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  • adam_noxadam_nox hays, KSMember Posts: 2,058 Uncommon
  • ValadusValadus Allston, MAMember Posts: 12
    Silver Surfer: surfing across the galaxies while wielding cosmic powers. 
  • thelostdoctorthelostdoctor MelbourneMember Posts: 2
    Squirrel Girl, because someone's got to?
  • jeangreyforeverjeangreyforever Houston, TXMember Posts: 1
    Jean Grey all the way! Besides the fact that her name is in my username, I love the character for everything she represents! :D 
  • amappalaamappala Lincoln, NEMember Posts: 159 Uncommon
    Captain America...  Shield = Tank...  I love playing tank
  • jinxitjinxit Belfast (Northern Ireland)Member Posts: 854 Uncommon
    Deathlok, nuff said.
  • gameremergencygameremergency PG, BCMember Posts: 1
    Wolverine. To create "the bubs" guild
  • SilacoidSilacoid Chicago, ILMember Posts: 237 Uncommon


    Here is why:

    1.  He is the most feared being in the cosmos.  Who doesn't want to be the most feared being in the cosmos?  I sure do, with fear comes power... or vice versa.

    2. He is the sole survivor of the universe before the big bang.  I want to know what that is like and I'm sure it leads to him having some tricks up his sleeves.

    3.  He is gigantic, and everyone knows, size matters.

  • RobbgobbRobbgobb Dallas, TXMember Posts: 470 Uncommon

    There is only character that I want to play. I know he has had a lot of changes from when I was little but Captain America for me.

    I still remember being a kid and playing as him with a garbage can lid. I would take frisbees and try to bounce them off things like he did. He was just superb human and not special powers but had a great tactical and strategic mind to go with constant training. He was my idol when I was a child. I still can recall books where he would have his shield bounce off multiple enemies to be in his hand the next panel. 

    Comic books is why I learned to read. My mother had a paper sack full of them. I couldn't read them and wasn't enough to look at the pictures so I tried very hard to learn to read. Captain America and the Avengers were my favorite comics. He just seemed so great and so I have always picked him as my favorite. Hope the shield is really cool in the game.

  • CorthalaCorthala LagosMember Posts: 283 Uncommon
    Thing -  because It's Clobbering Time!

    "you are like the world revenge on sarcasm, you know that?"

    One of those great lines from The Secret World

  • RateroRatero Tallassee, ALMember Posts: 378 Uncommon

    Storm - Got to Love her lightning strikes!



  • XirikXirik Yorkton, SKMember Posts: 1,699 Uncommon
    Colossus.  He gets to be with shadowcat and has a russian accent. Whats not to love?

    "You have some serious mental issues you may need to seek some help for. There are others who post things, but do not post them in the way you do. Out of every person who posts crazy shit in this forum, you have some of the craziest and scariest" -FarReach

  • EmmaFrostFanEmmaFrostFan London, WAMember Posts: 1
    I'm mostly looking forward to playing as Emma Frost, mainly because I adore her not just because of her hot figure. But because she's not afraid to show her sexuality and use it as a weapon. I love her diamond form, I think it's so useful in battle as well as very eye catchy. I love her telepathy, her powers in general are just amazing. I've always played as her in games and I think she'll be the only person I'll play as in Marvel Heroes :) Her witty comments are what got me attracted to her in the first place, her sarcasm and witty remarks are just fabulous! 
  • tankknattankknat WellingtonMember Posts: 68 Uncommon
    Mrs Marvel - Why cos she is the only female character in the marvel universe that has the largest bazzokas and has always kept perfect form ;)
  • spider-primespider-prime Picton, ONMember Posts: 1
    Spider-man, Hardcore fan here! I will only play as him!
  • WizGamerWizGamer Evansville, WVMember Posts: 401 Uncommon
    Scarlet Witch. I'd pick her mainly because she is so neglected in Marvel media, yet her powers are tremendous and devastating. Being able to manipulate both probability as well as magic creates a hybrid mutant witch that is unlike any other character, with a personality unlike any other. She single handedly stripped half of the world's mutants of their powers in the House of M. Tell me that is not badass. I cannot wait to get my hands on this character.
  • zebrownzebrown Rio de JaneiroMember Posts: 1


    Because he's the best at what he does. Suck It, Wolverine!!!

  • Twizted26Twizted26 ColoradoMember Posts: 118 Uncommon

    Captain America - He was my childhood Hero because all he wanted to do with his life was make a difference in the world , He fought to protect the weak even before he had powers or abilities, and for that I highly respected his character more than most in the comics.

  • neo6neo6 Levittown, NYMember Posts: 4
    Iron Man. I am 45 years old and he has been my favorite character since I was 5 years old. They always showed you both sides to Iron Man which was cool. Here was this bad a@@ superhero in this high tech suit or armor, but they always showed you the human underneath. His physical and emotional issues, the things he dealt with. He was as real as he was unreal.
  • ElikalElikal ValhallaMember Posts: 7,912 Uncommon


    I want my own character!

    Wiat... that is not possible.


    Ok I chose Wiccan. He is gay and so am I. =P Now hand over my minority quota key!



    People don't ask questions to get answers - they ask questions to show how smart they are. - Dogbert

  • MilanderMilander CanadaMember Posts: 175 Uncommon

    Which marvel hero would I like to play? Heh...Tattletale from Power pack? Why? Who wouldnt want to be the most powerful being ever created beside the beyonder :) For those have no clue who Tattletale is...he's Franklin Richards son of Reed Richards and Sue Storm :)


  • wesjrwesjr Gilbert, AZMember Posts: 408 Uncommon
    Spiderman, I have been a webhead since I was a little kid, watching Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends (Spiderman, Firestar and Iceman!)
  • JeyhuJeyhu Ottawa, ONMember Posts: 89 Uncommon
    Spiderman - My favourite comic book character.  I love the fact that he broke the mold of what a super hero was, he was an intelligent teenager that lacked social skills and strength.  He got turned into an acrobatic, wise cracking, strong hero.  His struggles are something I can really relate to.
  • SwaneaSwanea Vegas, NVMember Posts: 2,366 Uncommon
    Gambit! He is a stud and I love his accent.  I mean, really! He could charm the ears off a gundark! :P  Or pretty much anyone, for that matter.
  • rygard49rygard49 Huntington Beach, CAMember Posts: 968 Uncommon

    Captain America.

    A man with a big heart who just wants to stick up for the little guy despite being a little guy himself. I think anyone who's ever dealt with a bully in real life can identify with that, and the message of standing up to that kind of hostility resonates powerfully with me. I don't think any superhero has purer intentions than the Cap.

    Plus, his iconic weapon is a shield. How badass is that?

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