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LF specific action online TPS/FPS

Johny888Johny888 KosicePosts: 30Member

Hello,as the title suggest I would like to ask you folks if you know any populated action online games,but not the classic type... I search for a game similar to aliens vs predators multiplayer... or primal carnage.You know... a game where you can choose whether you wanna be for example a human soldier or an alien.I remember playing a game like this but I think its dead now.. and I dont remember the name either... but basically there were 2 sides,aliens and humans.Aliens could build structures that buffed them and humans also had their own base and could build turrets,shops from which you could buy a better weapon or a mech suit.Everyone in team had to be very organized on each side.. Aliens played differently,you had to be more stealthy and pick off weak targets from the human group and so on... I think you get the idea.Im also searching for yet a different type of action game... similar to mount and blade warband multiplayer or game of roses... With medieval weapons instead of guns. Thank you very much for every suggstion you make :)


  • Ex0dUs101Ex0dUs101 ManchesterPosts: 269Member Uncommon

    While not an MMORPG, Natural Selection 2 would be perfect for what you want in terms of TPS/FPS. 

    For the medieval style combat, Mortal Online, or for offline play Skyrim.

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