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Looking for People to Play this with

Bloodlust221Bloodlust221 Posts: 119Member Uncommon


I am not looking for a guild i am however looking to teamup with players and have a grandole time with them, if your looking to have fun not do anything particularlly serious and just have a great time all together just post your name here on the forums

My server that i am on is borlis pass and im a lvl 36 Warrior i use a rifle and a bow


  • itgrowlsitgrowls newport news, VAPosts: 2,951Member

    I'm in the guild Exitus Draconum which is that guild i described in another post about how i was impressed with their tendency to help epople who weren't in their guild while doing their activities. It is on the Tarnished Coast server don't think that would help.

    Which brings up a good question because I can't seem to find info about this on my own....What ever happened to guesting? Does anyone know? I've searched all over for mention of this in the future patches and content news but can't find anything.

    guesting = being able to group up with and load into the zone on the server of the person you are in party with no matter where your home server is located, for those who don't know.

  • ConnmacartConnmacart OsloPosts: 659Member Uncommon

    They haven't worked out the kinks in guesting yet. That's why free transfers are still up.

    Can't really help you OP as I tend to do my playing haphazardly. You'd also have to transfer.

  • SereliskSerelisk somewhere, NYPosts: 836Member

    If you wanna add "Serelisk" to your friends list, I'll probably be more than happy to run dungeons with you or Keg Brawl or something when I'm on. 

    As far as PvE, you'd need to transfer to my server if you really wanted to but I don't play the most often here since I'm currently in school and find myself with a lot less time than I used to to play le video juegos :( My server's Fort Aspenwood. 

  • Bloodlust221Bloodlust221 Posts: 119Member Uncommon
    i'd love to do dungeons with others and just all out hangout ya know... doesnt need to be pve in general just people to chat and have fun with
  • Neo_LibertyNeo_Liberty Lufkin, TXPosts: 436Member Uncommon
    My name is Kaarke on borlis pass lvl 35 warr/72 theif...

  • csthaocsthao Saint Paul, MNPosts: 1,112Member Uncommon

    There are just some places that's more popular to level up around. If you find em there's plenty of people to just run around with. And when all hope is lost, I wouldn't recommend it, but if you're super desperate, you could always follow the throngs of bots running around.

    Right around level 35+ is where there's multiple events in some certain parts of the map that's an endless cycle, you can say the lower level versions of Orr. My brother and I usually just run around the whole map and when we find a populated area we just stick there and run events with other players.

    And if you're feeling like you're up for a challenge, you can run your guy over to Orr and just run the events with all the higher level guys. I went there at level 30, my brother helped me get there with his level 80. You'll die so much, but once you get there running a few hours or so, you'll be the richest low level person. Even if you're doing 1-10 damage against them, they'll drop loot for you. When you run the events in Orr, you'll die alot as well, but the people there usually rez all fallen players so you wont have to worry about it.

  • Bloodlust221Bloodlust221 Posts: 119Member Uncommon

    im not up for a challenge i just want people i can hang out with and have fun with... pve/pvp is not a priority

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