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Is there anything more to this game?

dave6660dave6660 New York, NYPosts: 2,587Member Uncommon

I've been playing Vindictus for 3 days now.  The combat is definitely fun esspecially since you can grapple.  The environment being partially destructable is great.  So far I've been spending my AP on whatever sounds good and I've had no problems with dying.

Here's the thing... is there anything more to this game?  I'm level 24 now and it hasn't changed much from level 1.  Do quests, get new gear, assign earned AP, rinse and repeat.  There isn't much in the way strategy so far, mainly don't get hit by bosses.  I haven't seen the need for much teamwork, basically kill everything that moves.

Please tell me there's something to look forward to besides a few new abilities and prettier armor.

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  • nogarddnogardd Marinha GrandePosts: 6Member

    actually there is much more to it. im currently lvl69. the more you play, the more interesting it gets. on your current lvl, if not mistakn, lvl 24 or 26, you unlock the scondary wielding, if you play evie, you use scythe, if lann, twin spears. and when you're hight enough, youll definitely need teamwork and alot of strategy to kill aboss and/or breakoff. after certain lvl its impossible to solo a boss. dont play only for gameplay, storyline is awesome. and EU is still on chapter 8 part 1. american has more chapters out, and more  dungeons to run. on EU, there r no quests, so, im sitting bored just farming for gold to buy new equipment and better sword. and its being tough. oh, you also have titles to complete, which sounds boring, but helps alot for your stats, permanent stats, you dont need to equip title to get the stats activated. you just have to get/earn the title by defeating certain mobs in certain ways. and other stuff required to get the title. there are also events ongoing to receive some items that are only available in money shop. i was the same way you are now. thinking its getting boring when totally alone and not much to do. i started farming more, doing more quests, and hosting for more people to run one dungeon if needed 30times in one day to lvl faster, thats when i started meeting new people and such. no rush, take your time and see the rocheste town also. because quests available in colhen are not the end. rocheste has more. but its up to everyone to decide whether they are into it or not. the game uses Source engine, Valve's source engine. so, enjoy ^^ if you're in EU, give me a call sometimes or send a mail, ill help u if needed. my username is nogardd

  • lettinjshlettinjsh neverhadone, WAPosts: 5Member

    I will definetly try this out .. installing now.  ;)

    Hope it is atleast a half good as described here ..

  • nogarddnogardd Marinha GrandePosts: 6Member

    currently on lvl70. and 20 with other evie char. youre just in time. there's event out called something for newbies. that you will receive quest on lvl 2 that will give you some items and hair coupon for 30days + inventory storage for some more time. dont use those right away, wait around month or 2 weeks, when you know game better and enjoy it on higher lvl. try the hair out, and then you can decide whether to deposit into the game or now. actually i did, got myself inner cloth pieces. and bought hair. still want to get myself a tattoo XD

    well, there will be new chapter out sometimes soon. and in august there's succubus out. check out for Vindictus Succubus in youtube. cant wait for it to come out.

    well, if you're in EUropean version, maybe we'll meet eachother one day, haha. have fun and good luck ^^

  • bugse82bugse82 pernikPosts: 184Member Uncommon

    yeah, this type of games have more depth, that it looks like at first time.

    im playing rusty hearts right now (wich is pretty simmilar to vindictus, dragon nest, c9 etc.) and once you accept this games the way they are, its pretty fun actualy.

    i've tried vindictus several times already but i quit after the first few levels...

    you see. i've expected to be  mmorpg in the form we all used to, but now i'm glad, that accepted this genre the way is it, cus i have many titles before me.

    i'll give vindictus another shot and i'm sure i'll like it this time.

    in these times, that we're disspointed from the new titles on the market, trying unsuccesfuly to return to our older mmos, fun hack n slash games like these can save the day!


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