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Marvel Heroes: Closed Beta Key Giveaway



  • BossalinieBossalinie Hattiesburg, MSPosts: 704Member Uncommon
    Luke Cage - When I mention tough, I'm talkin bout Ray Lewis Meta World Pierce Prince Fielder Beast Mode...Marvel's Shaft...
  • GrimfargoGrimfargo ViennaPosts: 59Member Uncommon

    The Hulk

    Because Anger is the most powerful emotion (beside love)

  • theniffrigtheniffrig DublinPosts: 351Member Uncommon

    Captain America!

    Because he is more than just a hero, he is a symbol of what mankind can be at our greatest & he is a good man.

  • AnjeluosAnjeluos Milford, CTPosts: 11Member

    Hero - Iron Man

    Why: Well i always loved Iron man, ever since i was little. Loved the idea of how a normal human ( even though hes super rich ) could make a suit out of materials strong enough to escape being captured my terroist. I think that alone is really bad ass, then not only did he make a suit out of materials that he found on weapons and metals. 

    He Then made a bad ass suit, that had just about everything and anything anyone who ever want o be a super hero could ask for. He could fly! He could shoots missiles! and much much more. Ironman set the bar for me for super heroes. I've always been a Superman Fan, but when i saw Ironman for the first time back in my days, i was amazed as to how much i grown to like the charracter. 

    But one of my main reasons i really like Iron man was not because he could do all that stuff, but because he had such a care free attitude. I think that's just awesome, the whole i don't give a crap attitude and carefree. A super hero with that kind of sense of humor is just priceless on the battlefield.

    When it comes to it though, he has the brains of what it takes to build something to make a difference in the world. He used his money to make the Avengers Tower and fund many other things. To me hes a symbol of the Avengers and Marvel. Without Iron Man to be there would be no Marvel nore the Avengers.

    If i do get picked and i get a key, i cannot wait to try him out in game. Trying out all his cool moves from flying, to shooting beams and missiles. You can never go wrong when there's a Robot coming at you with a sense of humor. I think it will be cool to be playing around as Iron Man with other players doing Co-Op together, flying around as Iron Man. I'm most excited to see what moves he will be getting as well as what hes capable of doing in the battlefield compared to the other Marvel Heroes that you'll be able to pick from.

    It will be interresting to see the differences between all the heroes, and what they can do during different situations. Which makes me wonder if Iron Man would play more of a Support or DPS hero. I'm sure everyone will be DPS, but i'm sure some of them will have certains spells that will benefit the team more then just blowing up enemies. For that reason i cannot wait try out Iron Man most above all the other heroes.

    I think it would be really exciting to be playing as Tony Stark, in his Iron man suit. I can't wait to hear what whitty emotes he has, as I'm sure he will have some. Even more so when the Enviroment is destructable or so you can at least pick up cars and throw it at people. I'll def be doing that a lot as Iron man. WHY PICK UP A CARS AS IRON MAN WHEN HE CAN SHOOT BEAMS? 

    Why not! It's cars being thrown as people as Iron Man! I'll be grabbing every car that i can get my hands on and I'll be throwing them off at people. Personally I'm really excited to see how the animations of his moves will be. From his Beams, to his Missiles as well to using his flight mode. I'm interrested and seeing just how many enemies he can take on. I'm sure as Iron Man or as any of the Marvel heroes. You won't be limited to just fighting 1 bandit or 3, as shown on the screen shot for this post. Can't wait to see just how much damage Iron Man can unleash on a huge group of Bandits.

    So with that said, i personally can't wait to try out Iron man, I think this is a great idea to get people into getting a Beta Key. Even if i don't get picked, i will still be as excited as i am now to try it out when the game comes out. Good luck to everyone else and whoever gets pick Best of luck and make good use fo your Hero!

  • shalhassanshalhassan Ottawa, ONPosts: 35Member Uncommon

    He's a mercenary.... with a mouth. Damage their ego in equal measures to the damage done to their bodies!

    "A single battle you have won, but so quick to think that this will be the end? I, like fear, am eternal, and in your dreams, I shall forever haunt."

  • rpgrangerrpgranger brightonPosts: 1Member

    Let's see.... I guess I'd want someone grand, amazing, fantastic, unsurpassed. Ultimately I’m saying I want someone supreme! SORCERER SUPREME!

    Yes Doctor Strange is the hero for me. He has all the mystical powers of the universe at his fingertips to help him accomplish his tasks, be it attack or defence, counselling Scarlett Witch or just teleporting in a sandwich. He's a stand up guy and even without his powers he'd be my first choice if I needed emergency cosmetic surgery.

  • drgrandrgran Guelph, ONPosts: 192Member Uncommon

    Sentry (Robert Reynolds), The man with the power of one million exploding suns.

    The man that stopped Hulk in World War Hulk.

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  • VarthanderVarthander BarcelonaPosts: 466Member Uncommon
    Deadpool... because you never have enough chimichangas!


