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Darkfall: Unholy Wars: Livestream Q&A -- Give Us Your Questions!

MikeBMikeB Community ManagerQueens, NYPosts: 6,160Administrator Rare will be conducting a livestream Q&A for Darkfall: Unholy Wars this month and we want to give you a chance to ask the folks at Aventurine about the game!

If you've got a question (or two, or ten!) about Darkfall: Unholy Wars, please drop it in the comments below!

Submitted questions should be short, to the point, and most important of all, civil.

We'll be collecting questions between now and Monday, November 12 so don't delay!

UPDATE: All right. Thanks for all your submissions. Unfortunately, the actual interview date has been pushed back and we do not have a new date for you at this time. Stay tuned though, we'll have an update for you ASAP!



Michael "MikeB" Bitton
Community Manager
Twitter: @eMikeB



  • Desiderium2012Desiderium2012 Spring Hill, FLPosts: 37Member Uncommon

    Question - Will I, as someone who never played the original Darkfall be able to purchase and play DF:UW on 11-20-2012?


    Think alot of folks would like a solid answer to this and end the rumor mill, thanks.

  • Butch808Butch808 SundsvallPosts: 343Member Uncommon
    Are dungeons seamless or do they have portals to instances?
  • grumbagzgrumbagz sherwood, ORPosts: 20Member Uncommon

    Question 1- Will the player be able to go into first person view or is it only thrid person?

    Question 2- Is the game still set to come out on the 20th?

    Question 3- When can we excpect more ships and warhulks to be added post launch?

    Question 4- How different are the city layouts in 2.0 compared to 1.0? (ie changed only a couple cities to every holding is completly different)

    Question 5- Is mounted combat going to be viable?

    Question 6- Have you guys balanced out the continents? (ie put ruby and nif on par with cairn and yssam in terms of resources and mobs)

    Question 7 from Talstar- Can we get a full list of the schools for each role, and all the skills within them? Some people would like to have some idea of what to pick before they start playing.

    Question 8 from nirazu- can we get a picture of the map pre launch?

    Question 9- Have you guys balanced out being naked vs geard? (ie naked mage still being viable fighting someone geard)

    Question 10- How will mobs loot in 2.0 compare to 1.0?

  • slammyclamslammyclam belleville, ONPosts: 1Member

    Question 1- Will the player be able to go into first person view or is it only thrid person?

    Question 2- Is the game still set to come out on the 20th?

  • RocknissRockniss Youngstown, OHPosts: 1,034Member
    Question: with all the hype around planetside 2 and pretty much nothing for Darkfall, is your game just that good that you don't need to hype it up or release any gameplay footage, considering they are launching on the same day ? We watched your one video were you sat at a table bsed and showed how you can walk through a woods and fire a bow, will we be able to do more than that ? Why did I get the feeling when watching that video that crack cocaine is more important than developing a quality product ?

    Thanks for letting us ask question,
  • zaffazaffa NW, DCPosts: 81Member

    Question 1- AV has stated that portal chambers have been removed from player cities. Is this the only change related to instant travel or does AV have plans for either the introduction of moongates or removal of of house recall?


    Question 2: Wil DF2 have global banking?


    Question 3: AV has announced that cities are being tied to local villages to better incentivize city conquest. Considering the hundreds of thousands in gold and seige weapons that seiging can cost, how does AV expect clans to "break even" on the costs of laying these seiges?

    Question 4: One of the major gripes of the 24 hr seige system in DF1 was that the long notice led to "scroaching" and clans from all across the map showing up to seiges. Has anything been done to address this phenomena and to keep seige participants more limited to those directly involved?


  • Arcondo87Arcondo87 Prince Albert, SKPosts: 94Member
    How much will it be to BUY the game 100% new and when?
  • geckzillageckzilla Fresh Meadows, NYPosts: 15Member
    Female orks want to know--will there be pointy nipples?
  • qaladinqaladin KönigsbrunnPosts: 12Member

    Is something like blink or teleport in your game?

    Is stealth (invisibilitiy) in your game?

    Is offline skilling in your game (something like in eve)

    Is the game still set to come out at the 20th?

    Is 1st person in the game?

    What are the priest skills?

    How close will a player get to his grave with the limbo system?

  • Ragnarok_delRagnarok_del Longueuil, QCPosts: 15Member Uncommon
    Can you confirm that friendly-fire is still in the game? I dont think you mentionned it anywhere. That's something that can interest a lot of people. Obviously it is possible to kill players from your own race, what I'm talking about is damaging party and guild members.
  • qaladinqaladin KönigsbrunnPosts: 12Member
    Is global banking in the game?
  • YamotaYamota LondonPosts: 6,593Member Uncommon
    My question is: I know this game is a sandbox but even sandbox MMOs need an endgame. So what is the endgame in Darkfall supposed to be?
  • XarnthalXarnthal Landenberg, PAPosts: 130Member
    Originally posted by MikeB will be conducting a livestream Q&A for Darkfall: Unholy Wars next week on Wednesday, November 14 and we want to give you a chance to ask the folks at Aventurine about the game! If you've got a question (or two, or ten!) about Darkfall: Unholy Wars, please drop it in the comments below! Submitted questions should be short, to the point, and most important of all, civil. We'll be collecting questions between now and Monday, November 12 so don't delay! image

    1.) Will the game be available on distributors like Steam in order to get more publicity for the game?

