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Worth buying GW2?



  • itgrowlsitgrowls newport news, VAMember Posts: 2,951

    Best mmo, I'm a gathcraftsplorer (yeah you read that right) and I love this thing. I gather the stuff to get the mats for everything i usually sell alot in the TP which is not too shabby on getting me the money i need. Despite people complaining that it's region wide instead of server only the prices are nice, they give a good amount, there are still items that are harder to find that if you collect enough and sell in bulk they have a nice return on them. 

    I love how I can get the gear i want to improve damage and not worry over running a dungeon a mil bazil gazillion times for currency to get it. I love how I can customize the look of my toon to make him look unique compared to others (no cookie cutters here) and I especially love how the talent trees aren't cookie cutter either you can give yourself what you need to survive. I have a rogue that I use for farming in Orr that has healing/cond removal/vigor/faster run speed/longer stealth for running around, Most of the time most mobs can't catch me (if they do it's not for long) and I use the trap and thieves guild to keep them busy as i run away. It works out well (use her just for farming because she can cover the map quickly.)

    There are still some items to be addressed but I've been impressed at how fast they have been banning the reported bots on my server. They have specific hangouts and the next day after reporting them they are gone. They are working on balance issues for PVE they are working on problems with some scout classes not being as powerful as the AOE heavy plate classes in PVE and I'm seeing them take the problems seriously in their forums. One guy in the engineering forum is making a list of all of the requests for kit abilities to be re-evaluated on the engineer, and they are working on bugs like clockwork in this game, never seen so many updates every week in any other title (notably never in a subscription title). It's very nice.

    just because my thing is gathcraftsploring doesn't mean everyone has to play this way, people in my guild are always doing things like running dungeons, doing pvp in wvw, running the dragon meta chains etc. it's got lots to do.

  • jackwu10jackwu10 JHBMember Posts: 127

    this game worth $60 bucks for sure.
    I only played it for like 2 weeks then stopped, i just cant get into it, but it's a beautiful game regardless.

  • JoeyMMOJoeyMMO SomewhereMember Posts: 1,326
    Originally posted by ImperialSun

    Main things that are putting me off currently are:

    Dead servers Servers aren't dead at all. You don't get kicked into overflow servers every time you change zones. Servers are about as full as they're supposed to be. Too much grind and fetch this and carry that and water these plants and stuff. You'll still be doing your typical MMO quests even if they're disguised as events. You'll be killing mobs, escorting, defending, collecting, ... If you don't want to do any of those, then pass on GW2 and probably every other MMORPG for that matter. Im told that all abilities are slottesd by around level 10 and the game does not change from that point on. Not by level 10, more like 40 and you're not fully traited until level 80, but it's true that the majority of your buttons will be unlocked by level 10 (70%). Not that there is no more evolution past level 10, but they don't make you suffer first before you're allowed to have fun. Whats the end game like? Good question: grinding, buying or crafting exotics for WvW and sPvP. If your not interested in any form of PvP then you're left with achievement or minigames or whatever else suits your fancy. If nothing suits your fancy then you can level alts until you've seen all you want to see. If you're not interested in any of the above or any of the other classes or races then there's really not all that much to do once you hit cap.


  • almalexiusalmalexius BredaMember Posts: 180 Uncommon
    This is a decent game but for sure nothing to be hyped that bad. We've seen it all before. 

    WOW,eq2,Vanguard,WAR,LOTRO,AOC,Rift Aion, SWTOR, TERA.

    Currently playing GW2.

  • KalestonKaleston TrinecMember Posts: 173
    Originally posted by ImperialSun
    Hi all   Just wanted to see what the general feeling is towards GW2 these days? I have been following the game tentaively for some time and am still undecided about taking the plunge. I did have lots of friends who left left their current MMOs to play GW2 however they have all since gone back to their old games and/or moved to new games since GW2 is allegedly dying already. I am genuinely thinking of buying a copy of the game, the graphics look great and some of the game mechanic seem very interesting to me. The casual nature of the game would suit my play style and available game time. Despite the very underwhelming financial performance confirmed in the recent NCSoft reports, depsite the stories of servers being ghost towns already and even despite a growing number of people claiming GW2 tanked quicker than SWTOR I am still interested in what this game has to offer... So come on guys, restore my faith and give me a reason to go buy GW2 :) Driz 

    I think this game is worth the money for everyone. If you buy single player game for the same money, it's most probably not gong to gave the same amount of content and fun.

    If you think about playing this game for years as an mmo, that really depends.... Many people love the game and many don't like it at all. I still think it's worth the try if anything.

    As for why? It's a new game. It's beautiful and it will probably be able to captivate you for some hours... Like any new game.

  • MadDemon64MadDemon64 Maplewood, NJMember Posts: 1,102 Uncommon

    I enjoy the game, but I can see people not enjoying it (some of these will sadly call GW2 a failure due to misplaced aggression), but yes, use the refer-a-friend trial.  It should give you enough experience for you to decide whether GW2 is for you.

    Try before you buy, I always say.

    Since when is Tuesday a direction?

  • BigdaddyxBigdaddyx California, WAMember Posts: 2,039 Uncommon

    If you treat it like your single player console games where you pay the box rpice, play for a while than quit..then yes it is worth it. But if you want to treat it as a MMO you won't be satisfied. Atleast that is what happened to me and the pattern i have been noticing here and on official forums.

