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Darkfall UW - Q&A coming 14Nov

HancakesHancakes flint, MIPosts: 1,045Member

Get your question in by 11Nov and hope AV will actually answer them.




  • naljejanaljeja BergenPosts: 94Member

    Expect something down this road:

       Question: Will there be toggle-able character points of view

       Answer: This has been a heated discussion at the offices. We have had several meetings and the outcome has been conclusional towards the decisions that have previously been added to the game in terms of enhancing the new player Experience. While we try to improve gameplay on all levels, and it has been challenging to keep all of it to improve it all in that regard. Our development has been working hard and effiecent and Darkfall Unholy Wars will be a result of that.

  • HancakesHancakes flint, MIPosts: 1,045Member
    Hopefully AVs respondant can actually answers questions unlikey that lame radio interview.
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