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War of Angels: Rebirth to a New Game World

SBFordSBFord Associate Editor - News ManagerThe CitadelPosts: 23,352MMORPG.COM Staff Epic

War of Angels publisher, Neowiz, has announced that the game is ready to undergo a massive change to bring about a whole new game world when the process is finished. The new world will have new graphics, updated quests, new battlefields and loot.

“All of these changes and improvements to War of Angels were inspired by player feedback we’ve received since launch,” said John Nam, COO, NEOWIZ GAMES North America. “With the improved graphics, new items and end-game content, War of Angels is a brand new game and an experience that fans of fantasy MMORPGs will love to explore.”

Find out more on the War of Angels site.



  • shidazenmaishidazenmai abujuPosts: 1Member

    I tried the game and fell in love with it instantly ^^

    This is a must try MMORPG!

  • GatobuGatobu WIlmore, KYPosts: 1Member

    Truly a game u have to try. Downloaded it and started playing and it felt like home one of those classic mmorpgs with a medium sized community so that everyone stands out. not the best graphics and a little lag but a definite try if youve been searching for communtiy game. I feel like im going to love playing this game day by day and make new memories with friends.

    I'll see u there!!^^

    Character Name: Believing

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