.

    I agree.

    Nobody forces you guys to try this game. You should be glad that BioWare is giving away for free the best part of the Game - the story.

    Reading these forums sometimes makes me really sick. There is so much hate here that no wonder there is such a misery on the Earth. If mere game can bring so much hate...  Good Lord!

    Quoting Obi-wan Kenobi - You all should go home and rethink your life.. and I wish I could use here the Jedi mind trick...


    Why don't you try leveling a character using only 2 action bars.  See how long you last before giving up.

    I only use two action bars at 50. My two side bars only contain stuff like speeders, pets, buffs etc. You certainly don't NEED more than two but the extra ones do help.

  • mmodannommodanno Orrington, MEPosts: 163Member

    12 hours downtime?  HAHAHhaha.. oh, you were serious.

    Bioware never, and I mean NEVER, even comes close to matching downtime predictions.  If they say 2 hours, figure 4.  If they say  6 hours, figure 10, or more.  If they say 12 hours... well

    Gotta figure it will be down most of the day today... then down for several hours tomorrow when they roll back the patch because of all the errors and breakdowns.  Seeing as there are what, like 5 people left working on this game?, then this is to be expected.

    So, those of you looking to try it out, you have AT LEAST till this evening EST before it comes online again, so no hurry.

  • SuprGamerXSuprGamerX Montreal, QCPosts: 531Member
    LOL!! SW:tor was pretty bad when I first tried it , and it's going F2P?? No thanks.    A game that goes from P2P to F2P is always a bad sign.  Either stick to F2P from the beginning or shut down the game and put back SW Galaxies back in service.
  • WalterWhiteWalterWhite CardiffPosts: 405Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by mCalvert
    Its free now, you say? I guess its finally worth returning then.

    If you wait 6 months, EA will start paying people to play SWTOR :p


  • TheOctagonTheOctagon Arcade, NYPosts: 379Member Uncommon

    All that hype about FTP and they fall on their faces again. I feel like I'm at launch all over again...

    'Today’s server maintenance has been extended with no ETA. We will update as soon as we have more info. Thank you for your patience.'


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