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I came up this Idea last night!!!! A Mmorpg created by the fan's.

siericksierick hammond, INPosts: 4Member

Lets say everything ever created in a game was Discussable... From Character Screen to endgame content. From Epic Quests to the Story Line, From Spell syquencing to Pvp.... Basically All of our idea's come into play... Hell they could even make a Tv show about the making of it... and the end result would be Amazing... Everyone who Participated would in fact feel a part of the game.... and it would suit the majority's needs.


Lets get some insight on this?


Do you actually think it would work?


  • LaserwolfLaserwolf Oklahoma City, OKPosts: 2,383Member

    It just wouldn't work. Someone like myself wants to see a no questing, skill-based, open pvp, open looting Ultima Online pre-trammel MMORPG, but there are just as many players(honestly many more) who want to see a quest heavy, level-based, consensual PvP, minimal death penalty MMORPG.

    MMORPGS are pretty much already developed with an eye toward what's popular which is why they pretty much suck right now. Instead of developing a game where all the pieces fit together to make an overall great experiance, they are jamming in pieces that they show have the most profit potential.

    In my first hour of playing Guild Wars 2 after launch I was already regretting spending $60 on it while a number of other players were filling that chat with declarations of how great it was and how it was the best MMO they've ever played. While gamers are overall in agreement on what makes a good game, the fanbase for MMORPGs is as divided as our American political parties are right now.



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