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Best MOBA game poll



  • GorweGorwe Ald'RuhnPosts: 3,573Member Rare

    HoN for Life <3!

    I will explain why laterz(too tired now)...

  • jmeisch10jmeisch10 Farmers Branch, TXPosts: 5Member
    Dota 2 is just bad. All they did was remake dota with a more polished inteface. Dota was riddled with problems. way to big champion pool, imbalances, denying being just a stupid mechanic(if you dont have this mechanic you can focus on zoning and harrasing your opponent wich leads to more fights and excitment). League has sound mechanics, more variety for the way you can play champions, Awesome dev support, easy to get into hard to master type game, and rewarding ranked system. Dota 2 is trying to get into a losing fight, just do your self a favor if your thinking about trying these games and just go with lol. Its without a doubt the better game and will continue to be.
  • DarkagesDarkages CAPosts: 84Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Ecoces
    i voted LoL but i think Smite will be my choice once they add more gods, its just much more fun for me playing in third person mode and getting into the combat than games like LoL or Dota.   sorry but im not going to beat my chest like an ape because game A is more Tedious than game B to prove my manhood. I play games to have fun and DOTA was just plain tedious. I mean I could watch grass grown but that doesn't mean i want to do it or should brag about it.   so congrats you play DOTA 2 and enjoy it, doesn't mean you are a better gamer, doesn't mean you have more self worth than someone who plays LoL it means you play a different video game.   at the end of the day were both losers who to the rest of the non gaming world can't believe we would spend so much time wasting our lives sitting in front of the computer screen  

    Could'nt agree with you more. I voted for Smite though, LoL was my game of choice in the past. 

  • NeherunNeherun St. MichelPosts: 280Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Geeves
    • There are more skillshots
    • There are more active abilities (every champion bar one has 4 active ablities)
    • There are more position manipulation abilities
    • Cooldowns and mana costs are lower meaning those abilities are used more often
    • Most abilities that are interesting and engaging for both player and opponent
    • All of the above combines for dynamic, satisfying combat. The slower snowballs make that combat more interesting for longer periods
    Much of that is true for DotA as well of course, but then one could say the same about last hitting in LoL. It's an element that's more important in DotA than LoL (and there are others, repeated often and loudly by DotA fans). The bullet points are the things that LoL excels at. After that it just becomes the type of depth you prefer. In other words, it's just an opinion.

    I usually won't touch this argument, as its based on player preferences, but what I completely disagree with is that abilities that cost less mana and have shorter cool downs make the game more interesting or engaging. To me, it removes the strategy part of the game, for example, missing a skill shot is less penalized if the cool downs are short or that they do not cost that much mana.


    And I personally voted for Dota 2. I couldn't really get interested in LoL, even though I had friends playing the game, because after all the years in Dota 1, LoL felt like dumped down version of Dota, really.


    As for "LoL being the largest", we will have to see how the market shifts when Dota 2 is out (Its not even released yet, and it will be a free-to-play game as well).



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