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LF MMO with many classes/no classes

AranisusAranisus BytomPosts: 30Member Uncommon
I'm looking for game like Ragnarok Online or L2 pre-GoD, with many class options and races or without any class restrictions. And of course with nice end-game and community. It doesn't matter if it would be 3D or 2D or even with shitty graphic.


  • maxedits576maxedits576 Calverton, NYPosts: 12Member
    Have you tried The Secret World? It has no class limits, you can use whatever weapons you choose, most weapons have 2 of the 3 main setups (tank/dps/heal). And if you become bored or unhappy with your setup, it is very easy to change entirely to a new weapon.


  • AranisusAranisus BytomPosts: 30Member Uncommon

    I will try it, but I heard that dynamic in this game is close to wooden dolls fight :D


    Any other suggestions?

  • ScalplessScalpless SnowballvillePosts: 1,426Member Uncommon

    Can't think of many good ones. TSW is one, of course, and it's pretty good, although I, too, think it's a bit stiff combat wise. Guild Wars 1 comes pretty close, as you can have two classes at the same time and each class has so many skills it could be an entire RPG by itself. Like...

    EVE has a very freeform character development system, too, but it's not for everyone. Then there's older stuff like Ultima Online and upcoming games like ArcheAge.

  • CyclopsSlayerCyclopsSlayer Minneapolis, MNPosts: 532Member Uncommon
    Tried Asheron's Call? You distribute XP directly to skills a you earn it.
  • AranisusAranisus BytomPosts: 30Member Uncommon

    Asheron's Call look pretty nice, I will check it out.


    I was playing GW for 7 years so it's already a little boring for me. And I'm still playing EVE.


    Any other suggestions?

  • YaoimanYaoiman Newkama Land, LAPosts: 51Member

    Final Fantasy XI


    It has a ton of classes with their own stories, charicters, adventures, cutscenes(the best classes of any game), and you can unlock hem all on one charicter and swich between them. There's also a sub class system where you are say a Summoner level 20, you would also have a sub class like say White Mage that would be half the main classes level, so it would be a 20 Summoner / 10 White Mage and you'd get extra perks from the sub class and its spells up to that level.


    A massively huge ton of endgame which is all really great epic stories with the best storytelling in an MMO.


    Charicters you will love and get attached to.


    Mostly group combat or huge raid group parties that go by fast so you can get to the endgame faster.


    The best music in an MMO that fits the area perfectly.


    Besieged which is what the invasions in Rift are based on, except Besieged is tons better and has style and soul.


     A beast fighting arena where you can send monsters you captued to fight other players' monsters.


    Really well themed areas.


     A huge world.


    Story quests for each class to unlock their special weapons and armor.


    A better community than most MMO's.


    Gambling mini games where you can bet your money in a game like 21 with other people.


    Chocobo raising / breeding where you get a Chocobo egg and raise it from a baby and the stats (like speed among other things that are useful for Chocobo Racing) can chage acording on how well you raised it and how you breed it. They can also have different colors. You get a whistle to summon your Chocobo in the wild too.


    Chocobo Racing where you can bet on the races or put the Chocobo you raised in the races and win money and items.


    Player housing, and small buffs based on items in your house, kinda like fung shway.


    An expansion coming at some point in 2013 that will start a brand new story arc, has 2 new classes, expands farming, a new contenent to explore, and more.


    And a whole expansion where you go back in tme to the great beastman war and fight in it . It is very very cool and you get to the the difference that time made on the areas and as well as areas befor the were battlescared.


    Boats with long boat rides if you need to cross the ocean that gets attacked by ghosts, fish monsters, sea monsters like the rare Kraken and Necromancer Pirates which will pull their ship up next to yours and summo he undead on it.


    Airship that also take a while too.


    It has PVP too, but it has to be orginized and signed up for.


    It is truly the best MMO.

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  • PapadamPapadam Tampa bay, FLPosts: 2,102Member

    What about DDO?

    Lots of classes, multi-classing and insane amount of custimization.

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  • Kuro1nKuro1n GothenburgPosts: 775Member Uncommon

    OP if you find some good game to try out that fits your taste please write here as we seems to have the same taste in game. Also a note for you, L2 will probably bring back all the classes again in the next update due to a huge amount of complaints in korea.

    Myself I'm spending some time in EVE, GW2 and Ultima atm. :)

  • lalartulalartu SeoulPosts: 445Member Uncommon

    don't forget the new DF is coming soon and that's pretty much all you described too


    it is a lot more hardcore and unforgiving though

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  • Kuro1nKuro1n GothenburgPosts: 775Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by lalartu
    don't forget the new DF is coming soon and that's pretty much all you described too   it is a lot more hardcore and unforgiving though

    Imo thats just better. :p

  • casual187casual187 omaha, NEPosts: 32Member

    Saw this the other day, may be right up your alley.

    Click the kickstarter to see the trailer.

  • MyriaMyria Lowell, MAPosts: 647Member Uncommon

    There's Fallen Earth. Only one race, human (well, clone, mostly human), but no classes per se. You're free to build your character as you like, albeit most end up at least somewhat specializing into one of the three main weapon types (Rifles, Pistols, Melee). No tab-targeting to speak of, combat is targeted with, IMHO, a much better third-to-first person mechanic than Terra. Crafting is a major deal, as most everything can be crafted. It has some of the funnest mounts around (mounts are persistent and include things like motorcycles and dune buggies), and one of the biggest game worlds. On the downside it's still a tad buggy, albeit nothing like what it was at start, G1st doesn't seem to be putting (or perhaps just doesn't have) much in the way of resources into it beyond pushing cash shop stuff. The population, never overly high, has gotten to be pretty low and the forums are nigh unto doornails. Still, there's a lot of fun to be had and the playerbase is generally pretty friendly.

    In the MMO dictionary next to the words "Had potential" is a picture of Fallen Earth, sadly it's 'had' rather than 'has'. Don't expect it to grow or expect to see much, if any, new content, but what's there can easily provide many months of entertainment.

  • KyleranKyleran Paradise City, FLPosts: 23,951Member Epic
    Did you ever give DAOC a try. More classes than most games out there, but I'm not sure of the state of the game these days.

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  • AranisusAranisus BytomPosts: 30Member Uncommon
    Thing is that till... february I won't have much time to play, so right now I prefer F2P games.

    But still FFXI, DCAO and Asheron looks really good.
  • bcbullybcbully Westland, MIPosts: 8,949Member Rare
    Originally posted by Aranisus
    I will try it, but I heard that dynamic in this game is close to wooden dolls fight :D   Any other suggestions?

    After being away awile I logged back in the other night. Yes combat animations are different, but there is something that feels really good about them. Idk if it's the impact or the blood, idk, but I do know I got the same urge just like I used to have to just grind mobs. 


    Grinding mobs is fun and viable in TSW, idk I guess that has something to do with the combat.


    If classless with a lot of abilities is what your looking for, it has to be the best choice on the market atm.

  • AranisusAranisus BytomPosts: 30Member Uncommon


    -Asheron's Call - I didn't like it,  I don't know why. Something in this game pushes me out.

    -FFXI - Really nice, but right now I don't have time and money for playing P2P.

    -DAOC - Also nice, but for 2h playing I couldn't find any player.

    -TSW - It's also not so bad as I heard but sadly, the same thing as with FFXI - no time for P2P

    -L2 - Played for VERY long time (99/90/76/49 Siegel and 91/86/47/0 Yul) and it already bored me

    -GW2 - Still playing

    -EVE - Still playing

    -DDO - Downloading right now.


    Maybe you have some other suggestions?

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