    2.) Will first person views still be available or has the game switched entirely to third person over the shield view?

    3.) Can you list the names of all the different schools that will be available for each class/archetype ?



  • naljejanaljeja BergenPosts: 94Member

    I'm a loyal Darkfall player since release, got these questions:


    • Question one: Will the character point of view be toggleable, especcialy between First Person and Third Person?


    • Question two: What visions do you have for Darkfall Unholy Wars both short term and long term?


    • Question three: Any possibility of removing the limbo system?
  • RedempRedemp Absurdly HotlandPosts: 1,050Member Uncommon

    1.Do the higher teir mobs still drop the higher tier crafting materials? I.e Golems dropping rare ore, rare enchanting materials from tougher mobs.

    2. Has the mount system been changed at all? If so how? ( Crafting mount changes, new mounts, mounted combat)  Etc.


    Thanks much.


  • juicewomanjuicewoman la, CAPosts: 1Member

    Can you tell us if  movement spells like stormblast, launch and telekenisis will be ingame?

    Will confusion still be in df2? This spell made sieges annoying

    Will limbo be in game?

  • joshuawnjoshuawn Conifer, COPosts: 9Member

    1. In the current iteration of Darkfall, arrows always shoot out slightly to the right and, on top of that, will shoot at an angle corresponding to the direction you're moving (i.e. moving left or right will make the arrow come out at an angle, while standing still won't.) Will archery physics be any different in Unholy Wars?

    2. Is first person going to be in Unholy Wars? If so, will it be the default camera perspective for archery and magic, and will it be accessible when using melee weapons?

    3. How will double jump, side step, jump shot and aquatic shot be implemented in Unholy Wars?

    4. With the exclusion of Chaos Cities in Unholy Wars due to the new alignment system, will solo players still be able to accessibly play in high end areas without long distance traveling? If so, how?

    4b. Will racial areas (e.g. Alfar Lands, Tovarr Lands, Human Lands, etc.) have high-end content?

    5. Some older blog posts mentioned an overhaul of the portal network system so that clan/alliance dwellers don't have an inherent advantage over unpolitical players. Could you possibly elaborate on any changes done to the portal network system?

    6. Will all crafting skills be accessible at once, or have crafting skills too been morphed to fit a role based and/or skill point allotment system?

    7. Have there been any changes to sea towers?

    8. The gameplay/role videos for Unholy Wars posted recently have shown that you can queue up transfer and heal spells even without holding a staff. Could you elaborate on how spell selection and use works?

    9. In the current iteration of Darkfall, blocking without a shield barely negates any damage. Has that been changed at all?

    10. Will weapon masteries and subskills like power attacks, disabling blows/shots, and knockbacks still be in the game?

    11. You mentioned that there is a new "currency" similar to skill points that can be assigned to certain spells that are initially locked out in the role. Will these skill points be re-assignable and is there a cap on allotted skill points?

    12. Will meditation still be in Unholy Wars?

    13. In the current iteration of Darkfall, crashing results in a lockout period before you're able to reconnect successfully. Will crashed characters be able to rapidly reconnect in Unholy Wars?

    14. Will system messages that alert clans about intruders in their holdings still exist in Unholy Wars?

  • Furion-HunterFurion-Hunter LondonPosts: 48Member Uncommon



    1. Will there be any first person in darkfall UW
    2. Looking at the past videos it seems like ONLY warriors can use melee.. this is completley different from DF1, the question is, " is this the case, that only warriors can use melee"
    3. How easy will it be to get heavy armor at the start of the game , this is a PoV from a warrior spec.
  • MelkrowMelkrow St. Louis, MOPosts: 278Member

    1. Is LIMBO going to be included at launch? If not, then when? Can you tell us any details about the limbo and how it works, by giving us specific examples?

    2. Will all ROLES have an access to some sort of "heal other" spell(s) or skill(s)?

    3. How many spells/skills can any one ROLE use at the same time, with one set of weapons (melee, bow, staff).

    4. Are there specific skills for specific weapons and how do they differ between one another.

    5. Will "Priest" ROLE have access to reasonable DAMAGE spells/skills? Or are Priests really meant to be group support role (not viable solo in PVP)?

    6. Tell us more about graphics and/or sound settings. In the current game, NOBODY runs with background sounds because it makes things harder to hear, nobody runs with shadows. Everybody runs with absolute minimum vegetation (which is almost as disabling it), most everybody runs with Pixel Shader 1 because it makes it easier to fight underwater even if it makes the rest of the game look worse, etc.

    So, the question is, are there any "forced" settings that nobody will be able to disable, and if so which ones? Or do players still have a freedom to sacrifice looks and immersion for direct combat advantages?

    7. How many people do you have working on Darkfall: Unholy Wars right now?

    8. When will current Darkfall subscribers be able to DOWNLOAD the game?

    9. When will people who never played DF before be able to purchase AND download the game?

    10. Assuming the game launches on Nov 20 as planned, will everybody be allowed to play on that day, or will you only allow current DF subscribers to get in first for stability (or any other) reasons?

