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Darkfall: Unholy Wars: Livestream Q&A -- Give Us Your Questions!



  • sladeEUsladeEU colchesterPosts: 1Member

    I have been a Darkfall player since day 1 of EU launch, with the exception of about 3 months, I have had an active subscription for all of Darkfalls life. I'm eagerly waiting for Unholy Wars but here are my questions I would like answered.

    Question 1.

    Tradeskills. I would like to know if there are any plans to limit the amount of tradeskills a player can pick up? I appreciate that you want to allow every player to be able to do everything, and in regards to roles/combat skills this is fine for the most part, but with your plans to include a trade house after launch, I can only see it being a detriment to the game by allowing eveyone to craft everything, as ultimately, players will become self suficient as they are now in Darkfall. In my opinion there needs to be some limit on tradeskills in order to produce something of an economy in game, or its going to be the case again, where the only viable commodoties will be wood, iron and stone, and most of which wont be traded by anyone other than clans with cities.

    Question 2.

    Skill gains. Alot of people in the Darkfall community felt the 1st iteration of the game was too grindy, and you needed to invest too much time in your character to become "viable" On the flip side, skill gains currently are so quick that you can effectively max your character in a matter of days. Can you give some indication as to roughly how long it will take to become proficient in one role as I feel there must be a happy medium, if we are able to max our characters in a couple of weeks again, the game could become stale too quickly or if it takes too long, people will become bored. As a personal declaration I felt skill gains were fine at Darkfall release, it meant you had to choose what you wanted to skill up carefully, however when you allow players to have all the skills in the game, they naturally want them all right away with no waiting. xD

    Question 3.

    Weather Conditions. This is only a minor thing really, but would love for some confirmation. In Darkfall 1, it was possible to be with a group of friends, and while one person would be seeing rain, or snow, or even nighttime, it was common for other people in your group who were stood next to you, to have totally different weather conditions or times of day. In my opinion this not only detracts from the immersion of the game, but in a competetive pvp game like Darkfall, it also has an effect on tactics and battle planning. Will weather effects be more locallized to areas of the map and decided by the server or continue to be calculated client side?

    Question 4.

    Subscriptions. I had an active sub for Darkfall when you anounced and then made the game free to play for its final weeks, so I have a total of about 15 days play time (subbed days) left on my main and alt accounts, will I be able to transfer these remaining days of play time to my Unholy Wars accounts or will they be lost with the closure of the Darkfall servers?


    Well, these are my questions, I would love for them to be answered but I guess AV will pick questions to answer that have either already been answered, or that they are able to be vague about and not give direct answers, but here's hoping!

    Whatever the outcome im excited for Unholy Wars and will be playing from day 1 again, whenever that will be, and hope to see you all in game. Lets bring life to Agon once more!

  • me1dorme1dor Matane, QCPosts: 8Member Uncommon

    Question #1:

    Are we going to see water archery as the only underwater combat method this time around ?

    Question #2

    Will casters still use "Regs" to cast their spells ?

    Question #3

    Are you guys going to bring back the epic days of mounted combat Darkfall had around it's launch ?


  • nileqnileq GothenburgPosts: 476Member

    The obvious question: First/third person view?

    - Reasoning behind decission of not having a Beta?

    - Will there be more "unknown" new sandboxfeatures (like bounty system) included at launch as a suprice? (i.e, will there be sandbox-features that you have not diclosed yet)

    - Will you as a crafter be the "jack-of-all-trades"? (will you be able to be self sufficient, gearwise?)

    - What is the releaseplan with the missing feautures (siege equipment, ships and the things mentioned) during 2013 or first half of 2013?

    - Will the "dynamic events" showcased in DF1 be improved, and will they be more frequent?

    - Will resorces be magically "half-full" at server up? creating an artificial need to be online at mid day? (not so good time, when you are a working man)


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  • OriphusOriphus corkPosts: 467Member Uncommon

    Will I be forced to spend 4 more years hitting rocks? I was sure i had finished my sentence :(


    If I must continue to hit rocks, Will I be able to find a fossilised version of the lizzard on a stick I left on a secluded Island in Ruby? Or perhaps even the former vessel that used to transport my soul?


