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[NA]Inquisition Looking For DF Players

PanossianPanossian media, PAPosts: 94Member

Since there is no guild forum this is going here.


Inquisition is looking for a few experienced active players ready to jump into Darkfall with us. The Inq community is run by players (Paragus Rants being one of the two leaders) who's focus is on our player base by making sure we experience all a game has to offer and approach it in a way where everyone has a blast. We have no player drama or super inflated ego's to deal with, member focus is on bettering the guild and themselves.

Inq has a long history with Darkfall. Paragus Rants and Syncaine are both involved in the DF community, Paragus is one of our leaders and Syncaine is an officer and has been with us for some time. Inq started playing at EU launch, we went inactive during NA once the game started to go downhill.

We ask members to be active, use your strengths to contribute and continue to improve yourself.  We prefer players with PvP experience. DF, being a true sandbox, allows players to contribute in different ways. Inq has members who prefer to focus on the crafting and economic area's of the game which is also a perfectly acceptable way to approach DF. If you fit into these categories you will have a great time and do well in our community. We look forward to meeting some new players.

If you're interested head over to our forums.


Current Game FFXIV (Cactuar)
Looking for 1 healer for 8 mans.


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