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Most cherished item from any MMO you've played.



  • CastillleCastillle KhobarPosts: 2,676Member Uncommon
    My Rhok'Delar.  That was a pain to get but it was awesome.

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  • VyntVynt Posts: 690Member Uncommon

    I had a few from EQ.

    My ranger epics of course. Loved my fungi tunic I used on a ton of characters.

    Also the guise of the deceiver, the clickable by anyone from inventory dark elf mask. Had it on my ranger, dark elf ranger, yay lol. Was able to use some evil faction cities while using it, sneak and could sell to the merchants.

    From WoW, my Thunderfury, loved that weapon, so badass. Just owned everything and everyone with it on my rogue. Even after it was nerfed, it still kicked ass for me.

  • PanossianPanossian media, PAPosts: 94Member

    EQ1  ,   Manastone



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  • ElsaboltsElsabolts Anderson, InPosts: 2,881Member Uncommon

    For me it was the Permanent Ban in AOC for asking 2 months after playing about when Bar-Room Brawling would be added.

    Collector's addition pre paid 6 month sub. I am not a Funcom Fan. Uninstalled game and through collectors addition game and all in trash.




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  • XerithXerith Richardson, TXPosts: 970Member

    Finishing my display of Ranger Armor in UO. I started the game with someone elses account and never got the young player tickets, by the time I got around to wanting the set for display, it was super rare. Took me about half a year to track down all the pieces for a reasonable price. 

    Also had someone try to steal it out of my house.

  • jdlamson75jdlamson75 Jacksonville, FLPosts: 998Member Uncommon

    Two things kinda stick out, neither of which was really unique.


    I remember seeing a dude in WoW on my server (Maelstrom) running around with the Bloodsail Admiral title.  Always thought that was cool, so one day I asked him how he got it.  The next day, amid lots of beer and various companions, I killed enough guard goblins at Booty Bay to get the title and the nifty pirate getup that came with it.


    Second thing is my first raft in Darkfall shortly after the initial launch.  Had a bunch of in-game buddies helping me chop wood, and when I finally got the skill high enough, we had an epic fishing trip out in the middle of nowhere.  Again, many beers were had.

  • jinxitjinxit Belfast (Northern Ireland)Posts: 854Member Uncommon
    My first ever mount in SWG. He was a smaller than average Dewback that always seemed to have a smile on his face. I named him Dewey and he was just a mount but he was MY mount. I'm filling up here....image
  • JuhdoJuhdo indianapolis, INPosts: 5Member

    Swiftwind and Earthcaller - quest was exciting and epic .... damn you Inny and the 33 runs it took to get your drop

    Thunderfury was a close second as it took 28 runs of MC to finally get the drop off Baron

  • JuhdoJuhdo indianapolis, INPosts: 5Member

    Sorry duplicate post.

  • ForgefeuForgefeu MetzPosts: 105Member Uncommon

    My guise of the deceiver on Everquest. I had the old version usuable by any class.  At this time i was a ranger and changing to a Dark elves was so cool and unique, i loved it =)

    Hell i can even remember having full tolan set, or items like yekesha. I actually only remember items from Everquest even after years of wow, that must mean something haha

  • tman5tman5 mesa, ALPosts: 604Member

    In SWG, I had a pair of vibroknucklers that were top of the line, created by the best weaponer on the server.  Can't remember the stats, but I know I was taking down Nightsisters and Rancors solo pretty consistantly.  Nothing I loved better than jumping into a furball while working my way to TKM.


    Then one day, I woke up and couldn't seem to remember how to put them on.  Must have bumped my head while I sleeping  .  .  .

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