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Marvel Heroes: Closed Beta Key Giveaway



  • BloodEagleBloodEagle Cincinnati, OHPosts: 7Member Uncommon


    The why is pretty simple. Peter Parker is the Super Hero next door. He has a real life, attempts to keep his secret identity actualy secret, and yet still wakes up every morning knowing that he very well might have to save the world. Balanicing all of this with work, a family, and the responsibility of being called on by some of the world's greatest super organizations make Spiderman the hero to be.

    If I recieve a key, I will be working towards getting the black spider suit, which is my favorite look for spiderman. I want to freeze in time the awesome looks of the black suit, before it started messing with his brain and making him more aggressive to the point that he had to get rid of it!

    Leader of Crimson Wing

  • ErindalErindal Chicago, ILPosts: 54Member
    Iron Man. seriously... girls, money, robosuit almost sex, drugs and rock'n'roll.
  • ananitananit eyguieresPosts: 32Member Uncommon

    tough call between gambit, psylocke and  bishop.

    but if i had to choose one that would be gambit, he's just that awesome.

  • creadoskcreadosk Chincoteague, VAPosts: 11Member
    Captain America what better more iconic character can you play as?  Can't wait to check out the shield throw etc.  Also my 6 year old loves Deadpool so that toon also he even has a costume all set for Halloween of Deadpool LOL!
  • DixonHillDixonHill SchleswigPosts: 154Member



    Because...well, hell yes, beause she is hot, and i am a nerd. Thats why.

  • shadowex1650shadowex1650 SingaporePosts: 1Member


    Blades + telepathy, what more could you ask for? :3

  • Lazarus71Lazarus71 Celina, OHPosts: 1,025Member Uncommon got a problem with that bub!



    No signature, I don't have a pen

  • iamrtaiamrta centreville, VAPosts: 164Member
    Cable! 'Cause I've been to the future and am here to kick the ass of the past!
  • AkaradrinAkaradrin ValenciaPosts: 2Member


    I mean...Ironman, yes, Ironman :D

  • youtoomeyoutoome MoscowPosts: 9Member

    I want to play Stan Lee.


    We all know he is a real hero.

  • WhiskeydustWhiskeydust New York, NYPosts: 62Member Uncommon

    Silver surfer!!!!!!


    i want to see what should be the most Overpowered godlike character  in game

  • CimozzoCimozzo ScordiaPosts: 3Member Common


    becouse i need to cut this boring mmo time.

  • RobsolfRobsolf Grand Rapids, MIPosts: 4,246Member Uncommon

    Howard the Duck! 

    C'mon, man... he's a classic!

  • warNnightwarNnight columbus, NJPosts: 1Member


    Bacuase who else gets to throw purple exploding cards around! =D

  • blackthornnblackthornn South Porcupine, ONPosts: 519Member Uncommon
    I'd say Beast.  Brains, brawn, blue fur.  Hank for the win.
  • UnshraUnshra Hanover, MDPosts: 382Member

    Darwin - I've always liked how he can adapt to any situation, it would be interesting to see how they would interrupt his powers in the game should they decide to add him.

    Because flying a Minmatar ship is like going down a flight of stairs on an office chair while firing an Uzi.

  • heynowheynow Regina, SKPosts: 6Member

    Colossus- Oh my Piotr.  X-men & Excalibur.  Soviet iron giant with an even bigger heart. Always been my favourite supe.

  • BenbradaBenbrada Plainfield, ILPosts: 328Member Uncommon
    Gambit cause it's da right ting to do chere!
  • TigerAeroTigerAero Fort Campbell, KYPosts: 127Member

    Hope to play Storm. She's about the most or best nature-connected hero of them all. I always try to be a Ranger/Nature kind of person in the games I play. It helps me a lot with immersion. :)


    I will be as strong as a gale, as swift as lightning and as prudent as the hurricane.

    Best of luck peeps.

  • gonemad321gonemad321 The Woodands, TXPosts: 9Member
    Iron Fist! Because he reminds me of Bruce Lee, once of my favorite actors and he uses his chi energy on top of his martial arts badassery. Also, he defeated a dragon with his bare hands. Iron Fist, the real Dohvakiin!

  • speedyturbospeedyturbo AmmanPosts: 2Member
    Squirrel Girl, because squirrels.
  • obi1420obi1420 Kingsville, TXPosts: 1Member
    "If you really want to tangle with someone, why not try your luck against...The Wolverine!"  First appearance costume with the sweet ass whiskers. Lets do this, Wolverine FTW!
  • DiscoListerDiscoLister LichtaartPosts: 2Member



  • RobsolfRobsolf Grand Rapids, MIPosts: 4,246Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by speedyturbo
    Squirrel Girl, because squirrels.

    Sadly, she's not Marvel, being a character from The Tick.  Which means they should buy the rights to The Tick and include those characters. 

    I'd die to play Sarcastro...

    Edit:  oops... my bad.  there IS a Squirrel girl.  The Tick character is a parody of her. 

  • stonyleinstonylein ViennaPosts: 59Member Uncommon
    Thor,  because he stole my haircut!
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