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Games you keep returning to

guldurkhandguldurkhand DirkslandPosts: 23Member

I kept returning to World of Warcraft, but now I am a bit outplayed with World of Warcraft(played it for 7 years). I think the best games are the ones that you keep returning to. What is the game you keep returning to?




  • DSWBeefDSWBeef phoenix, AZPosts: 787Member Uncommon
    Vanguard and Rift for me.

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  • WarcannibalWarcannibal Edmonton, ABPosts: 24Member

    You dont mention if you want an mmo title or not... but one game that is ALWAYS on my hard drive is Civ 2.

    Allthough, I admit, I have updated to Civ 5 haha.  But yea, like I said, when I need a mmo "cleanse" a week or so of online Civ will shake the webs loose and make you crave killing 10 rats.  Again.

    "GW2 is the Methadone to WoWs Heroin."

  • ByntBynt Atlanta, GAPosts: 35Member
    DAoC was the one I kept coming back too; however, since SWTOR came out, I haven't gone back since, which is the longest any game has kept me away.  At this point though, I doubt I would return due to my change in preference for futuristic MMO's verse Ye Olde Timey MMO's.
  • kalrhaelkalrhael Boston, MAPosts: 87Member
    lotro, that game just feels like a old antiquated painting from a bygone era (not in a bad sense but that it feels timeless). This is probably by virtue of being set in middle-earth. I always love that the fantasy there is so restricted, must be why it attracts a more mature community.
  • jdlamson75jdlamson75 Jacksonville, FLPosts: 998Member Uncommon
    Despite its flaws, after every disappointing new MMO I've played over the past 3 years, I've continually gone back to Darkfall.  It's a combination of the rush I get when fighting other players and the camaraderie I feel with those in my clan/alliance.  Had a lot of good times and made a lot of good friends in Darkfall.
  • dreamsofwardreamsofwar bangorPosts: 468Member
    Besides WoW the other MMO i kept going back to was LOTRO. I've gone back recently with RoR, levelling up a new character on Brandywine. I am quite shocked I've gone back and enjoyed it actually, considering I bought GW2 the other day I just haven't been able to get into it yet.
  • KyleranKyleran Paradise City, FLPosts: 23,973Member Epic

    EVE keeps drawing me back....and still remains fun after quite a run.


    On hiatus from EVE Online since Dec 2016 - Screw off-grid PVE boosting changes

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  • BrianshoBriansho Woodbridge, VAPosts: 3,586Member Uncommon
    WoW, EQ2, UO. EQ1 and Vanguard once in a blue moon.

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  • jdlamson75jdlamson75 Jacksonville, FLPosts: 998Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Kyleran
    EVE keeps drawing me back....and still remains fun after quite a run.  

    Had I started a few years ago, I believe I'd have the same sentiment.  I tried the extended trial, and thought it was a pretty freakin' awesome game.  Every time I logged in, though, I had this little feeling that I'm just a noob in a huge world filled with vets, and it'll take forever to become a viable entity.  Love the concept, gameplay, and most of the rest of it though.

  • Trudge34Trudge34 Stevens Point, WIPosts: 392Member Uncommon
    The first EverQuest (or at least some version of the original ;) still sucks me back in time after time. I've played many games and MMOs between quitting live back in 04 to now but I keep going back. Nothing yet sucks me in like EQ* does still... Was trying Vanguard and desperately hoped it would, but the lag the server was experiencing when it went F2P made it unplayable to me at the time. Maybe I'll give it another go along with EQ2, but probably will still go back to EQ*.

    Played: EQ1 (10 Years), Guild Wars, Rift, TERA
    Tried: EQ2, Vanguard, Lord of the Rings Online, Dungeons and Dragons Online, Runes of Magic and countless others...
    Currently Playing: GW2

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  • ApraxisApraxis RegensburgPosts: 1,508Member Uncommon

    Yeah.. for me its Civilization. I have played it now over 20 years. And i guess this love story will go on.

    I also have enjoyed the Anno Games since a decade.

    MMOs? Not any more. I returned to UO a few time, but not nowadays.

  • KanethKaneth Posts: 2,196Member Uncommon

    WoW, but I never really left. I keep playing Skyrim, before that was Oblivion for when I have that open world rpg kick. I used to go back to Asheron's Call, but just can't anymore. Minecraft is something I play from time to time, the idea behind it is great, but the overall pointlessness to any type of adventuring makes the game stale for me. I play GW1 for a few hours per month. I have a feeling GW2 will be something I play for spurts for years to come.

    I have a feeling that the new SimCity and Phantasy Star Online will be games I play off an on for years.

  • grimgryphongrimgryphon Pacific Northwest, WAPosts: 682Member Common

    Rift and LOTRO. my quest to find a Wizardry-like game, I discovered The Legend of Grimrock and that's all I've been playing lately. The map editor is awesome!

