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gamergurugamerguru delaware, NJPosts: 20Member


Red Mages are best known through out lore to be quite productive in many things, considered mediocre in everything they do,  perhaps because they do not specialize in one area,they can actually complete any task, however their biggest downfall...they take a while to the end they can be deadly yet productive.

This build can pull,heal, pvp and pve.

They have somewhat decent damage with one aoe, they can run in any dungeon without fearing death and in addition have buffs that most pure priest do not take that are valuable to other races

The biggest pro to this build, you are extremely welcomed in any party and leveling by solo or party is a cinch.


Levels 1-30 By level 30 you should have 100 vit 63 psy 50 or 100 psy 63 vit 50 int

Either way psy and vit are important now...

Level 30-50 By level 50 you should have 100 psy 100 vit and 93 int

level 50+ you want to up your vit asap so all your points go into vit until u reach 145 points once there STOP by level 58 you should have 145 vit 

After level 58 its a breeze the rest of your points go into psy.  By level 99 you will have 400 psy 145 vit and 100 int.

Armor:  You are  going to concentrate on Shield/wand/sword. As far as armor dont even worry about me when I say this save your money till level 50 and buy those radiant enhancement stones. 

1mill crones equals 100 rupees, and one radiant enhancement stone costs 1500 yes its expensive. (we will talk about this later)

Shield: For a shield you want as much pdef (physical defense).

Wand: Try to get a wand with at least 30 or more (damage drop)  Example monsters hits for 100 they only take 70.



With mb at level 7 at level 50 is extremely through all of r1 with no problems.  Mages are addicted to MB.


If not one of the best and most asked for buffs.  Combined with MB its a beautiful thing.

Money Making

At level 38 your going to get a quest that is repeatable to kill specters at the ankhma cave.  Remember I said to save your money go to town and buy the bunny pet.  Look at your quest alarm  icon (Q) and find the location.  Dont forget to feed your pet.  The quest is repeatable so its an easy 19000 crones per completion.  The bunny pet lets you go back to your last spot saved no need to run around.

At level 40 and 50 there are ses (SKILL ENHANCEMENT STONE) quests DO NOT use them, they will fail and than your out of 400 rupees.  These stones have a 50/50 chance of enhancing your skill but why take the chance when you can make 400 rupees with these stone online on the exchange market.










  • sigge71sigge71 vastervikPosts: 9Member
    you sit there and tell other players how tp build their priests   , do you have any idea what so ever in how many ways you can build your char in the world of rohan . you say spend you 4 points like this   int this much   psy this much   vit  this much , like you know whats best for every1  who is playn with a priest char . i have seen players who has bought threir chars from other players  cuz they have been to damn lazy to built their own chars , and they havent been to pleased with sellers char build on the 1 they time i saw a player say to another player  that he had been given the advise on how to build a dekan only int , so he toke that advise and build his dekan that way  ,  he didnt do anything  except died with his dekan  cuz he didnt give his char any extra vit  , meaning he didnt spend any points on his dekans HP so he got higher vit    he only built on his int   so he said that he was bored .then his friend told him to delete that dekan and start all over with a new dekan with a complete new suitable charbuild that was better for him  , and after his friend told him that i left the game    so i dont know how it ended up for that guy/girl . what im tryn to say is that its so pathetic when a player claims his char no matter what char it is   has a perfect build  HE MEANS THAT MY CHAR IS THE BEST BUILT CHAR OF MY CLASS no 1   has a better 1  so all of you players out there  ,if you decide to play rohan with the same char as me    you MUST and HAVE to build yours  exactly  the same way as i have built mine otherwise yours is gonna be worthless to play with .what bullshit is that   , i have asked a couple of times WHAT IS THE BEST CHAR BUILD FOR ALL CLASSES  how should you spend the 4 points you get every lvl up  : HE, E, G, H, DE, DH, DK . to this day i havent got an answer that suit all chars in rohan . i mean some say : archer full dex  or 3dex 1 vit ,human warrior full str or 3str 1 vit , dark elf  full int  or 3 int 1 vit ,elf healer full psy or 3psy 1 vit or maby 2psy 2vit  , dh full agi or full str , G  full str or full hp   , dk  full vit or str  or full int   , the ways of building a char are countless  therefor  i think its so pathetic when some players claim they have the PERFECT build , my question is  WHAT IS THE RIGHT and PERFECT build  if there is one at all   cuz we all build our rohan chars in different ways . ofcourse the char has the perfect build for the owner  , but that doesnt mean other players has the same taste , what the owner think is perfect   some1 else might think is trash.
  • PsyentistPsyentist Seattle, WAPosts: 46Member Uncommon
    Dude, youre bitching at a guy who posted this 3 years ago.  Really?  I mean its amazing this game is still on a server somewhere because otherwise MMORPG would delete the listing, but stil, this is the 2nd necro'd thread on this game in the last couple days....  Is there some new Rohan ads running somewhere or something?  LOL.  I play this at launch and have been rating my old favs since I finally made an actual MMORPG account, but like I said, you're the 2nd person on this forum in the past couple days and its the first time in years.
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