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if TESO ends up a WoW clone, would you still play it?



  • KeyloggerKeylogger Bumblefuck, TNPosts: 250Member

    Yeah I'm wore out on themeparks.

    ES without the sandbox is like pizza without bread or cheese - dumb and you end up with a mess.

  • BlueLanternBlueLantern hempstead, NYPosts: 96Member
    it's already a clone of GW2. going to be awesome when certain people can no longer run from it.


  • ThomasN7ThomasN7 1, NJPosts: 6,690Member
    Well we already know it is not a WoW clone so that is good news.
  • QallidexzQallidexz Austin, TXPosts: 253Member
    Yea, if ZOS plans on changing ESO into a WoW clone, they have A LOT of work to do...
  • ShakyMoShakyMo BradfordPosts: 7,207Member Common
    How is it a clone of gw2?

    Both games started developmemt around the same time.

    It's like saying eq2 is a clone of wow or wow is a clone of coh, all 3 have things in common, but they were in development at the Same time, they probably took a look at what mmos set like in 2000 and cake to similar conclusions about what to put in the games.

    Likewise zenimax and arenanet probably did the same thing circa 2006
  • BetaguyBetaguy Halifax, NSPosts: 2,606Member Uncommon
    Not sure where or who started all this WoW clone nonsense, but might wanna check your facts and rewatch some videos/developer blogs.  You couldn't be further off the mark.


  • ShakyMoShakyMo BradfordPosts: 7,207Member Common
    Elder scrolls isn't really a sandbox (well maybe skyrim is with and only with hearthfire)

    They are very open ended games sure,but they have a main quest line, they have levels you can't just go and build stuff where you want or set up your own monster farms to gather materials etc..

    In mmo terms the closest comparison would be a hybrid like asherons call. Even instance free open world themeparks like daoc or EQ would be pretty close. Closer than a true sandbox like eve or uo. That said tes games are nothing like modern railsy themeparks like swtor, modern wow etc..
  • MothanosMothanos MordorPosts: 1,910Member Uncommon

    Random dungeon stolen from LotR - next

    Still if it turns out their WvW / RvR is better then GW2 iam sold.
    Its the only fracking stuff i care for, aktion packed RvR /WvW <3

    Lol at the youngsters here thinking WoW invented the wheel of mmo's, UO / EQ came years before WoW and their lead designer left EQ to form WoW how it is today.
    Dont talk if you do not know what you talk about :)

    Also why all this hate versus something we dont know much about ?

    Facts we heared are: its a sandbox RvR style with Themepark PvE right (correct me if iam wrong here)
    isnt this what most people wanted ?

  • FoxxenFoxxen Fort Worth, TXPosts: 20Member

    Don't forget in 2001 DAoC came out and this is where I will bet you money is why you're getting 3 factions ( Not 2 like every game since WoW has come out ).  Which is a much better way to do it than having a 2 sided fist fight where it gets old fast.  I played DAoC ( For those who don't know Dark Age of Camelot ) for well over 5 years, I'd roughly say closer to 6.  Tried to go back but couldn't handle the clunky UI they have kept in place all these years.

    Seems like everyone thinks just because it's an MMO, that it was a copy of WoW...  As the above comment states, UO and EQ ( Not EQ 2 either ) were the originating MMORPG's and I'd add DAoC shortly after that.  WoW came way later into the scene and was great till Lich King and then just decended in a downward spiral from that point on ( My opinion there of course as I played it for 7 years ).

    To give you all a good laugh, when I was playing Lord of the Rings Online, I was out crafting in one of the main crafting hub towns.  This guy had to be the best laugh I had in a lifetime.  He posted up in public chat, something to the tune of "How is it that Lord of the Rings is stealing from WoW?  Do they honestly think changing the color of Orcs makes it unique?" Man, I cannot tell you how fast that poor guy was shot down from so many, including myself.  Which brings me to my point, just because a game has a hotbar, elves, orcs, bows, questing systems of varrying styles, does not make a game a clone of any other game.  These things are standard in so many games before WoW and several others that it's rather silly to say it's a WoW clone.  All you do is bring out the forum trolls and personally anyone making a thread of this nature is wanting that really.

    The Elder Scrolls Online may have a 6 button skill bar, but that isn't how many skills you have when you think how they transcend into other skills based on how you use them or reactionary benifits that lead into others.  The thing is, they could easily do it just like Skyrim and you'd never know how many skills you're actually using, but you do have more than just a few skills even in that game.  Some are based on sneak, some based on the type of attack, weapon, so on....  So you can't really claim this as a GW2 clone either because other games have had similar systems before them as well.  To me Vanguard had the absolute best combat system, too bad Sony owns it.

