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Revolutionary War MMO/RPG

xenoclixxenoclix PerthPosts: 298Member Uncommon

Hey guys,


I just wacthed a few movies based on the revolutionary war in the US and thought if there are any MMOs and or RPGs/Strategies out there that are based around the same principle.

Weaponry like musckets and so forth whilst staying true to the culture back in the 17th century.

Im moreso looking for a MMO but ill take suggestions from the others (maybe a browser based game?). Im fairly open to most things, PVP/PVE, graphics and so forth, just moreso the settings i am interested in. I love history and how it has evolved and would like to see if there are games around that era.





  • Saur0nSaur0n Denver, COPosts: 114Member Uncommon

    Empire: Total War is the closest thing


  • QuizzicalQuizzical Posts: 17,362Member Epic

    They couldn't have been all that good of movies, considering that the American Revolutionary War was in the 18th century, not the 17th.

    It's not an MMO, and it's not really even an RPG, but Liberty or Death did try to keep to the historical setting.

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