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Darkfall: Unholy Wars: Livestream Q&A -- Give Us Your Questions!



  • raapnaapraapnaap LeidenPosts: 414Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by ZtyX
    Here's a very important question that has never been answered by the devs. They nerfed mounted combat and it became a long forgotten playstyle, a shadow of its' former self that was never viable in PvP. That left mounted combat PKers hanging for years and forced them to move on and play the game like everybody else. Now is a time of specializations and roles, but the devs have not mentioned mounted combat ANYWHERE. I think a lot of people would like to know more on this subject. Do you have any plans to further develop mounted combat as an individual and competitive fighting style in Unholy Wars (or will it continue to be a shadow of its' former self)? Asked by Celiah Ailey

    This was already answered. Mounted combat is mostly untouched for UW's launch and will be looked at in a "future update".

  • marganculosmarganculos BrnoPosts: 243Member Uncommon
    DF:UW... are you wow killer? :P
  • NiburuNiburu BerlinPosts: 384Member Uncommon

    Hello my Name is Niburu Alpha ingame. I'am a Darkfall player since beta 2008.Here are my questions.

    Question 1: Is Armor Dyeing ingame ?


    Question 2: Is crafting somehow limited, so one player isn't able to learn everything on his own ?


    Question 3: Could you list us sandbox features, besides the political interaction between players ?


    Question 4: You know your playerbase is very creative when it comes to exploits within the game. How do you prevent past misstakes like duping and if they happen again how harsh will you punish them ?


    Question 5: In previous blog posts you talked about improved guild management tools. Could you explain these in detail ?


    Question 6: Are chaso stones and wilderness banks still ingame ?


    Question 7: How much teleport options will we have in Darkfall: Unholy Wars ? If runestones are still in ( i hope not) are they still as common as they were in Darkfall Online ?


    Question 8: Are chaos chest still the main source for housing items, inlcuding the deed itself ?


    Question 9: Is the so called limbo state still ingame or did you removed it ? When it is still ingame how does it work and how do you prevent constant spawning in the area which gives the larger seized side an artifical advantage ?


    Question 10: How frequently will we see updates for Darkfall: Unholy Wars, the playerbase has a little stigma regarding this topic because of the last 2 years ? And do you plan to react on general community opinions on various gameplay mechanics faster ? For example it took years to change trade route reward and village reward.


    Question 11: Do you pay homage to ANG ?



    Thats it, thank you for your time and for one of the best MMO games out there.

  • gravesworngravesworn charleston, WVPosts: 324Member
    My only question is when will we have a complete list of all the skills that will be in at launch?
  • HeliosaHeliosa CheshirePosts: 8Member
    Question: How does Darfall UW perform in relation to the upgraded engine? i.e will it require a better system to run?
  • MikeBMikeB Community Manager Queens, NYPosts: 6,163Administrator Rare
    All right. Thanks for all your submissions. Unfortunately the actual interview date has been ushed back and we do not have a new date for you at this time. Stay tuned though, we'll have an update for you ASAP!

    Michael "MikeB" Bitton
    Community Manager
    Twitter: @eMikeB

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