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[EU] DanesLaw: The Vikings of Darkfall!

FaleshFalesh Posts: 78Member Uncommon

A Man stands besides a lone Ash tree, one hand rests upon its gnarled and weathered skin. Mist surrounds both, isolation would appear apparent.

The Man kneels upon one knee, a hidden necklace falls from beneath his armour. He picks up a clump of earth, breaking it within his thumb and forefingers. Watching it fall to the ground as if by mere touch he can assume its composition.

The figure stands once more, tall and proud, seemingly satisfied with his scrutiny of the dirt. Only then does he notice the now exposed necklace, he raises the small symbol of a hammer which hangs from the chain to his lips, before harbouring it once more beneath his chain shirt. A gesture as familiar to him as breathing.

A Raven lands upon the uppermost branches, the Man falls under its perusal briefly before it finally settles with a shake of its feathered head.

The Man turns, raises his hands skywards fists clenched. A guttural cry escapes his lips. The bird hops from talon to talon full of anguish.

Then silence...

As if by divine intervention the mists are dissolved. A horizon besieged by multicoloured sails, the Man's roar is answered from a thousand throats. Then a mass of armour, sword and axe stream from the now present sea.

The already aggrieved Raven squawks its protest to the approaching horde before taking to wing. The Man stands amidst the swirling torrent of axe and sword, like a island engulfed by a raging river.

He points towards the now retreating carrion.

“Tell Allfather that Valhalla will welcome us soon.
But not yet, not yet.”

His words pursue the Raven, he turns once more to the fray.

And so it begins...


Size: 40+
Race: Human only
Minimum Age: 18+
Theme: We are Vikings!
Voicecoms: TeamSpeak 3
Nationality: English speaking EU clan with some NA members
Independence: We are an independent clan and have no plan to ally up
Focus: PvP, PvE, Craft, Trade, Practical Roleplay (roleplaying is not required!)


DanesLaw is an independent EU, English speaking practical roleplay clan run by people who have played Darkfall successfully since beta/release over three and a half years ago. We are open to people who want to roleplay as well as those who don't. For example, we have a challenge system in place where those of lower military rank can challenge those above them to a fight and if they win they will gain their rank. This fits our theme and gives more immersion in the guilds lore but does not require people to speak in "thee"s and "thou"s.


Being Vikings you can expect plenty of action, sieges, raids and mercenary work. We are not a pure PvP clan though, we have plenty of members who enjoy PvE, crafting, trading and so on. We also hold regular clan events that range from monster slaying to tournaments. As mentioned above we also have a challenge system that allows members to advance in our military ranks by fighting those of higher rank and taking their title if they win. We are putting in a lot of effort writing up rich lore so those looking for a guild with something more to offer, or have an interest in Vikings or history, will be well catered for.


We are looking for mature people who enjoy team play and events, to join our community. You are not required to be an awesome PvPer as we are a well rounded clan and do not specialize solely on PvP. However, you are required to follow orders when you do join in with our raiding/siege/mercenary work as team play is very important to us. You must also be a Human and have a Viking name. We are also limiting recruitment to those aged 18 and above.



  • Mad+DogMad+Dog EdinburghPosts: 733Member Uncommon
    The website looks pretty dam epic, think this will be the place for me!

  • jules88jules88 LondonPosts: 11Member
    Originally posted by Mad+Dog
    The website looks pretty dam epic, think this will be the place for me!

    MadDog you noob.  If youre gonna bump your own guild's recruitment thread, at least use an account that doesn't use your name image


  • FaleshFalesh Posts: 78Member Uncommon
    We are currently waiting for a picture of the Tovarr race as they may look like a more wild human. If this is the case we may well use those as our allowed race rather then Humans.
  • FaleshFalesh Posts: 78Member Uncommon
    If anyone is interested in a read Snorri Hraerekson has written the tale of how he came to know Asta Kjartansdottir and eventually become her Skald.
  • KatlaOdindottirKatlaOdindottir essexPosts: 144Member

    OK so there's only a few days to go until launch, and all me and all the other Vikings are extremely excited about the prospect of Darkfall and what we can bring to the game, what's going to be cooler than people screaming in fear as they seen bloodthirsty Vikings on the horizon, we will be ruthless but also humble in defeat. If anyone fancies a chat don't hesitate to PM me either here or on the website


    'The Vikings are coming'


    Awaiting Darkfall Unholy Wars

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