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Darkfall: Unholy Wars: Livestream Q&A -- Give Us Your Questions!



  • mmorpgmanermmorpgmaner Kent, WAPosts: 244Member

    Will there still be an option to use the "Bangarang" feature in Darkfall: Unholy wars? Or will it be taken out?

  • SirFubarSirFubar SeoulPosts: 397Member
    Did you guys get rid of the macro style combat? If not, please remove this asap, macros are bad for MMO's, it takes out a HUGE part of skill needed to be a good player.
  • shikyo111shikyo111 Port Angeles, WAPosts: 10Member

    1 - When will we be able to Purchase the game?

    2 - Can we Pre-Download the game before Launch?

  • edaw22edaw22 tareePosts: 2Member

    From the persepctive of a veteran Darkfall player (myself) and a totally new Darkfall player (my friend) the following are some questions we feel should be answered by the Darkfall developers.


    1. Will there be a first person mode toggle in the game for archery and magic?


    2. Will there be any caps/roles/speclialisation system in crafting that will stop a player from being a master of all crafting types?


    3. I noticed that HP, mana and stamina now appear to be greatly affected by your current role. Will the player's role be the only thing to affect these attributes or will there be skills and stats that do so also?


    4. In follow up to the previous question, if there are stats/skills that affect HP, mana and stamina, what kind of maximum difference can we expect to see between a new player's HP and a veteran player's HP of the same role?


    5. Just to confirm speculation based on the recent video, will it be possible to cast the basic incantations without a staff equipped and will staffs now have a basic "bolt" like attack?


    6. Have you made any changes to the way very high level mob fights will play out, such as the devil and red dragon, to make them more interesting and dynamic like the ice dragon?


    7. Will the limbo system as described a few months ago still be in the game come UW launch? This is an important issue and I'm sure the community would like an update on it.


    8. Is the game still set to launch on November 20th?


    9. Will there be a time allowance for people to purchase and/or download the game client prior to the 20th?


    10. Which mounts will be available at UW launch and will the Bluetail Runner still be faster than all other mounts? Because currently using any other mount in PvP is effectively a death sentence.

  • BLOBtheTROLLBLOBtheTROLL BelgardePosts: 75Member

    1. How long we will be waiting after game is lunched for you to introduce improved mounted combat/all ships/siedge equipment , what time frame did you plan ????

    2. are there any plans to change gui theme to more fantasy/medieval look and feel.

    3.  do you plan to update and change animations on warrior and skrmisher skills not to look like casting spells but more realistic for their roles.

  • bingo69bingo69 Rouyn-Noranda, QCPosts: 203Member

    Question 1: Since the addition of role, We know there will be a set of skill for each of them. Will it be possible to combine role and make our own role set.

    Question 2:  Why hasn't first person been added/forced? Since if Archer and Mage are in First person, melee should as well to cause no imbalance in sight.

    Question 3: Will there ever be a "Pet system" added to DFUW? Could be implemented with the role system.

    Question 4: Will there be perks or feats that can be added to your role to  be able to customize your role or are role complete set, fix and can't be modified/changed?

    Question 5: How long is the cooldown when changing role.

    Question 6: Will you guy work toward making DFUW a true sandbox mmorpg or you're stayiung at hybrid themeparked pvp with little sandbox feature.


    And the mot important of all question... 7: Will the game still be a grinding feast?

  • argoriusargorius Sandy, UTPosts: 17Member
    Many users started DFO on the European servers and quit before you offered free account transfers to the North American game, when you are asking these players to return to Darkfall, will you make it easy for them and let them transfer to the North American game or will you risk losing these players by requiring them to pay for transfers or buy a new game?
  • ZergletZerglet AthensPosts: 12Member

    Coming from a 9 year Darkfall follower and player since launch and i will put it blunt and to the point


    1. Many of us old long-term vets feel betrayed by the change of direction from the original Darkfall vision to the very non-sandboxy nature of DF:UW, why did Aventurine not go all-in on sandbox?