    Anyway, I like to judge games on their own merit, trying to compare a game to another game is like comparing a Volkswagon Bug to a Ferrari.  Two totally different beasts all together, yet they're both cars, both have four wheels, both have engines, but they are very very different still the same!

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  • tomacontomacon Brandon, FLPosts: 16Member Uncommon

    Yeah there all Sandfbox, made for people to stay within the lines and dare to read between them. Hey that dungeon is new let's run that, then another and another. Before you know you've beaten the same boss 20x's in one day you know the very next move he will make and what's going to drop next. I'm glad it's still the simple things that excite people. Give me a challenge or give me death, oh wait the challange is the same dungeon but my it's on elite. Oh wow bestill my beating heart.


  • RevofireRevofire Melbourne, FLPosts: 263Member Uncommon

    N. O.


    I love sandbox, hate tab targetting (it's for lazy people and no immersion) and those huge hotbars. Horrid. Make it a challenge already, also stop charging $15 a month, try for $10, or $5 and expansions. Really... You can't copy time and time again and expect people to play.

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  • WhiteLanternWhiteLantern Nevada, MOPosts: 2,712Member Uncommon
    If it looks fun, yes.

    I want a mmorpg where people have gone through misery, have gone through school stuff and actually have had sex even. -sagil

  • EvolvedMonkyEvolvedMonky Tulsa, OKPosts: 549Member

    Looks like people are starting to catch the hype bug.

    Will i play this game? hell no, Elder scroll games by themselves are just barely two weeks of fun. Now I buy them cause of the mods. Funny thing is most the popular mods make the game more sandboxy than just a hack n slash. 

    Well Im hoping they get a clue and design the game into a virtual world and not a disney land attraction.  They should look at the stuff the mod community has been making in there last two games and us that as a guide.

  • SuperDonkSuperDonk Vancouver, WAPosts: 759Member Uncommon
    No - I don't dispise WoW, but I'm over it and it's clones for good.
  • MyTabbycatMyTabbycat SP, MOPosts: 316Member Uncommon
    I will try it out no matter what. I'll continue to play it if it is fun. I think it will be because TES games themselves were a lot of fun. If they can bring all the lore and feel of the single player games into the MMO environment, it will be a success. If they can accomplish that, they could possibly give WoW a run for its money. Nothing can unseat WoW from its throne (except Blizzard), but I'd like to see an MMO come out and give them a good scare.
  • XerathuleXerathule Dallas, TXPosts: 114Member Uncommon

    What is your idea of a "WoW Clone"?  You know that WoW innovated new things so of course people will use those ideas in their new games.  I know some of the ideas are not what I would want in a new game, but there was a lot of new innovative ideas they brought to the table like it or not! Just because they use this idea doesn't make it a "WoW Clone"!


    If you people don't like anything that WoW did then I can understand, but that is rediculous!  Even the Everquest elites played WoW and people that are actually in the technical field know that WoW was the greatest acheivement in MMO technically.    I could care less about some jackoff that doesn't know shit about technology.

  • ZigZagsZigZags CaliforniaPosts: 356Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Kruul
    Looks like they are using the DAOC model for PVP

    DAOC with some WAR also since it has been confirmed by Brian Wheeler, pvp lead, that there will be Instanced Battlegrounds :-( Once I heard that I lost a lot of interest. I want a world to play in, not an arcade game.

    Dragnon - Guildmaster - Albion Central Bank in Albion Online

  • JyiigaJyiiga Seneca, SCPosts: 1,109Member Uncommon

    Nothing really fits me. Ultimately "NO".


    If I want to play WoW or WoW like games, there are dozens that I can play now. Reskinning WoW as an ES game is not going to hold my attention for any real length of time. I want innovation and I want many of the single player elements meshed neatly into a multiplayer experience. In all honesty, since they announced it was a class based game, my interest lvls fell off a cliff. When I play an ES game, I want to make my own character, not be forced into some tired ass role. 

  • RahkusRahkus Wakefield, MAPosts: 5Member
    WoW was awesome.  I would definitly still play WoW if I didn't out grow it.  I think most would want a better graphic, better combat version of WoW.  All who say they woulden't play it, I'd say 80% of you are lying, and are just being stubbern.
  • tank017tank017 Glendale, CAPosts: 2,192Member
    Naaa,Ive had my fill of theme parks
  • RizelStarRizelStar Raleigh, NCPosts: 2,773Member Uncommon
    Nope I don't play WoW clones, so far TESO doesn't seem like it but if they go the sub route I won't be playing it regardless.

    I might get banned for this. - Rizel Star.

    I'm not afraid to tell trolls what they [need] to hear, even if that means for me to have an forced absence afterwards.

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  • XxGrimmxXXxGrimmxX texarkana, TXPosts: 223Member Uncommon
    I loved WoW and I love ES, I won't be playing the game though because I'm completely tired of that type of MMO.
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