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Negative game feedback from previous players/active players

axishatraxishatr Grand Island, NEPosts: 167Member
I hate this game so much because I was playing on squad night with 25 of my friends and we did nothing but CTD the whole time we tried to play.  Nice we pay 17.99 for this.


  • axishatraxishatr Grand Island, NEPosts: 167Member
    I sure wish I would have known where my builder money was going when I signed up to help CRS.  I thought it was going to wwiiol directly but instead they used my money to try to develope a spin off game, which failed.  I am not happy.
  • axishatraxishatr Grand Island, NEPosts: 167Member
    This game costs WAAAAY to much for me to subscribe.  I tried out the f2p but wasn't impressed.
  • axishatraxishatr Grand Island, NEPosts: 167Member

    frankly i wont touch the game with its current sub price as i feel its unjustifed for the game's age. as well the trial turns me off from the game. as i do not like games that pretty much ham string you to such an extent in a demo of their game.. (maybe if this was 1990 and i had to actually use the disk/cd for it...)

    BUT as a gamer, and going by the screen shots and stuff i can see on the game, 3 people are not ruining the game on mmorpg. the lack of players is mostly do to the high sub price and really, to be fair the lower quality of graphics the game uses. people today want better graphics it seems.

  • axishatraxishatr Grand Island, NEPosts: 167Member

    Resubbed over the years on and off, and sure I've had a few good times, and lots of bad ones but the game always seems to be the same tired old shit. Then they go and make a "new" game using the same old crappy engine they use, all that MONEY you took from your subscription base and poured it into it INSTEAD of putting that time and effort into WW2Online and making it better. How about adding all the shit you promised over the years but FAILED to deliver or delieverd it so fubared people just gave up.

    You DESERVE to fail CRS, as in my eyes you've done nothing but EARN IT.

  • axishatraxishatr Grand Island, NEPosts: 167Member

    I've been playing off and on since 2004, and feel like the game has made only marginal improvements. The biggest waste of money being the "new" graphics engine. It's sad that this is the only game my PC has issues with, while other new games like TSW, Age of Conan, BF3 and many others run just fine with great FPS.

    I found it almost insulting when I belive it was DOC or some other Rat making a "Save Our Company" post on their main website, basically blaming the community for their own problems.

    I loved WWII Online when I did, but there's nothing new that's worth coming back to, especially since the game is so poorly optimized.

    I had $15 to spend on either a Counter-Strike complete pack with CS 1.6 and CS:CZ, or WWII Online. I went with the better game... CS:CZ.

  • axishatraxishatr Grand Island, NEPosts: 167Member
    Graphics are horrible.  Its not even worth the amount requred for F2P.  NOTHING
  • axishatraxishatr Grand Island, NEPosts: 167Member
    There is actually more fighting going on in the forums then on the gaming server atm
  • rendusrendus smyrna, TNPosts: 327Member

    I guess axishatr imploded from all the hate!  Or one too many mod interventions...


  • depot12depot12 Reston, VAPosts: 156Member

    There is a collider bug in the software that when you get more than 32 people in a small area it can cause yourself and others to turn invisible.   The players bring it up to CRS.  CRS reaction is that since they can't fix the bug the solution is to not cluster into one big battle to do the fighting but instead spread out across the map.   When you bring up the fact that this is supposed to be a MMO and people want to fight in one space in large battles suddenly you start getting banned and forum posts disappear.  What a joke.



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