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Why no themepark and sandbox can ever succeed after WoW and EVE



  • nethervoidnethervoid xanex, CAPosts: 531Member Uncommon
    People used to say the exact same thing about EQ. That no other game could beat it.

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  • ReklawReklaw Am.Posts: 6,495Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Kyleran
    Put the time(sinks) back into MMOs and you'll begin to retain players again. Those who don't like this set of design won't stick around no matter what you try to do. Nothing will ever entertain them over the long term. MMORPGs used to be designed for the patient and persiverent. They could be once again.

    Well said and fully agree with it. But today we have a new louder majority. Then again we also had them back then, just look at the NGE with SWG anyone who was active with the game and it's forums could already see that many wanted SWG to be different, yet those of us who actually played wanted pure fixes.

    I do believe if pre-cu SWG was hard on fixing issue's/bugs that the game eventually might have walked the same route as CCP did with Eve in my mind SWG might even have done better. But just like the majority of people into these games we also have impatient investors/company's...and yes WoW happend, which made every company re-think the things they where developing.

    As another poster mentioned SWG was already dripping subs well before the CU and the NGE, but I have noticed that many ex-swg players are completely ignoring those facts. The NGE was indeed the last drop for many players who played till the NGE.

    And to the OP: I have played WoW but have played other MMORPG that I felt where much better. Eve I only have tried a couple of times but just couldn't get the right fibe from it due to me being a spaceship. I don't mind being some sort of vehicle in regular games, but I just want a character when I play a MMORPG.

    So eventually to me the reason why most MMORPG don't succeed to capture me playing them has to do with being spoiled with SWG, there isn't one MMORPG that even comes close, and I do know there are a few MMORPG's that do come close to a certain extend of feature's I loved in SWG most of the time they seem visually not appealing to me.

    And I am sure there plenty of gamers around that also are not spoiled by WoW or EVE but perhaps by other MMORPG's.

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