    2. Will we see regional banking explored? Alot of players want this and it is a mechanic that will add alot of sand to mold the world with.

    3. Instead of artificial PvP hotzones such as Seatowers, we would like to sea meaningful uses to ships to transport goods or travel the world [Regional banking aids this] - Make Ships the fastest transport mode?

    4. Why did you opt for the roles [classes] system and not for a skill-cap system which is arguably superior in a sandbox style game?

    5. Have you considered a more realistic approach to siege weaponry? Many of us would like traditional inspired siege engines that take effort and risk to move to the sieged holding.

    7. Can we expect walls to have a meaning in this game by removing the magic utilities and replacing them with something like craftable ladders that add risk to get over walls?

    8. Why so much mob dropped equipment and figures whereas 100% player driven crafting of all items would be infinitely better?

    9. We wanted to see more of the skillful aimed melee and archery style gameplay, why did Aventurine opt to add in so many aoe spells to every role when that is the exact opposite of what we wanted to see? (Less AOE and more skilled aim like archery)

  • raapnaapraapnaap LeidenPosts: 414Member Uncommon

    These are some of the current hot topics:


    - Will off-center third person view be enforced on all users, or do we still have the option to play in first person?


    - What is the current status of the "limbo system"? This is the system which was supposedly in development for UW that would allow players to respawn where they died, geared.


    - What is the reason for not having a player beta of any kind?


    And just to add, a lot of people here are asking questions that have been answered a long time ago. Please do a litle bit of research and don't have valuable questions wasted.

  • indefindef Thousand Oaks, CAPosts: 344Member Uncommon
    will there be first person view?
  • hockeyplayrhockeyplayr Middlesex, NJPosts: 604Member Uncommon
    Will I, having never purchased Darkfall 1.0, be able to buy the game at full price at launch?
  • ZeuZZeuZ Buena Park, CAPosts: 5Member
    Question: Would also like to know if 1st person view is in DFUW.
  • skrewwL00seskrewwL00se Everett, WAPosts: 12Member

    Is load lag fixed?


    Are knock ups in game?


    Are we going to have spells like Stormblast or items like Small battlespikes used to accelerate us?


    Where do random critical hits fit into a competitive PvP game?


    Explain your reasons for adding more AoE spells and stuns.


    Do you feel the skill ceiling has been lowered and are you willing to make the game easier in order to appeal to a bigger audience?


    Thoughts on making resources regional? ie selentine ore only from Yssam.


    @Tasos What games did you play in the past and what are you playing currently?


    Do you have plans to communicate with the community more to perfect the game? ie speaking to high level PvP'ers and community leaders.

  • reacaerreacaer dioPosts: 18Member
    1. Is first person going to be an option for archers/mages or we're stuck with 3rd person?
    2. Is the GUI customizable? Can I change the shape of target health bar, personal stats bars position etc?
    3. On the radio interview you said that chaos cities are gone and the only safe areas are the capitals plus the 3 starter cities around each of em. Tho in DF1 there were more racial cities other than those: are they going to be safe? Are they gone? Are they going to be chaos cities de facto?
    4. A bit linked to my previous question - will wilderness banks be still there? For a lone pk or a small clan without a holding are there places to bank and bind other than the npc cities?
    5. Its probably early to ask, but are you planning to add new role/schools options in the future like knights specialized on mounted combat ect?
    6. About ships and warhulks, its good to hear that you're reworking on them. Can you give some details of wich changes you're planning to make to them? Any ETA on how long after release they're going to be implemented?
    7. Are we going to get a long 'trailer' for the game just like the epic one of DF1?
  • DrokaFonDrokaFon Sallys Legs, LAPosts: 19Member

    Did you remove first person or is it toggolable ?



  • xracerx8000xracerx8000 wood dale, ILPosts: 33Member

    What % of the map is "safe zone"?

