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Marvel Heroes: Closed Beta Key Giveaway

MikeBMikeB Community ManagerQueens, NYPosts: 6,163Administrator Rare has partnered with the folks at Gazillion Entertainment to give away 10 beta keys to the closed beta for the upcoming superheroic free-to-play MMO, Marvel Heroes.

We're going to make this real simple. All you've got to do is post the Marvel hero you plan on (or hope to) play in Marvel Heroes and why. You can only pick one hero, though! We'll collect submissions throughout all of today and PM a key and instructions to our 10 favorite submissions tomorrow.

Even if you don't win a key tomorrow -- you can sign up for the beta at the official Marvel Heroes website.


Michael "MikeB" Bitton
Community Manager
Twitter: @eMikeB



  • ThorkuneThorkune Eastern, KYPosts: 1,958Member Uncommon
    Wolverine - Adamantium claws...duh.
  • VesaviusVesavius Posts: 7,825Member Uncommon

    The Hulk.

    Because everyone needs a Hulk.

  • ThanosxpThanosxp floripaPosts: 177Member Uncommon


    Because my gamer sense is tingling.

  • kishekishe aitooPosts: 2,002Member Uncommon
  • vanitycorpsevanitycorpse bergenPosts: 19Member Uncommon
    Iron Man, cause we all know we want to SUIT UP 
  • joseramonjoseramon VigoPosts: 14Member Uncommon
    Spider-man....the one and only web-head friendly neighbour..."With great power comes great Beta Key"
  • RyowulfRyowulf Greensburg, PAPosts: 664Member Uncommon


    Because he is the love child of Wolverine and Spiderman.

  • GrayGhost79GrayGhost79 Webster, MAPosts: 4,775Member Uncommon

    Edited Since we were told we can use any Marvel character even those not announced as playable.... 


    Grey - 

    Obvious Reason #1 - His name... I have been the GrayGhost for as long as I've been an online player which makes me partial to any character that has Grey, Gray, or Ghost in their name. 


    #2 - We are talking about the man that snapped the Hulks neck! 


    All in all Grey is a formidable foe for anyone. He's an intellegent Hulk capable of  not only brute force but coming up with plans and strategies to take down his prey. He wasn't just muscle he was a leader. 


    An intelligent, bounty hunter Hulk that happens to be my favorite color.... thats a no brainer. 



  • wirelesspciwirelesspci phx, AZPosts: 4Member
    Big Bertha!
    because bulimia is never funny.
  • solokeldonsolokeldon BristolPosts: 6Member

    Iron man, because even without his suit hes a genious billionaire playboy philanthropist.

    That and he is the main reason that i became a fan of Marvel and comics in general.

  • neumneum OsakaPosts: 143Member Uncommon
    Living Tribunal,  he is bad ass.

  • poman313poman313 grand forks, NDPosts: 35Member Uncommon
    Iron Man come on Mech suit and smart ass player-boy millionaire is there any doubt
  • ThenThen JohannesburgPosts: 75Member Uncommon
    Hulk : Because once you go green you never go back :)
  • huskie77huskie77 Nowhere, NEPosts: 354Member

    NOVA because much of his story is yet to be written. This game will allow me to step into the shoes of the enigma and continue the story.


    I am very excited!

  • niceguy3978niceguy3978 Gainesville, FLPosts: 1,975Member Uncommon
    Wolverine issue 59 was the first comic book I ever bought. (1st regular ongoing series back in the mid 90s).  This was the one that got me hooked.  I loved the idea of a "hero" who was a loner and not good with people, because that was me (only without the claws, healing, and metal indoskeleton).  I have always had a soft spot for that character to the point I took my son to see the Wolverine: Origins movie.  Needless to say after that he doesn't really like the Wolverine character, but I still do!
  • saltydsaltyd Posts: 44Member Uncommon



    He's always been my favorite X-man.  Optic Blasts and married to Jean, what's not to love?  ;)

  • PurutzilPurutzil Posts: 3,048Member Uncommon
    Where can I even begin? I mean there are plenty of ways to begin like at the beginning or in the middle and go back to the beginning and the go to the end and go over the middle you began with or maybe the end them the beginning and through the end I began at though it was the beginning I've stayed on though it was the end. They day every story has a beginning and I guess it's true but what about a story? Like can we really call a story a story if it's a factual event or if it's fiction does that make it a story more cause its a story and made up? Does the word story make Me look fat?
    Anyways I was like "hey that burger is Going to make you fat" And she I'd all "what do you mean jerk" and I'm like "I'm not beef jerky." And she I'd ask like "I didn't daddy that" and I'm like "but you clearly did" then I did a sweet somersault and stated to bust some moves.
    Long story short, speaking of how can a story be long I mean its just writes put together it's not like you can take a ruler and measure it. I wonder what you would Val a ruler that measures words like that add anyways? Man I could use a foot long if you know what I mean. I mean like a sub maybe turkey though chicken is pretty good to or like an Italian Which where does it Eve get off being called that its not even from there!
  • skozaxskozax PlymouthPosts: 28Member
    Nova - I reallly like the idea of trying Nova to check his abilities and see the differences with the previous Nova. I also like his new appearance.
  • nabbenabbe helsingborgPosts: 13Member Uncommon
    Stephen strange, because who wouldn't want to throw an endless supply of spells around?


  • OmaliOmali MMO Business Correspondent Orchard Park, NYPosts: 1,170Member Uncommon
    Iron Man. I am Iron Man.

    Check out my monthly column on


  • SpireiteSpireite WakefieldPosts: 3Member Common
    Captain Britain! Us Brits want some representation, and yes, I am aware he's not been announced and might never be so. Failing that, Groot!
  • nattkrypnattkryp kloftaPosts: 25Member Uncommon

    Nigthcrawler- i miss my fluffy blue elf afther does bastards killed him off. I never forgive em for killing Nigthcrawler.



  • NilirNilir trzebnicaPosts: 2Member Uncommon
    yellow jacket - he`s awsome
  • XarkoXarko Posts: 654Member Uncommon
    Deadpool - to tell spiderman players to go web their zippers closed.
  • xhx23xxhx23x SomewherePosts: 1Member
    Emma Frost. She is willing to kick children in the face and kill horses to win a battle/make a point. Plus Range/Bruiser combo? She's top Class Gaming material.
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