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  • JimmacJimmac TXPosts: 1,667Member Uncommon
    When it launches, will there be a free trial or some sort of demo? I will only buy it if I've played it first.
  • Naoson12Naoson12 ColognePosts: 5Member Uncommon
    • Are there in regard of instant travel runestones( or any other form of instant travel beside wildernessportals) still in?
    • Got the siegesystem in DF:UW any overhaul/changes towards DF1? And is there any plan to give walls also a meaning in sieges, cause in DF1 walls got mostly taken down 20-22 hours before the siege live phase and couldnt be rebuilt until siege was over.
    • Another question would be: Are speedmounts(bluetail runners) still in and if so are there any plans to make normal(racial) mounts viable vs them in order to get more diversity instead of all but new players riding on speedmount.





  • me1dorme1dor Matane, QCPosts: 8Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Jimmac
    When it launches, will there be a free trial or some sort of demo? I will only buy it if I've played it first.


    How many MMO launched with trial c'mon.

  • edaw22edaw22 tareePosts: 2Member
    Originally posted by raapnaap
    These are some of the current hot topics:   - Will off-center third person view be enforced on all users, or do we still have the option to play in first person?   - What is the current status of the "limbo system"? This is the system which was supposedly in development for UW that would allow players to respawn where they died, geared.   - What is the reason for not having a player beta of any kind?   And just to add, a lot of people here are asking questions that have been answered a long time ago. Please do a litle bit of research and don't have valuable questions wasted.

    I agree with this person's last paragraph. PLEASE do your research before picking questions. Many of the questions posted above have been directly answered by Aventurine and are widely known by the community. I would hate to see things asked that we already know the answer to.

  • sindursindur sELBUPosts: 12Member Uncommon

    From A Darkfall veteran

    Are you still aiming for the same audience in Unholy Wars as you were in Darkfall 1.0, or are you going for less hardcore, no first person shooter?

  • JupstoJupsto englandPosts: 2,075Member Uncommon
    Can we customise 3rd person view so that instead of offset to the left, our character is central like 3rd person in darkfall 1?

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  • SirBalinSirBalin Joppa, MDPosts: 1,253Member Uncommon

    1. The polls on the forums showed that by far, limbo is a major concern.  Based on the polls, is there a chance to remove limbo?

    2. I was a little concerned with the fact that there will be fewer cities and hamlets as the best part of Darkfall imo is the siege system, so this means less holdings to siege.  That said, assuming the game takes off, are there any thoughts on expansions that may add cities/hamlets to the map, or more land mass where cities and hamlets can be built?

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  • SalengerSalenger Pottageville, ONPosts: 546Member Uncommon
    1) Will any of these new features be left out at launch?
    a) Resource monoliths
    b) Continent Portals ( previously was state that player city portals were being removed in favor for 1 portal per outer island)

    2) Will there be any gameplay rule in DFUW that prevents larger clans from griefing smaller ones? Throughout 1.0 the issue with Zergs (larger clans) was a big problem, imo it ruined the game completely.
  • enoofuenoofu amissvile, NEPosts: 15Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by argorius
    Many users started DFO on the European servers and quit before you offered free account transfers to the North American game, when you are asking these players to return to Darkfall, will you make it easy for them and let them transfer to the North American game or will you risk losing these players by requiring them to pay for transfers or buy a new game?
    I 2nd that
    Also will holding onto towns and cities be as costly as 1.0, this includes repair costs and resources required for defense and replacing damaged buildings, and other costs typically undergone though a seige, which made city ownership very pricey for clans under 200 members in DF 1.0.
  • hurtahurta Ney York, NYPosts: 2Member

    1) Up to now we know to have harvesting notes, Monoliths, Villages, Playercity Notes, can you elaborate on the differences of these, in terms of amount of resources gained, and the dangers of loosing the resources to other players? And how the getting the resources works, for example Monoliths are harvested/Taxes in Villages are collected from NPC Hirelings, that transport the resources to the nearest city/hamlet/village, ...

