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[Column] Guild Wars 2: The Halloween Bash



  • DestructhorDestructhor WinterPark, FLPosts: 88Member
    Finally beat the clock tower last night, though I almost gave up after missing the final jump a few attempts back. Cleaned up the holiday achievement list, cant wait for the next one!
  • pacovpacov Saskatoon, SKPosts: 311Member
    Holiday events will be the only thing that will keep me playing this game... but I don't mind since it looks like ArenaNet is putting A LOT of effort into them so I will at least enjoy doing them. I don't remember any other developer putting so much content for a holiday event :P

  • cgniuscgnius LondonPosts: 18Member

    I had only been playing GW2 casually prior to halloween, but during halloween I got hooked as the content was just "that" good.


    I'll probably revert back to playing casually until November 15th, then I'll see how good that update is

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