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What I'm looking forward to, and why.

blognorgblognorg Roseburg, ORPosts: 643Member Uncommon

Here they are (in no particular order).

Everquest Next - The first Everquest was a little before my time, so I missed out. This game is supposedly going to be the most ambitious sandbox game ever. Will it deliver on everything that's it's promising? Probably not, but I'm going to follow it never the less.

Marvel Heros - At first, I didn't want anything to do with this game, but I got bored one day and watched a video on it. First off, it's being headed by David Brrevik, and he's totally in his element. It's definitely a new spin on MMOs in a world where so many are alike. The Diablo-esque twist in a full-on MMO format interests me. Not to mention that each character is essentially its own class... and there are tons of them.

Greed Monger - This is a game that's running a Kickstarter campaign as I type this. It's about as far on the sandbox side of the spectrum as it gets, but it forgoes some of the more hardcore elements (limited FFA PvP/full loot, no permadeath). Now, that might turn some sandbox fans off, but I'm not super-hardcore, so that's really up my ally. I'm also liking the payment model; there is no monthly fee, and no cash shop. You buy land, and you can even resell it for real money (and the developers take a percentage). An original idea for a payment plan, and I hope it works out for them.

Citadel of Sorcery - This is another game on Kickstarter, however it's almost over, and it doesn't look like it's gonna make it. That's a terrible shame, because they have some really interesting ideas. The've generated an earth-sized planet, there's no level-cap, and it has some crazy-dynamic AI. They've been in development forever, and it's a really ambitious project. Will it deliver? Who knows, but I'm sure as hell going to give it a try.

Final Fantasy XIV - I was excited about this game once before, but I never actually got to experience it. I was quickly warned away, so I spared myself. I really want to believe in this game. They've reworked so much, including the graphics engine; it's still going be one of the best-looking games when it launches again. hopefully all of the feedback will turn it into a game worth playing.

The Elder Scrolls Online - Yeah, yeah, yeah; it's going to be the "next big thing", and I'm sure plenty of people are going to board this hype train and ride all the way to a bad metacritic user score, but still. As many of you probably already know, there was recently a flux of new info, including a release window. Before that, I didn't really give it a second look, but now that I know a little about it, I'm willing to give it a shot. It sounds like they're stepping away from the "standard formula", like many games are starting to do. So, not saying it's going to be the best thing ever, but I'm liking some of its features.

Darkfall Unholy Wars - I've spoken to a few people that liked Darkfall, but aren't too keen on it. However, they're pretty hardcore and are feeling like this game is going soft. Like I said, I'm not super-hardcore, so a slightly more timid Darkfall with some fixes to the highly exploitable system sounds like it might be something that I could get into.

Origins of Malu - Another indie game that launched a Kickstarter, but quickly canceled it, because they got funding elsewhere. Not a lot is known about this game yet, other than it's a huge sandbox. The thing that probably attracted me the most was that the players make their own factions. I think EVE works like that (never played EVE, so I couldn't say), but I like the sound of it.

Well, that's my list. What's yours?


  • Oz-zoOz-zo BandungPosts: 6Member
    FFXIV for sure, it's showing a lot of promise 
  • xaritscinxaritscin CaliPosts: 350Member Uncommon

    -EVE Online: Retribution, i want to see how much it changes with the tiericide from frigates to battlecruisers. unfortunately looks like the days of plexing a buddy trial has come to an end. its a shame cause it was the only way for me to play.

    -The Repopulation, i dunno when they're gonna release it (i bet very late next year), but looks good so far, i'll be happy if its F2P (balanced).

    -Archeage, i havent heard from it in a long time, im looking for it too, but looks like it will be P2P

    -Shores of Hazeron, not really new(this thing is old as sh*t, been in development since the 90's), but it has been a really good experience (despite its alfa stage) im looking forward in how it evolves.

    -Guns of Icarus Online, didnt played the original, and i dont even know if this can be considered as an MMO, but hey, cooperative Airship combat, also STEAMPUNK!, you dont get to see that between so many Sci fi and High Fantasy.

  • David_LopanDavid_Lopan Madison, WIPosts: 812Member Uncommon

    1. World of Darkness (love the genre, love rping, loved what they have talked about so far)

    2. Star Citizen (Wing Commander/ Privateer with other folks, awesome)

    3. Neverwinter (I have made many games with Aurora over the years, I know the foundry will not compare, but I cant wait  to start  building again)

  • AesowhreapAesowhreap Omaha, NEPosts: 78Member
    Phantasy Star 2 and WIzardry both look like good new beta games to play. Wish they wouldn't keep postponing these. I am getting a nex desktop soon.

    Best Regards, ...

  • fetarnoxfetarnox Mifflintown, PAPosts: 8Member

    I am holding out for FFXIV 2.0 just like you. I played the game at intervals through its first few tumultuous years...and to be honest, I got more than a little bit of fun out of it, despite its flaws. I am here to tell you that Square Enix has some very innovative and exciting ideas under their hats about class arrangements, the questing system, and party vs. solo progress. These highlights even shone through a bit when confined to the original engine that got so much bad buzz. Say what you like about the new FF (even as it was before the rerelease), but there are still redeeming qualities to the game that the disaster of its clumsy release could not fully conceal. I am looking forward to playing the game again...after it has finished going through closed beta. I would be playing the game today, if not for redevelopment. I expect it to be a success.

    Can you read slant-lettered words without moving squint-strained lips?

  • nariusseldonnariusseldon santa clara, CAPosts: 26,696Member Rare
    Diablo 3 expansion.
  • naljejanaljeja BergenPosts: 94Member
    Darkfall UW -- it will make me satisfied for a very long time. Got everything I'm looking for in a MMO and I don't see anything coming near the future that can be put on par with the feeling and experience from the original DF; apart from a much an improved DF which is Unholy Wars
  • cheachancheachan TampinesPosts: 122Member
    Looking forward to Assassin's Creed 3, because the story is really intriguing me


  • Spider3Spider3 ZurichPosts: 33Member

    It looks like my own list of games to watch eheh.

    #1 is Greed Monger, because it's the most promising, developped from gamers to gamers and getting really in the right directions (take a look on the forum on the official page). Kickstarter is also almost founded! And especially, April 2013 beta will be ready.

    May be I would add to the list:

    Archeage, it's an Hybrid and not a pure sandbox, but very promising as well. And hopefully not too much to wait as well..

    And Pathfinder Online could be a good option.

    Origins of Malu is also interesting, for sure i'll keep an eye on it as well.

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