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Help with SATA drives please.

B14cKs0LB14cKs0L trinity, NCPosts: 134Member Uncommon

Hey guys thanks for your help getting this system up and running last night. Everything is great so far but one issue. I cant get my storage drive to show up and I know NOTHING about SATA drives, so I have a GA-z77x-D3h board and I haveit hooked up like this. I have 4 inputs on the side of the board three grouped together and then one by itself.

Any help would be awesome. Thanks again!


|=sata1HD1 working

|=sata2HD2 not working

|=sata3 nothing hooked in


|=sata4DvD drive working



  • VrikaVrika FinlandPosts: 3,724Member Rare

    Some possible problems:

    1. Check the SATA cable and power cable to your HD. Better to take them off and reattach again just to be absolutely certain that they are plugged in

    2. Check your motherboard settings that it's not set up to use any of the SATA ports in RAID.

    3. Check that you don't have anything connected to the connector called SATA5 in your motherboard's manual if you also have something connected to the mSATA port

    4. Try rearranging the connectors. I'm assuming that you now have both of your HDs in SATA 6gb connectors controlled by intel  Z77 chipset. If the storage HD is not SSD, SATA 3gb connector is more than fast enough for it so that you can test if it works with one


  • tom_goretom_gore TamperePosts: 1,995Member Uncommon

    Did both the drives work before on your old system? If yes, you might have been running the other drive in IDE and the other drive in ACHI mode.

    Have you checked if your system recognizes both drives in BIOS?


  • WoopinWoopin LeedsPosts: 1,007Member Uncommon
    When you say not working are you saying that it shows up in BIOS or does not show up in BIOS ? This part is important for people to know. That way we can give you the right advice without tons of messing about for what can be simple issues.


  • GruntyGrunty TexasPosts: 7,936Member Rare

    The images on the Gigabyte website for the board number you give indicates you have 8 SATA ports. Ports 0 & 1 are in a white double connector. Ports 2,3,4,5 are in 2 black double connectors. Ports 6 & 7 are in a grey double connector.

    Go into the BIOS and make sure the ports you are using are turned on. Also reading the specifications indicates that if you have an SSD hooked up to the M/B directly through it's mSATA connection than SATA port # 5 is disabled.

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