    2) As some of the resource notes are autocollected into your bank or backbag and there is no danger in loosing it, when you place your char in a savezone. Is autogain off in savezones from these resource notes?

    3) are mobs now dynamic spawning? or just like in DF1 on fixed locations and in fixed numbers(slight random) and never moving out of spawnarea(with nice spawnsound, to tell you no one is near)?

    4) Does weather have real impact now on the player? Visibility, shipdamage, shipsteering, sightradius, random lightning hit(should be deadly in water), Currents, ... ?

    5) Siege mechanic still require you to destroy and raid the sieged holding in the morning hours prior to the siege going live? Or real sieges now?

    6) Will running and swimming in heavy armor/high carryweight influence your max speed or the new momentum?

    7) Is the map now Dynamic with territorial view/infos, or just a blank map like in DFO?

    8) Will you be able to swim again from niflheim to ruby? Or will you start to drown now with no stamina and is no auto stamina restore in water(even for maxed enchanted chars) in or is it still like DFO?

    9) With having now 6 options for instand travel(bindstone recall/house recall/rune teleport/nexus teleport/portal network/limbo system), and faster mounts and ships coming with UW, are you implementing anymore fast/auto travel solutions after the game launches?

    10) The New Portal Network, how far do you have to walk to get to the next, is one in every maparea, excluding full watertiles, or only one per island and racial area?

    10) Will very big PVE NPC Cities be like DFO with 1-2 Mobs in it, or real Mobcities, with walldefence and streams of mobs coming out of the gates for defence?

    11) Non static dungeons was mentioned some time ago, will there be better riddles than 1+1 = , place object y(2 steps away) on the red x, and match 3 stones to the 3 stones on the wall?

    12) are traps like seen in one feature preview only(pushing you off a path, so you have run some secounds to be back to the point where you got pushed off), or deadly too and more differend.

    13) Graves still in, or does the dead bodies now stay on the spot some time?

    14) will there be anything to explore, set out to adventure or will it be, like most people say on your forums, just a big ffa mmofps arena with full loot in a medieval setting, with pve only there for the geargrind? As it is, if am not mistaken declared as a mmorpg on your side?

    15) Will you improve/work later on the words: "free to play your char as you like"(merchant ships, caravans, ...)?

    16) will it be possible to reconnect to your Char in action, after you lost connection to the server, or will you still have to wait till your char is logged off from the server to log back in, at the exact spot the server sees the char at the relog time, without teleporting around(disconnect around water)?

    17) will there be more interaction with the gameworld possible as in DFO? Like sitting on a table at the tavern?
    18) Will Dungeons still be instances or seamless entrances now, like caves, ...
    19) Will all farms/windmills and such in the wilderness be more than mobspawnlocations now?
  • marcustmarcust AdelaidePosts: 491Member Uncommon

    1. Would it be possible to publish your plan for when you will release information between now and November 20th.

    The new marketing guy would have a plan wouldn't he?

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  • NatrisNatris BrnoPosts: 38Member
    1) Are the massive differences between characters in your video from Nov 9, 2012 caused by different point of character development and/or gear grade difference or are they caused by inherent difference in HP of various roles and their armor? In other words will mages have 40% of HP of warriors?
  • FitzpatrikFitzpatrik Posts: 2Member Uncommon

    A few questions (probably most of them already in here I guess but still important ones):

    1. At what time (or time of the day and what timezone) the 20th is Darkfall: Unholy Wars going to be relaesed?

    2. When will the auction house be implemented?

    3. Does clan-cities give anything else except gold when controlling villages?

    4. Previous Darkfall players that have bought and made several server-transfers (example from NA -> EU) will that EU account still count as bought account or is it the "original" NA account?

    5. Will it be possible to change the looks/style of the crosshair?

    6. Will cooldown (on spells and abilites etc) be shown somewhere in the UI? If so, where?

    7. Will the "limbo-status" be implemented from the start? If not will it be activated later in the game, or is it completley removed for now?

