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Guest Pass Offers and Requests



  • SephrosSephros Somewhere, CAMember Posts: 402 Uncommon
    Bring on the keys!!

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  • RealbigdealRealbigdeal Vimont, QCMember Posts: 1,666 Uncommon

    So key's only last for 48 hours? No problem. Im willing to buy the game anway, but 1st, i really need to make sure my computer can perfectly run it. 

    Im looking for a key. thanks in advance.

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  • Lazarus71Lazarus71 Member Posts: 1,042 Uncommon

    Would really appreciate a 48 hour guest pass if anyone can spare one, if not thanks anyway :)


    Edit: Nevermind got one already, cheers :)

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  • DraftbeerDraftbeer SzarvasMember Posts: 517 Uncommon
  • BrettathorBrettathor Raleigh, NCMember Posts: 23 Uncommon

    Would love a guest pass key please, really want to try this out before I buy it. 

    PM me it & I love you long time. xP

  • Marius6870Marius6870 Frankfort, KYMember Posts: 44 Uncommon
    If someone would be nice enough to send me a Way Z code to try the game, I can give THEM a guest pass to try Planetside 2 Beta. If you decide to take me up on my offer, simply PM me the War Z code, and i,ll reply with the Planetside 2 code I got for buying Alpha Squad, allowing me to invite  1 friend. 
  • chezzechezze osloMember Posts: 12 Uncommon

    Hey Hey.

    I would live a guest pass for this game. As of now im playing dayz for hours.

    And i have a feeling im going to love this game even more.


    I can give you a dota2 beta key in exchange.



  • lalartulalartu SeoulMember Posts: 445 Uncommon


    Could I get a guest pass please and thank you?

    pm would be highly appreciated

    thanks in advance

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  • shadow417shadow417 antwerpen, NYMember Posts: 170

    I would also love a beta key, i could also give a planetside 2 account for it as i have 2.

  • IlayaIlaya BochumMember Posts: 432 Uncommon

    Hey there,


    before putting 50€ in the Game, as i am an Old Fart, i would like to ask kindly if someone has a spare Key.

    I might say thx a lot in advance. It would be possible to trade a P2 Buddy Key for the War Z Key if wanted :)

    Just drop me a PM.



  • infamouswhoisinfamouswhois Omega CityMember Posts: 185
    eh i got a full access beta key to planetside 2 looking for warz guess pass
  • ZimbaZimba JyvMember Posts: 52 Uncommon
    Very interested in trying out this game. So, if anyone has an extra key, it won't go to waste if you send it to me. 
  • PsyMike3dPsyMike3d AthensMember Posts: 388 Uncommon

    Anyone has a guest pass please? I have this game in my mind for some months now, might be a good opportunity to check it out.


  • docluedemandocluedeman Ft. Campbell, KYMember Posts: 11 Uncommon
    Does anyone have a guest pass, I'd like to give this game a try before i deploy again.
  • DevironDeviron Lubbock, TXMember Posts: 17

    Would love a guest pass to see if the investment is worth it.  Kind of low on funds so even survivor pack is huge investment for me.  Thanks in advance.



  • SpatterCatSpatterCat Seattle, WAMember Posts: 80 Uncommon
    I'd very much like a key for this as well... I'd be willing to trade a collector's edition of Guns of Icarus online for entry, actually. Send me a message, thanks! I can also trade keys for the Smite beta, and/or PS2 beta. 
  • AfroPolackAfroPolack Linden, NJMember Posts: 2 Uncommon
    Like most, would love a guest pass to see if this game is worth the investment.
  • hail2dathiefhail2dathief Baltimore, MDMember Posts: 230 Uncommon
    I would greaty appreciate a guess pass, wanted to try day z but didn't and now that war z is here i def. want to get in this game and try it out.  thanks in advance...


  • User0192User0192 1, MAMember Posts: 6 Common
    I'm looking for a guest pass, I have a firefall beta key in exchange :)
  • GhostGeishaGhostGeisha AlbufeiraMember Posts: 286
    Trading a dota 2 key for a warz pass key. pm me :)
  • TribalecticTribalectic Spokane Valley, WAMember Posts: 4



    I was looking into trying out warz and hoping someone might have an extra key I can use, if so a pm would be great.


    And ty appreciate =)

  • tryklontryklon PortoMember Posts: 1,370 Uncommon
    Same, the game looks very promising and im a fan of post apocaliptic and zombie themes. If anyone can send me PM with a guest key I would be deeply thankful


  • ezjay1975ezjay1975 Ozark, MOMember Posts: 131

    Would love to try out this game. very interrested in something new and different. I have a planetside 2 key I can offer in exchange.Thank you in advance.

  • Tiqabar45Tiqabar45 Carmel, INMember Posts: 17 Uncommon
    I would love a guest pass to test the game out as well and really considering buying this as I really enjoy DayZ, just looking for an expansion upon that.  Appreciate anybody who might be willing to offer one!
  • Sky427Sky427 aiea, HIMember Posts: 99
    Searching for a Beta key if anyone has any. Thanks :)
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