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GW2 Are you a clicker?



  • evolver1972evolver1972 Port Orchard, WAPosts: 1,118Member

    I'm mostly a clicker and am still playing regularly.


    In fact, I play pretty much the same way I did in GW1 except for moving now.


    You want me to pay to play a game I already paid for???

    Be afraid.....The dragons are HERE!

  • pupurunpupurun spartaPosts: 542Member Uncommon
    one of the dumbest polls i ever got to vote on....
  • RoxtarrRoxtarr Freeland, MI, MIPosts: 1,122Member
    My wife doesn't even use WASD and somehow she's figured out how to use arrow keys and click? Don't ask me how.  

    If in 1982 we played with the current mentality, we would have burned down all the pac man games since the red ghost was clearly OP. Instead we just got better at the game.

  • bcbullybcbully Westland, MIPosts: 8,949Member Rare
    Originally posted by pupurun
    one of the dumbest polls i ever got to vote on....

    You had to be there lol. Someone this morning made a trollish post that is now locked. In it it said "All the clickers and the bads have left the game." Along with a bunch of other things. 


    I agreeded with all but this statement and another line. 

  • JyiigaJyiiga Seneca, SCPosts: 1,109Member Uncommon
    Clickers are inferior nubs. 
  • botrytisbotrytis In Flux, MIPosts: 2,827Member Uncommon
    Play how you want - not a biggie to me.


    "In 50 years, when I talk to my grandchildren about these days, I'll make sure to mention what an accomplished MMO player I was. They are going to be so proud ..."
    by Naqaj - 7/17/2013 forum

  • IselinIselin Vancouver, BCPosts: 8,678Member Epic

    Yes, I click 14 buttons on my MMO7 mouse:


  • JoeyMMOJoeyMMO SomewherePosts: 1,326Member
    I only click for utiliy skills 7-0, the rest I tap. The 6 is about as far as I can stretch from WASD. Does that make me a clicker? I don't care really. I voted yes and still playing.

  • PurutzilPurutzil Posts: 3,048Member Uncommon

    No, though this game would make clicking a handicap more so. It is no where near as complex as other games mind you, but having control of the camera is a big help in being able to move around effectively which is where most of the skill comes from in this game. 


    Truthfully though, clicking even in other games should be just as ineffective in more difficult environments such as raids, even more so. 

  • VyethVyeth Fayetteville, NCPosts: 1,459Member Uncommon

    I am hybrid.. 1-4 sometimes 5 are pressed numerically with hotkeys.. Q and E strafe and I control the view (so mouseturners can't try to outmanuever me by running in circles) also using backpeddling (yes, I said it, backpeddling) to keep my enemies in front of me..

    I tend to click skills that don't rely so much on timing, but utility of use..  In GW2 since there arent millions of hotkeys to be pressed to fight, doesn't make since to try and callout "clickers"...

    How many people are clickers in League Of Legends?


  • thunderCthunderC miami flPosts: 591Member Uncommon
    I'm a hybrid as well, 1-5 I use the buttons on my razer naga mouse, The rest of my skills i click.
  • ShiotcrockShiotcrock ddddddddddPosts: 87Member

    Get a gaming mouse they bind your too main attacks on the side thumb buttons if you get a gaming mouse with 4 buttons you can bind more then two skills or spells. I have a logitech G500 great mouse won't break on you I have two backupsi I bought for refurbs off ebay.

    I use a combination of clicks on the screen and just use two main attacks on the mosue and just the keyboard for movement.


    What happens with my elementalist the spells can screw up once you get a slot skill in use so it messes up your system.


    Playing Duke Nukem till level 42 helped with my keyboard skills.


  • ShiotcrockShiotcrock ddddddddddPosts: 87Member
    I forgot about that Cyber MMO mouse I might have to pick one up could use another button for healing cause when I click on the screen I'm dead cause healing spell is delayed a bit.
  • KingJigglyKingJiggly Simpsonville, SCPosts: 777Member
    In pvp, I actually prefer my keyboard for moving and my mouse for skills. It is rather easy, especially since I go turret bomber with my engineer (drop turrets, explode them and knock everyone back when they get close). I can kill nearly all melees (including theifs) with that build. Ranged is a little harder, especially rangers and some of the better else and necros. 
  • ElikalElikal ValhallaPosts: 7,912Member Uncommon

    By nature I am a mouse clicker. I hate plaing piano with the keyboard, because it TIRES me. But I trained myself against my clicker nature, and in GW2 I was at least able to keyboard click the left main skills. The right ones however I still mouse clicked. But that really wasn't driving me away. After lv 80 with one char I was EVEN more bored than from SWTOR having played two chars to max level! And that's probably saying something.

