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THEMEPARK MMO: what's something that most Themepark MMO have never tried



  • AlminieAlminie Silent hill, NYPosts: 109Member Uncommon

    4 things:


    • Slower and more rewarding leveling.

    That way you can take your time run instances, get gear you could use for longer then 1 hour.


    • Meaningfull crafting.
    Making crafting something that is really useful, armor that can be as good if not better then what you can get from a instance.
    Also make crafting less of a push a button to make something, make it intereactive, a mini game like where the better you do in that mini game, the better the item you craft is.


    • Dynamic Mobs
    Have mobs in places that make sense not in some random place, like have bandits by a bandit camp have them do patrols etc.

    have them try to Rob players and NPC's on the roads,

    have wolves in a cave and not in a static random place by some tree's. etc etc


    • 1 kill quests not 10+ kill quests
    Quests that you only have to kill 1 mob to finish the quest, do away with the you must kill 10 or more to finish the quest.

    and have bonuses in the quest for killing other mobs that happen to be around the quest mob, like if you have to kill a Dragon and there are baby dragons in the area also, if you kill 1 baby dragon is gives a small bonus, if you kill 3 you get a better bonus, etc.


    I have way more ideas, but well these are just a few. ;-)

  • ariestearieste toronto, ONPosts: 3,308Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by MMOExposed
    Can you think of something that most themepark MMO almost never try?   From my point of view, I rarely see Themepark MMO deliver Raid Dungeons that are for lower level players. Usually they are pure endgame content.

    EQ2 (launched 8 years ago) had raid content all the way through.  Launch with 50 levels, the lowest raid was around level 20 and there were raids all the way up to 50.   Rift also has raids all the way through, so does GW2. 


    As to your question...something i find that Themepark MMOs don't do is break through the "why is Bob the Dragon still alive after I killed him?" problem.  In theory it would be relatively simple to dynamically change the name of the dragon so that every time the dragon is killed, it's technically a "different" dragon, even though the mechanic is the same.   This is one of the most difficult concepts for MMO immersion, yet most themeparks never bother to address it.

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