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  • kartoolkartool Hamilton, ONPosts: 495Member Uncommon
  • leesamaleesama moscowPosts: 1Member
    Jean Grey, because she is one cool lady. She is telekinetic. She is like mom to all the x-men and  a boss to all mutants.
  • saiyinsaiyin Keller, TXPosts: 12Member Uncommon
    Superman....Cause everyone likes the kryptonian but hates DC comics.
  • VyethVyeth Fayetteville, NCPosts: 1,459Member Uncommon

    Black Panther...

    Why? because it's like Batman (His costume) plus Shaka Zulu (He's an African King from Africa) plus a racist militant group from the 70's (The Black Panthers?) all rolled into one..

    What's not to like about that?


    EDIT: You guys aren't concerned that people are getting multiple chanes at winning by creating a new account and then posting again and again and again? Look at how many 1 post new people there are in this thread alone..

    No way to detect that is there? Maybe for these types of contests a miniumum amount of posts should be neccesary to be qualified.. Not fool proof no, but at least it wouldn't be so obvious as it is in this thread..


  • ralfwvrralfwvr murray, UTPosts: 1Member
  • UnimpressedWalrusUnimpressedWalrus Lansdale, PAPosts: 1Member
    Deadpool, because who doesn't love that crazy guy <3
  • MoeMoeKyunMoeMoeKyun Charleston, SCPosts: 75Member


    correct me if im wrong... :D

  • supcomsokarsupcomsokar BucharestPosts: 2Member Uncommon

    Iron Man

    'nuff said

  • DranthaarDranthaar Arvada, COPosts: 10Member Uncommon
    I think I'd have to say Rogue from the comics and/or old Saturday morning cartoon because 'My power is your power, and I can take more than one!'


  • RasereiRaserei Sesame StreetPosts: 1,033Member Uncommon



    All time favorite character since the X-Men arcade game a long time ago!

  • LanfeaLanfea EssenPosts: 222Member Uncommon

    Howard the Duck


    well, its very unlikly that gazillion will add him and his big freaking gun to the hero grid for several reasons, but for me howard stands for all the cool but mostly unknown heroes in the marvel universe and i hope that gazillion not only choose the typical ones.

  • boss1313boss1313 Paris, TXPosts: 2Member

    Sleepwalker – One of the coolest & most powerful short run characters in the Marvel Universe. I would love to play as Sleepwalker and fight alongside the XMEN & the Avengers to help thwart Dr. Doom’s evil plan of world domination… and to try and help him get out of Rick Sheridan’s head for good.



    Plus his multitude of mental based powers would be awesome to manipulate in Marvel Heroes.

  • Athar10Athar10 Machesney Park, ILPosts: 3Member Uncommon
    Deadpool, mostly to try to erase the Ryan Reynolds version... 
  • ReallymjReallymj loveland, OHPosts: 44Member Uncommon

    Chuck Norris.

    Because he was bitten by a King Cobra. It was 5 agonizing days and then finally the snake died.

    If that's not a super hero I don't know what is.

    ~Im not what I am~

  • Dward127Dward127 vonore, TNPosts: 46Member

    ms marvel 

    cause she is such a great character.

  • xharajukuxxharajukux Lake City, SCPosts: 1Member

    My choice would be to play as Emma Frost just because I love her oh so much. Normally, she's not in the video games and I'm sooo excited that she's finally in one ! An online game at that ! When she was released , I was sooo exicted lolzx, I jus want a chance to play this game to experience Emma gameplay !! Plus , she's one of the hottest and bitchest Marvel characters :D, what's not to love ? haha <3

  • spider_hamspider_ham Marquette Heights, ILPosts: 1Member
    Quicksilver would be a really fun play. Racing all over the screen in an instant, with super fast punches. Hurting groups of enemies with some sort of super speed AoE. His arrogance adds a lot of character to any group and he's fought alongside so many. Avengers, Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, even the Inhumans! It'd be awesome if there was a bonus for playing alongside Scarlet Witch or Magneto too. 
  • BetaguyBetaguy Halifax, NSPosts: 2,606Member Uncommon
    Spiderman - When I was 4 years old I was hospitalized and had a lung removed, this was 1983 at the time. Well long story short I spent many, many, many months in the hospital and the only thing that made me feel strong and got me through it was good ol' spidey. They were playing 1967 reruns and it really helped me and that is when I fell in love with the Marvel Universe and have been ever since. Truth.


  • JPJappicJPJappic BristolPosts: 2Member


    He is the first X-Man.  He is the beginning and the end of Xavier's dream.  We witnessed over the last several months the amount of good that he could do with the Phoenix Force by getting rid of hunger, disease, war, etc.  He stands by what he believes in.  He does what needs to be done.  He is the only one who stepped up to the plate when Mutantkind needed a leader.  He will, now and forever, always be a hero.

  • dotdotdashdotdotdash Llandrindod WellsPosts: 436Member Uncommon

    Iron Man, because I'm a successful businessman/philanthropist with a heart condition.

    And I'm also very, very witty.

  • DauzqulDauzqul Detroit, MIPosts: 1,526Member Uncommon


    I want to pretend that I'm remaking Spiderman 3.

    4ft Gaming Mouse Pad -
  • pebeteclaupebeteclau California, CAPosts: 1Member
    I choose to Logan better known as Wolverine, being a hero with all the abilities to face all kinds of challenges. Its best to get it from their rage against people who want to take bad actions, but has a good nose to see good people and trusted.
    It is the hero who never fails to fight for his tremendous feedback I get from their powers, making it a good gerrero. Nothing is obstacle to his adamantium claws and sharpen siempres willing to carry its mission.
    Well this is my cunclusion this Maervel heroes hope there liked him, I am using a translator.
    If something does not mean asking them clarified. bye bye.
  • lolAirbornelolAirborne Baltimore, MDPosts: 1Member

    Polaris is the hero I would like to play on Marvel Heroes because she is one very sexy magnetic field manipulator. She makes green hair FAR from gross, dirty, or unkempt. And one of the most interesting things about Polaris is that she has opposite polarity to that of her father, Magneto.

  • drchocapicdrchocapic ParisPosts: 27Member

    Star Lord, if he ever gets added to the playable character because the Guardians of the Galaxy are an awesome bunch and I'm hoping to reform them with my friends. Rocket Raccoon is already in there so we just need some Groot lovin' (Groot !), Adam Warlock, Drax, Gamora and the rest of the squad.

    The only thing better than that would be playing Cosmo. I mean, he's a talking dog with telepathic abilities, what more can you ask for ?


  • keitholikeitholi biddeford, MEPosts: 140Member Uncommon

    Personally I would like to play as Magneto. He has a long and rich character history and has been both a "good" guy and "bad" guy, which opens up all sorts of options or possible paths to take, or roleplay. Considering he is also a class 4 mutant, he has plenty of bad-assery to go around as well. Anyone who can manhandle Wolverine as if he were nothing more than a gnat, is worth taking out for a test drive ;)

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