    When will new players be able to  buy DFUW?

    Can we get a picture of the new map?

  • xpiherxpiher Indianapolis, INPosts: 3,311Member
    What siege equipment will exist at launch? We know that warhulks and ships will no be in at launch, but what about cannons, battle spikes, and siege hammers? Will there be gates if cannons and siege spikes aren't in the game? 

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  • sephorophsephoroph asdf, ALPosts: 1Member

    In depth 3rd person view question:


    Is 1st person going to be toggleable?

    If yes: What weapons will it be toggleable with (arhcery/melee/magic)

    If no: Are you worried that the majority of your players perfer 1st person?.. In a recent forum poll of 220 surveyed, 30% want fixed 1st peron, 65%  toggleable, and only 5% for fixed third person.  In a seperate poll of 230 people, 50% expressed that removal of 1st person is game-breaking.

  • UzikUzik Jamaica, NYPosts: 281Member Uncommon
    How will housing be handled?  Random deed drops off chests like DF 1?

    (Uzik ibnYaraq in game. Always willing to help.)

  • eindinblocheindinbloch Dallas, TXPosts: 60Member

    Will cities be more alive (i.e. will there be interactable non-hostile NPCs in cities who do more than stand there)?

  • coretestercoretester AfricaPosts: 64Member

    AAA or indie, marketing is important. Why is nothing being done to let people know that you're releasing a MMORPG in a week? Game marketing is usually a big deal for single-players, even bigger for MMORPGs. How can it be that with 7 days left before release all I have seen is 4-5 abilities in 2 videos and a 2 minute clip, of which 13 seconds were of actual gameplay which don't show or say much about the game as a whole? 

    It's a sandbox MMORPG, one of the few. It's also subscription based. What exactly is going to make a person like myself which hasn't played your first game even consider buying it when you don't release any proper videos of in-game content? Have people even alpha/beta tested the game? If so, why aren't they allowed to release videos or stream it? Games that are over a year away have tons of material out for us to see. MMORPG released in a week has jack shit. 

    For a MMORPG title to release like this, well, I frankly won't bother until I see what the game is about and how it has grown since your first failed attempt.

  • UgediBugediUgediBugedi StockholmPosts: 14Member
    How much will the game cost? What is the monthly fee?
  • My questions:

    1) Dye and tabard system is in at launch?

    2) Is salvaging skill in at launch?

    3) There will be limited profession in crafting or everyone is able to learn everything?

    4) What plans you have to improve the economy of the game compared to the first DF where was pratically unexistend?

    5) Will crafting be more easy for end game gear to incentivate the use of this gear more? A huge issue in the first DF was that from rank 50 to rank 80 gear was hard to craft so majority of pvpers walk around with broken pieces and low durability items (more of them was mob dropped).

    6) Is timesink for crafting, gathering and skill leveling reduced and the mob drop improved?

    5) Will player be cities more customizable? Like placing the holdings inside the town where you want and so on?

    6) There will be a center character position for third person view like the first baresark video or your avatar is fixed in the left (or right)?


  • CrazyCronusCrazyCronus PatrasPosts: 47Member Uncommon

    - Have you added any new sandbox features in the game or are planning to after release?

    - Will there be a first person view?

    - Has mounted combat changed at all from DF1 and if so how?

    - Any plans for making clans more distinctive on the field with some sort of tabards or clan logos on armors?

    - Can we expect expansions for the game in the future - if yes do you plan on expanding Agon with new continents?





  • TyrianPrimeTyrianPrime OlympusPosts: 107Member Uncommon

    Where is the full blood and gore in this game? Limb chopping, decapitating, bleeding, anytime ever? 

    You know once there was a game called "Severance,Blade and Darkness" could Darkfall approach it? 

    Full loot is idolized but bottomline it's for kids taking a candy, whereas full blood and gore, is what's lost from real hardcore Darkfall going to be bloody finally, at least for those subscribers over 18?


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