    I was just horribly, horribly bored with GW2 after ~ 2 months.

    People don't ask questions to get answers - they ask questions to show how smart they are. - Dogbert

  • SilentstormSilentstorm Brooklyn, NYPosts: 1,125Member Uncommon
    I do it i all macro click hot key. The game UI and how the game feels determines what more of whatever I do. I think people who complain about clickers should be smacked. Because all you need to worry about as a player is can the guys around you do the job. If they can do the job who cares how they do it. It's ignorant to segregate someone based off that anyway. I'll never do it and as long as I have a popular platform on you tube. I will denounce anyone i see bullying people on it.
  • NaeviusNaevius Houston, TXPosts: 334Member Uncommon

    What you can't physically do in this game is to be a clicker AND have the 'fast-cast ground targeting' option turned on.

    That alone argues against clicking.

    In any case, Naga FTW.

  • OziiusOziius Baltimore, MDPosts: 1,398Member Uncommon
    I'm not a clicker and I quit. 
  • botrytisbotrytis In Flux, MIPosts: 2,827Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Praetalus
    I'm not a clicker and I quit. 

    Can I have all your items in game? image


    "In 50 years, when I talk to my grandchildren about these days, I'll make sure to mention what an accomplished MMO player I was. They are going to be so proud ..."
    by Naqaj - 7/17/2013 forum

  • Shroom_MageShroom_Mage Lafayette, LAPosts: 863Member
    People complaining about not being able to reach keys 7-0, you must have a lot of complaints in day-to-day life about things you couldn't be bothered to configure.

    Is the seat in your car too close or too far from the wheel? Are you annoyed that you can only microwave things in intervals of 30 seconds? Is it a pain that the color or orientation of your monitor is off? Do you have trouble reaching those keys on your keyboard that are too far from WASD?

    "Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind." -Dr. Seuss

  • itgrowlsitgrowls newport news, VAPosts: 2,951Member

    I'm sortof half n half. Most of my abilities are on my Razor but the rest like ground target items that i use when enemies get too close i click because it also targets right at my toon while fighting. So i can maximize AOE's

    And yes i still play, :) found a neat thingy, greens in the 70's make globs of ecto :) neat!

  • ClassicstarClassicstar rotjeknorPosts: 2,687Member Uncommon

    I click and do fine in PVE/PVP.

    Playing sinds launch almost everyday clicking my UI:P

    Still enjoy the game alot.

    Hope to build full AMD system RYZEN/VEGA/AM4!!!

    MB:Asus V De Luxe z77
    CPU:Intell Icore7 3770k
    GPU: AMD Fury X(waiting for BIG VEGA 10 or 11 HBM2?(bit unclear now))
    MEMORY:Corsair PLAT.DDR3 1866MHZ 16GB
    PSU:Corsair AX1200i
    OS:Windows 10 64bit

  • DeivosDeivos Posts: 3,692Member Epic
    I don't even click for ground target abilities. Don't have fast cast on, but I just doubletap the power on the keyboard to cast it.

    "The knowledge of the theory of logic has no tendency whatever to make men good reasoners." - Thomas B. Macaulay

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  • MaephistoMaephisto somewhere, DCPosts: 632Member

    Clickers????  Here?????


  • VindictiivVindictiiv Trabuco Canyon, CAPosts: 18Member Uncommon

    Lack of end game was a huge part of my decision to leave, but I think even more importantly the lack of feeling like my level 80 character was any better than he was at level 5.

    Having the same skill set up as everyone else even if you can switch them by handling different weapons completely ruined this game for me. I didn't think it would but the pvp system bugged me for the same reason. What real interest do I have in pvp if its pretty much the same thing at level 5 as level 80? Theres just no pay-off, no reward for leveling, nothing to make me feel heroic or vested in my toon.

    Also, the trifecta healer, dps, tank works in these games for a reason. People like having roles to play. People like feeling valuable to an end in a social game environment. You remove this feature as well and combine some of these other problems just to be new or innovative and all you get ais a recipe for boredom in my opinion.

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