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I'm Back

david361107david361107 chattanooga, TNPosts: 279Member Uncommon

Played Rift when it launched and did enjoy the game then but now, wow what a difference. After loading lite and seeing how Rift has changed, playing for a few hours I loaded up the real thing and subbed up. I'm now leveling up my healer having some fun and can't wait for the new expansion pack.





  • MesfenlirMesfenlir ovPosts: 208Member
  • dreamer05dreamer05 Kansas City, MOPosts: 636Member Uncommon
    I played for a year from beta and launch on but then took a break.  I am defnintely coming back for the expansion and it's great to hear such positive feedback!


    "God, please help us sinful children of Ivalice.."

  • MoodsorMoodsor HerningPosts: 685Member Uncommon
    Have returned myself after playing the SL beta, its an amazing addition to an already great game, looking forward to many good months with Rift and Trion.

  • Welcome back. Im on same boat tbh, i resubbed after play expansion beta. Expansion is very good and adds too much things to regular game, i just cant wait to launch show in 5 days!
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