    8. Will it be possible to swap between 1st and 3rd person view? If so, in what way (melee, ranged, with staff etc)?

    9. Is there any changes to the banking system? Like different access levels?

    10. Will there be any kind of mini-transactions?


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  • sodade21sodade21 athensPosts: 349Member Uncommon

    1) 3rd and 1st person View completely for all melee/magic/arcehry?

    2)Can someone be a full-time Healer.if yes will be viable?

    3)will magic still gonna need reagents..?

    4)there gonna be a dodge ability for all..?

    5)What about Griefin? are there an avantage or disavantage for being RED? can you still be red and kill everyone anyywhere?(what the consequences?)

    There gonna be a system to discourage higher lvl players from killing innocent newbies?

    6)There gonna be any underwater Action?

    7)Gonna have 1 EU server and 1 NA or are you planin to have several servers linked to 1 big server/world like EVE..?

    8)DFO2 gonna Utilize completely 4+core CPUs?

    9)Have you optimized Ati cards this time or only Nvidia user gonna feel the love?

    10)Players gonna be able to Turn off the Shadows completely or u gonna force shadows on for the sake of /immersion/gameplay/hiding etc? (with just quality chosing)

    11)Are you gonna allow any kind of mods such as Gfx injectors (ie SweetFX)? what about macros?

    12)How you gonna treat Queue Times if there is need for..?

    13)what is the Players Cap for each server now?

    14) Houses gonna be Pre Set on Villages or players can build their houses wherever they want?

    15) House items can be Created through Crafting..?

    16)Any changes about houses?

  • laxedlaxed RigaPosts: 1Member
    will we be able to craft houses with materials?


    the lack of house space and dependence on random rare drop from chaos chests was quite sad for people who played years and could not get a house

  • LeftyGunsLeftyGuns San Jose, CAPosts: 3Member
    Darkfall was full of hackers/cheaters.  How do you plan on dealing with this in 2.0?
  • JimmacJimmac TXPosts: 1,667Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by me1dor
    Originally posted by Jimmac
    When it launches, will there be a free trial or some sort of demo? I will only buy it if I've played it first.

    Omg you are cheap, 

    How many MMO launched with trial c'mon.

    Fewer mmo's launched with a trial than mmo's that launched as a shitty game. If they want my money, I will gladly pay, right after I confirm for myself that it is worth it. I won't pay just to try it for 10 minutes and see that it's shit like so many other failed mmo's at launch.

  • FusionFusion VaasaPosts: 1,384Member Uncommon
    1. Will there be any sand in UW? As in DF1.0, there was no sand, everything was preset or RNG, houses were preset, deeds were RNG, cities and hamlets were preset, housing items were RNG.. everything was either random or preset = not sand.
 - now totally F2P no cash-shops or micro transactions at all.
  • sodade21sodade21 athensPosts: 349Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Jimmac
    Originally posted by me1dor
    Originally posted by Jimmac
    When it launches, will there be a free trial or some sort of demo? I will only buy it if I've played it first.

    Omg you are cheap, 

    How many MMO launched with trial c'mon.

    Fewer mmo's launched with a trial than mmo's that launched as a shitty game. If they want my money, I will gladly pay, right after I confirm for myself that it is worth it. I won't pay just to try it for 10 minutes and see that it's shit like so many other failed mmo's at launch.

    you can always watch several videos on youtube after the launch... and u can also read some reviews from other players... cause there is no way to see a trial anytime soon. maybe after 2-3 months after release.

  • ZtyXZtyX BjerringbroPosts: 367Member Uncommon
    Here's a very important question that has never been answered by the devs. They nerfed mounted combat and it became a long forgotten playstyle, a shadow of its' former self that was never viable in PvP. That left mounted combat PKers hanging for years and forced them to move on and play the game like everybody else. Now is a time of specializations and roles, but the devs have not mentioned mounted combat ANYWHERE. I think a lot of people would like to know more on this subject.
    • Do you have any plans to further develop mounted combat as an individual and competitive fighting style in Unholy Wars (or will it continue to be a shadow of its' former self)?
    Asked by Celiah Ailey
  • CaldrinCaldrin CwmbranPosts: 4,505Member Uncommon

    One main question I have for them.


    How much have the character stats and skill system been dumbed down?

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