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The "why you play what you currently play" thread



  • TheDarkrayneTheDarkrayne YorkshirePosts: 3,102Member Uncommon


    ...because there is tons of new content coming next month and I feel it's the best themepark out there at the moment.

  • KenzeKenze Posts: 1,217Member Uncommon

    Pirate 101- its a fun little game the combat reminds me of the Shining Force games which I loved.

    GW2 -its great fun!

    XCOM Enemy Unknown- lots of fun.

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  • sekuharadaioosekuharadaioo OsakaPosts: 22Member

    see my signature about the games i am currently playing.


    play them cuz i don't have that much time to try any new ones. 

    Games currently playing:
    Pro Evolution Soccer
    World of Warcraft
    Light of Nova
    League of Legends

  • Sevenstar61Sevenstar61 Centreville, VAPosts: 1,674Member Uncommon


    Because no other MMO made me so immersed in story and made me one with my character. No other game made me laugh so much and no other game made me hate NPC like this game did.

    LOL When I finally got to kill Baras in my Sith Warrior Story I recorded it and hit ESC more then 20 times to have him die 20 x for what he did to me :)...

    I am on the path to go through all personal stories... several times LOL, every day finding new things that I did not notice when I was leveling last time... in other words having a full blast.



    Sith Warrior - Story of Hate and Love
    Imperial Agent - Rise of Cipher Nine
    Imperial Agent - Hunt for the Eagle Part 1

  • DSWBeefDSWBeef phoenix, AZPosts: 787Member Uncommon
    Rift, All my guildies play it and the 1.11 patch and with the release of SL on the horizon ill be leveling new classes in anticipation for it.

    Playing: War Thunder, World of Warcraft, and Grim Dawn
    Waiting on:Everquest Next and The Black Desert

  • marcustmarcust AdelaidePosts: 491Member Uncommon
    Really enjoyed reading the posts so far, please keep them coming.

    Playing: Diablo 3 and Black Desert 
    Other favourite games have been: UO, Lineage2, WoW, Darkfall, Lotro

  • generals3generals3 MehPosts: 3,307Member

    EVE Online: Pew pewing in space just says it all. I also enjoy the freedom given to players in the game and how vaste the universe is.

    Company Of Heroes: in my opinion the best RTS out there. It manages to balance realism and fun and Strategy and Tactics to create pure WW2 epicness. It just never gets old

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  • dave6660dave6660 New York, NYPosts: 2,587Member Uncommon


    The games I've tried recently haven't been worth the price of the hard drive space they occupy.

    “There are certain queer times and occasions in this strange mixed affair we call life when a man takes this whole universe for a vast practical joke, though the wit thereof he but dimly discerns, and more than suspects that the joke is at nobody's expense but his own.”
    -- Herman Melville

  • nariusseldonnariusseldon santa clara, CAPosts: 26,698Member Rare
    Originally posted by loeslein
    Diablo 3.  Love these new changes.  Still a blast to run around punching skeletons out of corpses and splattering little Imps to dust with a little assortment of skills. Bought Torchlight 1 thinking I would play the series, but ended up just patching D3, and been playing that instead.

    Yeah .. i got Torchlight 2 .. and the combat is no where as much fun, and skills no where as much room to customize than D3.

    However, i probably will spend time on TL2 after i am bored with D3 again.

    The new patch is great .. i am doing MP3 .. probably i will farm till i get my hellfire ring .. that would take a long time though.

  • worldalphaworldalpha Milton, ONPosts: 403Member

    I play GW2 because I paid $60 for it, and hope to get my monies worth.

    I play WorldAlpha because I'm the producer and hope to get it out soon than later.

    Working on Social Strategy MMORTS (now Launched!)

  • AdoniAdoni Tucson, AZPosts: 375Member Uncommon

    World Of Warcraft- It's fun and I like the people I play with. I am also enjoying the new exp pack.

    Guild Wars 2-It's fun and free to play.

