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Some questions about Rohan

sushimeessushimees SauePosts: 489Member

1. How long does it take to level in this game?

2. How's the PvP, do people get 2-3 shotted most of the time, are the classes balanced, what types of PvP is there?

3. Is the cash shop neccesary later on and will it give people an edge in PvP (I read that you need to use the cash shop in order to manage a guild)?


Thanks in advance!



  • sigge71sigge71 vastervikPosts: 9Member
    how long it takes to lvl up in rohan    well i think that depends on HOW much you play the game from time to time  wouldnt you say so ?and aboute the pvp part    its open pvp from lvl 30 up to max    you can kill other players all over the place except  towns and safe zones , and also they have added new funktions in the pvp menu   that allows you to venge your killer  wich means that when a player has killed you  his /her char name is added to your pvp list named /killed by)  below that  the killers char name is added  , so if you want to take revenge  you can just open your pvp menu and leftclick the killers char name and the program takes you to his/her spot  and your given the chance to payback . and aboute the cash shop  ye i guess that you can buy some good stuff in there that will grant you advantage in pvp like stones with better and higher crits and better gears overall , i never personal use real cash in games i play  that goes even for rohan  , thats all the answers i can give you aboute rohan    and if you want to know more  you have to ask players in the playground who knows more , hope that helps you a bit .
  • PsyentistPsyentist Seattle, WAPosts: 46Member Uncommon
    Holy Necros, Batman.
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