  • jayfeeler69jayfeeler69 sacramento, CAPosts: 94Member
    Magneto, to control the elemental forces that spin the world is awesome
  • oftenoften Tampa, FLPosts: 7Member

    Rocket Raccoon.


    He's a sentient raccoon who is a master tactican and has a penchant for "unfeasably large guns".  Plus, he's cute.  And a raccoon.  Also, his backstory is amazing!  In the recent Annihilators limited series, my favorite stories were the Rocket/Groot stories in the back of the book (I'd also play Groot).

    *Edit*  I just read the post about us being able to choose any marvel hero, though my choice still stands.... It's a 3 foot tall Raccoon who points big guns at you and hangs out with some of the most powerful heroes in the universe (Silver Surfer, Beta Ray Bill, Gladiator), and doesn't balk and telling them what to do!

  • JimmacJimmac TXPosts: 1,667Member Uncommon
    Kitty Pryde. She's been my favorite ever since her debut in the 80s.
  • johnnychangsjohnnychangs Rockland, MEPosts: 255Member Uncommon



    Why?   Versatility.

    Healing - Regens destroyed tissue (Weapon X program).  I mean come on, he survived decapitation and total incineration more than a few times.

    Damage - Martial arts, swords, marksman.  Has a magic bag he pulls random weapons from.

    Weapon X  enhances Deadpool's other abilites, prevents aging, and gives him an extremely high tolerance to alcohol (drinking contest anyone?)

    Plus Deadpool is a bit crazy with a dual identity disorder, which also allows his fighting style to change repeatedly during a fight.

  • sexturistsexturist Russia, SCPosts: 1Member

    Storm because the command elements is very cool as I remember her ability)

    ♥Atmosferokinez: Ororo has the ability to control the weather, which is its hallmark, and various natural phenomena that respond to her emotional state. She is able to use the weather manipulation as a weapon, creating a blizzard, storm or lightning, which can burn her opponents or interfere with their plans. Ororo even have enough forces to repel the Silver Surfer. When using this power, her eyes lit with white light;


    Manipulation of energy: while using their abilities, combined with the energy of storm events, which she manipulates. For example, it can generate lightning from his hands, extreme cold, heat or wind. Effect of thunder she uses to stun their opponents, but to control the humidity and temperature allows it to quickly freeze or unfreeze objects;

    Possession of magical powers: As a descendant of an ancient dynasty of African priestesses, Ororo has extensive knowledge in magic rituals and even considered a candidate for the title of Supreme Sorceress;

    Strengthened physical characteristics: Rain has increased stamina, immunity to cold or znoyu, her body quickly recovers changes in temperature or atmospheric pressure, and it is great seeing in the dark;

    Telepathy: highly resistant to telepathy and mind reading, thanks to electromagnetic fields, it creates around itself

  • deadlydarkdeadlydark Santa Ana, CAPosts: 5Member
    Blade - Half Vampire Daywalker with a katana. Need I say anymore?
  • sakersaker harrisburg, PAPosts: 1,095Member Uncommon
    Dr. Strange - no idea how they will have his powers setup, but in the comics tremendously powerful in so many ways not just outright offense, and definitely has the coolest house in the "Marvel Universe"!
  • 1Runeblade1Runeblade West Covina, CAPosts: 1Member Uncommon

    Demolition Man


    The guy has a great story. He is real, and messed up, and has been around the universe hi and low. 

  • SunYamSunYam Beckley, WVPosts: 133Member Uncommon

    Gambit. He has been one of my favorite X-Men since he was first created in the 90s.

  • kasyoskasyos BirminghamPosts: 23Member Uncommon

    Colossus - Nice, shiny metal man.

    That's a real Man of Steal :-)

  • defranceskodefrancesko KarvinPosts: 5Member Uncommon
    Venom...because everybody loves tentacles xDD
  • SoulStainSoulStain Tampa, FLPosts: 202Member
    Always been partial to Daredevil.
  • Impact25Impact25 coloardo springs, COPosts: 1Member
    Deadpool or Cable
  • ThomasN7ThomasN7 1, NJPosts: 6,690Member
    Spiderman because I think it is cool to kiss chicks while I am upside down ? ;)
  • NexfuryNexfury Sussex, NBPosts: 6Member Uncommon
    Captain America
    When I was a kid I had trouble learning to read. To help my dad bought me captain America comics with Audio cassettes. Some of my earliest memories of actually being able to read are while learning to read captain America comics. He has been my favourite super hero since
  • AvaritaAvarita OpavaPosts: 10Member Uncommon
    I would love to see Ink in game, he is not really mutant, but he still have some nice powers.
  • chase17tnchase17tn whitwell, TNPosts: 93Member
    DeadPool FTW *Bang Bang Bang* *Trigger Happy*

    made by nonny
    made by Braggi

    thanks both u guys

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