    Diablo 3-I play this when I am having a bad day.

    I might look into playing Rift, but I want to know how the housing works. Do you buy a plot or what? Once I know more I may go back.

  • nariusseldonnariusseldon santa clara, CAPosts: 26,698Member Rare
    Originally posted by worldalpha
    I play GW2 because I paid $60 for it, and hope to get my monies worth.  

    That is why i am only going to play F2P gamesn after my WOW annual pass is up.

    I don't want any commitment to any game. I shouldn't feel like i have to play just beacuse i pay.


  • BadSpockBadSpock Somewhere, MIPosts: 7,974Member
    Originally posted by evolver1972

    But now, between GW2, Fantasy Football and real life, I'm pretty much tapped out for time.  :)


  • Loke666Loke666 KalmarPosts: 19,911Member Epic

    GW2. It doesnt feel like I already played it for years like most other themeparks do after a few days.

    I wouldnt mind alting with a nice sandbox game or something really different so I plan to try out Class 4 and WoDO when they come out, but I have nothing else really in sight right now. That might change of course, always keep me updated here but nothing I seen close to release have really caught me eye, at least not yet.

  • JonokuJonoku Cool, PAPosts: 645Member

    GW2: Because I love large scale PvP/WvW and it has massive in it's mmo what I haven't seen in years.

    PlanetSide2 Beta: Because same reason I play GW2, because its large scale combat and is massive, I never seen an FPS game this massive before. That is because I never played original Planetside and SWG stole my gaming life. I played SWG over every game out there, so I was distracted with SWG.

    Looking at: The Repopulation
    Preordering: None
    Playing: Random Games

  • s1fu71s1fu71 fair oaks, CAPosts: 220Member

    PS2 Beta: Because it feels good to play something that is completely new to me. (FPS) I'm absolutely horrible at it. But, it's fun to work on skills I don't possess yet.  Just starting to get the hang of sniping.





    It's not about fighting, it's about balance. It's not about enlightenment, it's about balance. It's not about balance.

  • RandaynRandayn Sellersville, PAPosts: 904Member Uncommon

    Games I currently am playing:

    Anarchy Online - will always be my favorite game and always enjoy my time playing in it - best atmosphere in a game ever

    Fallen Earth - Play it on and off since it's the atmosphere, crafting and being able to have 2 butcher knives as my main weapons

    GW2 - as a challenge Im making it to 80....Im currently stuck at 16 and forcing myself to play it...ive failed to force myself 3 nites in a row

    Borderlands 2 - I like all the guns I get and shooting is pretty neat too

    Sleeping Dogs - Always been a sucker for GTA-esque this one too.


    Games I was playing but stopped recently:

    TSW - just waiting on the new patch and then Ill get right back in

    Ryzom - took a break...

    Torchlight 2 - took me all of 2 hours to realize that it's Gauntlet with better graphics....nvm



  • SpeedhaakSpeedhaak CorkPosts: 296Member Uncommon

    Not much really these past years. I'm playing GW2 on and off atm, an hour or two here and there but ultimately I'm struggling to motivate myself to log in. Guild Wars 2 is a fine example of game design but unfortunately for me, I've seen it all before and I'm just tired of this type of MMO. I've played WoW, Aion, Rift, LOTRO, Tera, War and this these past few years and I simply cannot take much more of this levelling type affair. It's not so much the games fault as it is my tired soul just unable to slog through more level based content.


    Having said that, I guess if I had more free time to get more 'involved' then it might be a different story, as it stands though I don't have as much time on my hands as I used to. But who does, eh. Other than that I recently just completed Deadlight on XBLA which I thought was great; I also re-subbed to WoW a day or two after Pandarian went live to see what was what and I was bored within an hour, great result there and a fantastic waste of 15 bucks. Lesson learned.