    It is a good online action game but a bad MMO.

  • ZeGermanZeGerman Andover, MAMember Posts: 209 Uncommon
    I stopped playing mostly but I will be back after every major patch.  I will say that I think it is by far the best mmorpg on the market I stopped playing because i realized by playing GW2 that the best the MMORPG market could offer today was no longer enough for me and that I prefer to play multiple games casualy than play one hardcore.  I think that if you are looking for the old WoW style play 15 hours a day super raids then dont play GW2 you wont like it.  If you only have 1-4 hours a day to play a game than gw2 will be good for you.
  • MahavishnuMahavishnu BerlinMember Posts: 336

    1. Don not pay attention to all those flame-threads on these forums. They are full of lies.

    2. Best MMO at the moment.

    3. Pros:

    • Big beautiful world for avid explorers.
    • Fast paced combat system.
    • A lot of cool features to individualize your character and playing style.
    • Best PvP-experience ever in WvW.
    • Casuals are not punished, because there is no hardcore item-progression.
    • Quest-system and all the other little PvE-features are fun.
    • A lot of nice ideas that make the overall game-experience much better than in other MMOs.
    • All mobs can kill you and there are even stronger mobs, that always require a group.
    4. Cons:
    • 5 man instances are ok, but could have been better.
    • No classical instanced raiding like in WoW.
    • No mounts.
    • Crafting is fantastic compared to WoW, but compared to Vanguard it's a joke.
    • If you do not like WvW and want to play an MMO 35 hours a week, you will not like GW2.
    One last comment to the payment-model:
    The ingame shop is not pay-to-win and completely optional. BUT, if you want more bank-space and more character slots (crafting, playing all possible classes, etc.), be ready to pay 50 bucks more to purchase gems. However, you can buy gems, by farming ingame gold. That would mean, you have to invest some time (but less, than I thought).

    Advertising has us chasing cars and clothes, working jobs we hate so we can buy shit we don't need.

  • loulakiloulaki PatrasMember Posts: 940 Uncommon

    best MMO to buy so far..


    also the servers are not ghost towns, they are fine, just the zerg crowd now is lost around the maps, only the high -end areas are kinda low populated cause they are hard like hell


  • DarhammDarhamm The Frozen NorthMember Posts: 67 Uncommon
    Yes, it's worth it. Got it for 33.75€ myself, no sub fee and great fun = a must buy. 25% off the already 18% off at greenmangaming :-)

  • UnderbridgeUnderbridge Winter Park, FLMember Posts: 16
    YMMV.........If you don't mind the fact that it will probably only last you a month or so depending on how fast you level, then buy it. There are some who will try to convince you differently, but they are the same ones who will tell you that you are playing it wrong. If you don't believe me, just read the threads all over the internet. It isn't a bad game, it just doesn't have a lot of longevity for the average MMO player. It may for you though. If it is one of those games that clicks for you, then you may end up playing for longer. At any rate I got my money's worth since it was only $60.00.
  • hockeyplayrhockeyplayr Middlesex, NJMember Posts: 604 Uncommon
    I can't get into it no matter how much I want to.  It just seems childish to me
  • shellshockroshellshockro Member Posts: 20 Uncommon
    What is it ? $60US. Pretty sure you can have half a movie and half a dinner for that. Why don't you splurge and get an entire month of your own opinion. Yes , I know, no sub, but was trying to make a point.
  • roo67roo67 londonMember Posts: 402
    Yeah it cost me 35 pounds which is about the same as the average solo rpg game upon release . I've been playing it for about an hour or two a day . Well into my second month and still plenty to do . Havn't even touched pvp yet . Haloween event was the best holiday event I've seen in any mmo  . This is great value for what it offers for the money . I still play Rift as well but the thing about buy to play is you dont feel like you have to play it every day for hours to get your moneys worth .
  • MMObroMMObro Oviedo, FLMember Posts: 88 Uncommon
    only by playing it can you know if you will like it. As for me i played a few alts and it got boring real quick. to each his own.
  • lalartulalartu SeoulMember Posts: 445 Uncommon

    love the game

    love the fact that I can play as much or as little as I want - no monthly fee is great.

    love the fact that there's always something to do somewhere

    love the fact that even after 1 month of quite intense gaming, i haven't covered everything even close

    loved the halloween event and looking forward to nov 15

    love the lore

    love the graphics

    love the class balance

    love the fact that if i just stand in one spot and press 1,2,3 I wont survive long even as a guardian

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  • DuviousDuvious Tulsa, OKMember Posts: 116

    Totally worth it.  Do yourself a favor if you haven't already and go pick this game up.  I hate the fantasy genre and absolutely won't play it until this game.  This is the first fantasy game I've played since UO (not to be confused with that sandbox as they are nothing alike, just saying as far as genre goes).  Since my UO days I've played EQ2, WoW, City of Heroes, CO, EVE, SWTOR.  I still play EVE (paid sub) and CO (lifetime sub) and SWTOR (with F2P) but the only game I actually "play" is GW2.  EVE I just train skills, CO / SWTOR I never login.  GW2 is the first game since CoX and UO to give me that feeling of playing a MMORPG for the first time again.  Worst case what you are out, $60?  JUST DO IT ALREADY!!

    EDIT:  and before I get hated on I listed WoW but I only get to like level 5 so I don't count it against my fantasy genre games since UO comment ;)

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