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PlanetSide 2 - Place Beta Key Offers and Requests in This Thread



  • SheepduckSheepduck Hicksville, NYPosts: 32Member
    Still looking to trade my Firefall key for a Planetside 2 one if anyone has an extra and is interested
  • synfulsynful las vegas, NVPosts: 14Member Uncommon

    I would appreciate a beta key, PM me if you have a spare.....


  • MithhilMithhil MossorPosts: 5Member

    Guys!! I got one key and it was easy!!!


    First follow planetside 2 on twitter (@planetside2)

    Then tweet something creative to them... my tweet was like this: "Hey guys, i heard The New Conglomerate need some help from Brazil, so: Can I join them?"


    A few mins later they sent me one key via DM... 



    I'm serious.

  • SyaahSyaah Gulf Shores, ALPosts: 8Member

    Anyone wanna pass me a beta key?


    EDIT: Nm, I got one.

  • honnen11honnen11 Lawrence, KSPosts: 11Member
    Would love a beta key, I'm from the US.
  • wilbergwilberg Chi, ILPosts: 182Member
    would love a key. US here.
  • SimLeeSimLee Florida, FLPosts: 6Member Uncommon
    Could I get a key please, US
  • RaysheRayshe London, ONPosts: 1,278Member Uncommon
    I would be Very interested in a Key, US

    Because i can.
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  • BobalueBobalue Posts: 78Member Uncommon

    Here are 2 keys for you guys. This game is awesome! GO VANU ;)

    Only thing I ask is to just let me know if you were the one who used it.





  • GMan33GMan33 Sterling Heights, MIPosts: 79Member Uncommon
    Hey can i get a beta key, i want to get one for a friend of mine to join. Thanks
  • rodrizidanerodrizidane cordobaPosts: 4Member
    i want to trade a Planetside 2 account for Dota 2 or another mmorpg. Thanks
  • GolbezTheLionGolbezTheLion Los Angeles, CAPosts: 347Member Uncommon

    Trading PS2 beta key for ingame gold in Diablo 3, US Region.

    Send a PM if interested.

  • ixitsixits BasingstokePosts: 2Member
    I have a Dota 2 invite on steam and would really love a Planetside 2 key. PM me.
  • deslok84deslok84 KasselPosts: 2Member

    i trade a end of nation and hawken closed beta key against planetside 2 key! anyone?

    update: my brother has two dota invites. one invite for one ps 2 key? anyone?

  • PlasmicredxPlasmicredx Strogg CityPosts: 629Member

    I'm looking for a key to give to a friend if anyone is still giving out beta keys even though there is only a couple of weeks till launch.

  • PHcrashcamPHcrashcam Marshfield, MAPosts: 9Member
    I would love a key if anyone has one to spare.
  • AlordrenceAlordrence Mayfield Heights, OHPosts: 39Member Uncommon
    I have an extra PS2 key willing to trade for a Dota2 key or any interesting game currently in Beta.
  • MeyounowMeyounow LodonPosts: 23Member
    I would like a beta key if anybody has one spare. thx in advance
  • infamouswhoisinfamouswhois Omega CityPosts: 185Member
    is anyone thats looking for a ps2 key got a guess pass for warZ??
  • RedcorRedcor Austin, TXPosts: 426Member

    They just sent me another spare key so here ya go. Post here if you used it so eveyone isn't trying it all day. Enjoy


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  • VyethVyeth Fayetteville, NCPosts: 1,459Member Uncommon


    Beta is going to end in like a week and some change.. GO MAN! GO GO GO!


  • Big.Daddy.SamediBig.Daddy.Samedi The Crossroads, DeathPosts: 199Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Vyeth
    XPTZ-ETN6-PPPJ-HNEG-H4GD Beta is going to end in like a week and some change.. GO MAN! GO GO GO!

    Thank Vyeth, I have been on the fence on this game... you have given me the chance to try it out. This key is now USED

  • DarklexicDarklexic VinkovciPosts: 6Member Uncommon

    I have 1 Dota 2 invite, I would like to trade it for a Planetside 2 EU key.

    PM me if interested



    Thank you 

  • SyaoranLiSyaoranLi YokohamaPosts: 16Member Uncommon

    Anyone have a key? I played Planetside 1 and registered for beta but still have yet to get access.

    I want to buy the alpha squad pack but not before I try out the game to see if I like it. :(

  • Agricola1Agricola1 PortsmouthPosts: 4,968Member Uncommon




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