    My hope at this stage is that within the next few years the general population will tire of the way MMOs are and refuse to buy new games purely because they'll basically just be the same old stuff we've been playing since 2004. I think developers will only 'get away' with the themepark model for so much longer before people finally say 'enough is enough' - give us something freash, something different, something worth our time and investment. 


    Until then, I'm likely to just stand on the sidelines and see what unfolds with the current wave of MMOs. 

  • SilokSilok Mascouche, QCPosts: 732Member Uncommon

    Final Fantasy XI, better game for me in the market so far, a shit load of content without doing the same things over and over, the jobs system, a good guild,the crafting, the combat, the story, chocobo raising etc etc.

    RaiderZ, when its release, cause the combats sytem is pretty cool so has a second mmo for me its no brainer.

    Planing of replay Planescape Torment, well in my top list of rpg.

    Torchlight 2, good hack and slash with customization

    Diablo 3, good hack and slash and playing with friends

  • CheriseCherise Cincinnati, OHPosts: 232Member

    LotRO - Beautiful, immersive world.  Friendly community.  Enjoyable quests and leveling.  Housing, music system, festivals, and silly emotes that keep me entertained when not in battle.

    GW2 - It's free and friends are playing, so logging in just occasionally.

  • meddyckmeddyck USAPosts: 1,198Member Uncommon
    I'm playing GW 2 but less often and for less time per session as each week passes. It's still enjoyable in small doses, but it's not the awesome game that consumes all my free time for years and years that some of the hype made it seem like. But with no monthly sub or P2W cash shop, it's good enough to keep playing casually for a while longer.

    Camelot Unchained Backer
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  • JemcrystalJemcrystal Champaign, ILPosts: 1,681Member Uncommon

    Nothing.  I'm back to watching anime.  I'm signed up for Dragon's Prophet Beta and waiting on key.  I doubt anyone will ever make a game that satisfies my requirements.  I want player designed character customization, simulated live environment, pet breeding and farming on a mass scale, and sexy chars ****************.  Yeah, obviously I'm not getting what I want.  


    * Deleted something I said so it wouldn't get taken out of context.

  • daltaniousdaltanious waPosts: 2,299Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by marcust
    For me: 1. Lotro - enjoying the warbands - I just want the horse customisations :) 2. Darkfall - just playing a little in prep for DFUW - still enjoy the overall tension of knowing at any second someone could kick your ass 3. GW2 - mainly because of friends in the game - I like doing the daily heroics - the dragon fights are ok - I'll be playing this on and off for years so no great rush ========= Please keep this light and just explain what you like in the games you currently play. cheers   

    Actually it would be pretty sad if there would be only 1 reason to play any game. I play FUN games and for that for sure I need more then 1 reason. But for sure have much easy time to list which games I will never play:

    1. pvp only
    2. 1st person view
    This two come first in my mind.
  • nariusseldonnariusseldon santa clara, CAPosts: 26,698Member Rare
    Originally posted by FrodoFragins

      3) Torchlight 2 - extremely shallow game.  After about 60 hours I've played as much as I care to.   What I expect to play in the near future is: D3 when they fix a few more things and SWTOR F2P to level some alts.    

    TL2 is a $20 ARPG .. i think you get your money worth for 60 hours of gameplay.

    What are you waiting for D3 to fix? I think they have already fix quite a few things (Legendary drop rate & usefulness, difficulty setting, more progression, AH interfaces ...).



  • JaedorJaedor Denver, COPosts: 1,171Member Uncommon

    For the first time ever I'm playing three games:

    TSW - For the stories, the immersion, the freedom to make my own class.
    LOTRO - For the story, the great folks in my kinship, the awesome environmental art, the mounted combat, the great player base. Visiting the Shire after spending time with the Filth in TSW is very refreshing. :)
    WoW - Can't believe I bought MoP and resubbed, caving to friends after being gone a year. I'll admit it felt weird to not have at least one toon at the cap. But I'm still an officer in my guild so I guess it's good if I show up once in a while...

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