    11. Are you prepared to launch more servers in timely manner if demand for your game is much greater than a single server (per region) can handle?

    12. Do you have any plans to offer DF: UW through Steam?

    13. How much will DF: UW cost for people that don't own the first DF game?

    14. How much will the subscription cost?

    15. Are "Red Pyramids" gonna be used for anything before DF 1 ends... or afterwards?

    16. Is there going to be a "PVP VIABLE" role that mainly uses 1-hand weapon and a shield?

    17. Are armor dyes still planned for DF: UW and is that system included at launch? Can you tell us more about it?

    18. Are there any plans to change the way AV interacts/communicates with it's customers?

    19. How many spells will magic schools have in total, and how many spells can you use from one school at the same time? For example Fire Magic, do you get only 5 spells and you can use them all, or do you get 10 spells but can pick which 5 to use?

    20. Do warriors and skirmishers have to use staff to do conversion spells (mana to stamina, etc)?


    Playing: Darkfall Unholy Wars
    Played: Darkfall, EVE, AoC, Ryzom, Ragnarok Online, GW2, PS2, Secret World, WOW, City Of Heroes/Villains, Champion Online.
  • HancakesHancakes flint, MIPosts: 1,045Member

    1.  Will the game be open to the general public on the 20th or just for previous Darkfall 1.0 owners?

    2.  What will the subscription price be? Retail client?

    3.  Has "1st Person" been removed?

    4.  Has arrow drop been removed (gravity)?

    5.  What do you mean by "momentum" as it appeasr absent in the videos with regard to movement.

    6.  Will there be any pre-orders or early download?

    7.  Do the "Utility Skills" require equipping a staff?

    8.  What steps are being taken to ensure Unholy Wars launch will be better than Darkfall 1.0's?

    9.  Why no Beta?

  • EntinerintEntinerint brooklyn, NYPosts: 868Member Uncommon

    1) Will there be a first-person view option?  If so, when and how will it be able to be toggled?

    2) Will new players be able to purchase and play on launch day (Nov 20th)?

    3) Is there still 40% more damage/healing when done to the back of another player or mob?

    4) Are Alfar still dark-skinned and bat-like despite now being taller?

    5) In third-person, can you switch the side of the camera your character is on from left to right?

    6) Is the interface still just as manipulateable as it was in DF 1.0?  IE can anything be moved anywhere on screen and can windows be locked/unlocked when leaving mouse mode?

  • friagrimfriagrim milwaukee, WIPosts: 7Member

    1) Will first person view still be in?

    2) Will 3pv for archery and magic also definitely be in? I want both to be in very very much.

    3) With the new village system being tied to cities, does this prevent small clans from going out and using them as a viable source of income by playing smart? I hope not, since small clans won't really hold cities in this. It would add a great activity for small new clans and for big clans to fight them off.

    4) Are city/hamlet resource nodes going to be located just outside city walls/border, or just inside?

    5) With the introduction of the new safe zones, is there any fear that too many players will farm inside of them in the first few days just to get a clan and raise funds? If so, is there any worry of what will occur at these spawns with the circus of looting and getting in eachothers way? I would like to avoid such a situation, and I am wondering if you have decided to temporarily knock down the drops from safe zone mobs until a week or two after release?

    6) Is limbo in and in what form please? Keep in mind if we can pick it apart on paper we can pick it apart ingame plz...

  • Xaine25Xaine25 FarnhamPosts: 1Member

    What are the benefits of holding a player city?

  • Zhang-FeiZhang-Fei Greer, SCPosts: 4Member

    Hi I am Raynar Thul also go by Zhang-Fei from KATANA.I played DFO at the start of NA.


    Question 1 Will players have spells they can use to easily scale over guild city walls?

    If yes please remove them from the game.


    Question 2 Will there be a acution house to sell our crafted items?

    If its not in game please add it fast.


    Question 3 Can you confirm friendly fire is still in the game?

    If its not in game please add it back into the game.


    Question 4 Are there any new guild city defences other than zap towers?

    Example guild pays X amount of gold per hour for X amount of npc city guards?


    Question 5 Will DFUW do more than DFO to protect the game from hackers.

    Examples sure everyone had someone run off like flash or sink into the ground or never miss any of there attacks in DFO.


    Question 6 Will there be guild coat of arms on  armor, weapons,guild city and banners?

    Example is GW2 has done a good job of adding this to there game.So if its not in game please add it.


    Question 7 Will there be a ship in game that can be made into a guild city?

    If not in game please add!!


    Question 8 Are Coup de gràce still in the game.

    If not please add them back in.


    Question 9 How many guild cities are there in DFUW?


    Question 10 Is there any protection for guild cities from being sieged?So enemy guilds can't attack at 2AM when no one is online?


  • n00baran00bara New LondonPosts: 79Member
    Losing connection in darkfall 1 made us wait 15 minutes to be able to connect back to the game. Are we going to see a better login system in unholy wars(like 10-20 seconds of relog time with good PCs)?
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