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Guest Pass Offers and Requests

AmanaAmana New York, NYModerator Posts: 3,912 Uncommon

To organize things, please put guest pass requests and offers in this thread. We'll start closing other new threads with those purposes.

And please remember no trading and no spamming. 

Thanks guys!

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  • HeafstaggHeafstagg Edmonton, ABMember Posts: 172 Uncommon
    I'd love a guest pass for this game. PM me one or send it to Thanks in advance if you can.

  • XeoMatrix00XeoMatrix00 Boynton Beach, FLMember Posts: 39

    Hello Guys..

    Can anyone PM me and provide a Guess Pass. Im a familiy man so wanted to see the game before i purchase..



  • axylfyreaxylfyre bugtussel, TXMember Posts: 33
    I'd really appreciate a guest pass.  I'm a hardcore gamer and zombie enthusiast.  Maybe this can help me prep for the Zombie Apocolypse.
  • rimaxo14rimaxo14 chicopee, MAMember Posts: 118

    EVGA GTX 580
    INTEL I7 950
    CORSAIR 1200W 80+GOLD

  • MetanolMetanol Member Posts: 248 Uncommon

    DayZ veteran here, would love myself a guest pass to check out WarZ.

    So! If you have a spare one, pass it to me and I'll come watch your back. Semper Fidelis and so on.

    We?re all dead, just say it.

  • corpusccorpusc Chattanooga, TNMember Posts: 1,331 Uncommon

    as somebody still waiting for the promise of an MMOFPS to be fulfilled, i'm quite interested in seeing what The War Z brings to the table.



    if you got a pass to spare, please send in a private message or to



    The End
    i don't expect to like Darkfall, altho i may like it MORE than other MMOs. i know it is gonna have a very frustrating level of grind to it, even if its significantly less than most. waiting for a pure FAST action virtual world. dice rolling & character levels (even "skills") IN COMBAT should have never carried over from pencil & paper to a computer that can reasonably model 3D spaces and objects

  • IzikIzik Granite Bay, CAMember Posts: 111
    I'd love a pass as well, if anyone can spare one. PM me :)
  • LeviaLevia LiegeMember Posts: 1

    Hello, I would like a pass as guest, thank you in advance to the donor

    Pm me :D

  • MoeMoeKyunMoeMoeKyun Charleston, SCMember Posts: 75
    me too bcoz i liek zombie movies... :3
  • eddieg50eddieg50 Tolland, CTMember Posts: 1,684 Uncommon
     I would appreciate a guest pass as I love shooting zombie and PvP games, thank you in advance,  PM me please
  • BetaguyBetaguy Halifax, NSMember Posts: 2,589 Uncommon
    Anyone has an extra kicking around toss one this way. Would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


  • darkheartsdarkhearts Waterbury, CTMember Posts: 98 Uncommon
    If anyone has a spare key I'd appreciate it.  Never played a survival game before just don't feel comfortable handing out money on a "genre" I've never played before without a trial of some sort.
  • dandy230dandy230 HeinMember Posts: 116 Uncommon
    Wouldn't mind getting a key if anyone has an extra one lying around. I'd just like to see how the game is and pass along my feedback and bug reportrs as any other tester would. Just not too sure about dropping funds on them at this point, what with the questionable developer posts I'm sure we've all seen by now.
  • harvest151harvest151 charlotte, NCMember Posts: 217 Uncommon
    I would love to get a key or a pass. Be happy to toss someone a firefall key in return.  Very anxious to try this game and see how things work out.


  • JayFiveAliveJayFiveAlive Arvada, COMember Posts: 562 Uncommon
    I'd love to get a guest pass as well!
  • musicmannmusicmann port allen, LAMember Posts: 1,095 Uncommon
    Would love a guest pass.
  • ZeymereZeymere Somewhere, VAMember Posts: 206 Uncommon

    My son is an avid shooter fan and I wanted to try something so we can crossover with.  I was hoping to get a guest pass so we can give it a shot.  If there are any available guest passes or such available I would really appreciate one. 

    Please and Thank You!


  • rashherorashhero Union, SCMember Posts: 510 Uncommon
    I'd appreciate a guest pass! Thanks!
  • infamouswhoisinfamouswhois Omega CityMember Posts: 185
    anyone interested in smite? i got some keys if you got a warz key???
  • poefuepoefue Glen Burnie, MDMember Posts: 226
    Hey all, looking for a spare 48 hour key if any one has any extras to spare.  Thanks in advance!
  • BeackerBeacker Newbury, MAMember Posts: 440 Uncommon

    48 hour key here. WNWI-SFWT-PI1Q-7LIK

    Glad to help whoever wants to use it.

  • JayFiveAliveJayFiveAlive Arvada, COMember Posts: 562 Uncommon
    How do we use it? lol
  • GolbezTheLionGolbezTheLion Los Angeles, CAMember Posts: 347 Uncommon
    Originally posted by Beacker
    48 hour key here. WNWI-SFWT-PI1Q-7LIK Glad to help whoever wants to use it.

    After much consideration I decided to give this another shot, thanks for the guest pass.

    Registered it fine with no problems.

  • JorgeElGuapoJorgeElGuapo Oxnard, CAMember Posts: 41
    any keys left? would really appreciate it, thanks!
  • BetaguyBetaguy Halifax, NSMember Posts: 2,589 Uncommon
    I would eat someones brains for one


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