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Why I block people for hating on a game I like



  • gordiflugordiflu BarcelonaPosts: 757Member Uncommon

    Translation and sumary:

    Like any proper "you-know-what-game" fanboi, my eyes bleed if I read anything different that "you-know-what-game is the best MMO ever, and it also cures cancer".  So, I put fingers in my ears as deep as I can and start my "la-la-la-la" as loud as I can, while I close my eyes as closed as humanly possible.

    Becouse, you know, forums are not meant to discuss things but to tell me "you are right, you have been right all this time and you will be right for ever and ever til the end of times".

    This is just getting ridiculous already.


  • JackFrostyJackFrosty Edmonton, ALPosts: 103Member
    Originally posted by eyelolled
    So I've been playing a particular game for quite a while and enjoying it alot. This game has been getting alot of mention and alot of people dissing it, saying that it's a fail game, and they feel cheated from the developers. This predominately comes from a small number of people but these people seem to feel that this game doesn't deserve it's reveiws. There have been people that used to play but now feel the need to share their "time to quit" with the world, which is their right and I have no intention on saying they shouldn't post. The thing is, that if I like this game, and these other people don't, then why should I concern myself with their opinion? When I first came to, I wanted to get insight into other mmo's. I wanted to find out what games would be good for me, and what games wouldn't suit my interest. I wanted to be a part of a "community of my peers" so to speak. However, finding that these people with drastic differences in opinion to my own, post things that are contrary to my own perspective. This taints the gainful knowledge that I may obtain for what games would suit my preferences. It behooves me to bypass their opinion and look to others that share the same preferences as my own. So I find that if a person decides that the games I enjoy, are not enjoyable, than why would their perspective on future games match my preference? I do feel disappointed at this conclusion, as I've felt that many of these people offer their opinions in a valid manner. However that does not change the fact that I don't want to miss out on games I may enjoy just because someone that has a different set of likes and dislikes posted negatively on it.   Thanks for reading.   Note: This thread is about being selective on reveiws and impressions, NOT what game I like or dislike.


    Only seeing things from your POV or from likeminded people is how wars start in the real world. World War 2 and Hitler is a great example of this. He blamed the Jews for everything wrong with the world and anyone that did not share this view was exiled out of the country or sent to concentration camps.

    This is an idiotic view that is for close minded nieve people that don't have the mental maturity to learn from others or listen to the outside world that doesn't exist in their little bubble.

    Very stupid and nieve way of thinking, and above all dangerous.

    When I wake up, the real nightmare begins

  • AmanaAmana New York, NYPosts: 3,912Moderator Uncommon
    Locking this because it's essentially kind of a meta sort of thread that serves only to bait people, whether intentionally or not.  These kinds of threads serve to just cause arguments, especially if not aimed at specific people. But it can't be aimed at specific people because that would be a callout or a personal attack. There's just no way a thread like this is productive at all.

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