    Optional PvP = No PvP
  • wandericawanderica clayton, NCPosts: 223Member Uncommon
    Definitely LotRO for me.  Used to return to WoW as well, but it finally lost the magic when the last of my RL friends stopped playing.  LotRO, on the other hand, never seems to lose that magic.  I always manage to return at the tail end of an expansion. Luckily this time I got in at the beginning.  I agree with a previous poster though.  It just feels so . . . refined?  It's mostly text based quests with little VO, but I just lose myself in it.  Enough sandbox to keep me busy, and enough PvE to placate me.  Usually lasts about 6 months and I move on, but I love rediscovering it on the return trip.

  • ShakyMoShakyMo BradfordPosts: 7,207Member Common
    Gridrunner evoloution, its just great for a quick blast.
  • SiveriaSiveria Saint John, New BrunswickPosts: 1,234Member Uncommon

    Mmorpg wise: FF11, I keep going back to this off and on, also City of Heroes.. makes me sad they are closing it down. Though last time I went back to ff11 might be my last, I didn't like how they made it easy mode with abyysea's release, they even changed the non-abbysea area's now. If you scratch those 2 off my list there most likely is no mmorpg i'd go back to, hasn't been a good mmorpg released in like 4-5 years, and most of the ones I would go back to have either shut down, or been made easy mode to cater to bitchy whiney casuals. Ragnarok Online though I guess I could put that as a mmo i'd go back to, have been playing it off and on since the 1st english closed beta, way back when all they had were the 1st jobs.

    Single player game wise: Fallout 3, Fallout new vegas, oblivion, skyrim, and these sorts of games that you can mod the hell out of them. Mods can give you a totally diffrent experence everytime if you just switch which your using.

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  • ThorkuneThorkune Eastern, KYPosts: 1,958Member Uncommon
    WoW, Rift, and Lotro for me. It seems that I am constantly switching within the three of them.
  • halflife25halflife25 Toronto, ONPosts: 737Member
    EQ2. I always go back and find something new and exciting. Even when i don't play it i think aboout it every now and then. Best themepark MMO i have ever played.
  • JenuvielJenuviel Seattle, WAPosts: 960Member
    City of Heroes was the one I kept going back to. Pretty much all of my fun in MMOs comes from alting (I'm not a fan of raiding or pvp), and City of Heroes just had so much variety in terms of character appearance, achetypes and builds within those archetypes that it was always a different experience. I've played more than 20 CoH/CoV characters over the years, and each felt radically different from the others in every conceivable way.
  • gravesworngravesworn charleston, WVPosts: 324Member
    Originally posted by jdlamson75

    Despite its flaws, after every disappointing new MMO I've played over the past 3 years, I've continually gone back to Darkfall.  It's a combination of the rush I get when fighting other players and the camaraderie I feel with those in my clan/alliance.  Had a lot of good times and made a lot of good friends in Darkfall.


  • EwanisEwanis LodzPosts: 38Member Uncommon
    Warhammer, UO, X-com 1, Battlefield 2, Dota.
  • QuirhidQuirhid TamperePosts: 6,230Member Uncommon
    Any one of the Total War series. They hit a spot other games do not.

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  • JetrpgJetrpg Whitehouse, OHPosts: 2,346Member Uncommon

    The ones i hit multiple times.

    DAoc (MaIN ONE THIS GAME WAS SOLID) ladders to ramps in  rvr made me never return however.

    CoH played this one more thana  few times, just a fun character building game.

    Wow, stopped going back, cata was my last venture prob will stay that way.

    Played rift twice raiding both times.

    Eve played that for a long while off and on, haven't bveen back a a while doubt i will. They have basiclly made the game unfun and overly disapointing for any new / casual players... with there attempts to limit the rewards of bots, hardcore, and seasond players. So i doubt ill go back, but it was cool.


    I truely and hoping for a daoc 2 (not the new and improved wow style daoc two we keep seeing).

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  • kitaradkitarad RomePosts: 3,099Member Rare

    Games I have gone back to are Everquest (4 times). Anarchy Online (once), I would have gone back to FFXI but they no longer had my old account because I cancelled the payment info when I cancelled and shut the subscription to Square .They mentioned even if you cancelled the payment should not unsubscribe but I did that and lost the whole account. Then I went back to DAoC (twice) but that game never grabbed me,WoW I have lost count how many times I have gone back. Everquest 2 at least three times and I really liked that game a lot. Vanguard once and the second time I invested a huge amount of time in it and loved it. LotRO I went back three times and the last was the longest and most fun. Today I decided to go back to SWTOR to finish the class stories I do so love Bioware storylines.


    The two games I have gone back the most to are WoW and City of X. I think City may be even more times than WoW

  • VyntVynt Posts: 690Member Uncommon

    I usually go back to EQ. Probably will again soon. I was on the progression server, but took some breaks, then lost track of which expansion they're on. I might just do the regular server with my free silver membership, then upgrade if I'm still playing.

    I use to go back to daoc all the time, but once they dropped the classic server, kind of dropped the game. Besides, as fun as it is, the movement is too annoying for me, especially if I play a melee, although damn I do miss playing a shadowblade or infiltrator.

    I've been done with WoW for a while. Only went back a couple times when they gave me some free time to check out the changes. 


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