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DashiDMVDashiDMV Not Saying, QCPosts: 362Member

So basically it looks like today the SWTOR main site unveiled the Cartel Coin ledger where you can check to see how many coins you have banked up so far. Just curious to see if anyone actually has looked yet. Seems like the game and site have been down a lot more than often so don't even know if people have had access to it yet.


They have been having set amounts but haven't really talked about the conversion rate yet so no way to tell if the coins people are getting now will be a decent amount or not so great.


I have recently went back to the game to do the stories. It doesn't really seem like they will cough up all that VA money again but still hoping they expand upon it in a way. If they do it would probably be sold as "Adventure Packs" or something to that effect. Maybe thy will do the same with the earlier events they had this year as well since I am sure the majority of the total playerbase missed them from not being active or what not.





  • VassagoMaelVassagoMael Covington, LAPosts: 555Member
    I'm not excited.

    Free to play = content updates for the cash shop. Buy to play = content updates for the cash shop.
    Subscription = Actual content updates!

  • bunnyhopperbunnyhopper LondonPosts: 2,751Member Common
    Originally posted by VassagoMael
    I'm not excited.


    "Come and have a look at what you could have won."

  • Sora2810Sora2810 New Columbia, PAPosts: 567Member
    Rule 1 of MMO experiences: never get excited. Just be cautiously hopeful.

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  • SovrathSovrath Boston Area, MAPosts: 21,816Member Epic

    It says that if I become a subscriber I get 850.

    I'm not sure I'm "excited" but if I can use my old characters then I'll jump back in for a bit.

  • XerithXerith Richardson, TXPosts: 970Member
    1600 if I was to subscribe. So the only way to get the coins is to resub before it goes F2P, or am I missing something?
  • VesaviusVesavius Posts: 7,825Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by DashiDMV


    Why? It's same tired game...

    I have never played one game that was made 'better' by them giving the client away.


  • RefMinorRefMinor MyTownPosts: 3,452Member Uncommon
  • erictlewiserictlewis Cottondale, ALPosts: 3,021Member Uncommon

    It says 1150 coins if I resubscribe before it goes free to play.   Not a chance in the world, they can keep their cartell coint.

    This is what I thought was going to happen yes you get cartell coins for buying the game and playing it, but you have to resuscribe today to get those coins.  

    So now we now that the faq was wrong and the email a week or so back was right.


  • DashiDMVDashiDMV Not Saying, QCPosts: 362Member

    The way it is described to you guys, it almost seems like an upjumped version of the "Please we are begging you to come back" e-mails they recently sent out.  Dangling the virtual carrot if you resub.


    On a side note I am subscribed and the page that would have this info is still down for me. Thanks for the info though. Interesting to see how they are handling this.


    As for the coins, I am sure they will be available after F2P, just EA trying word games to get an extra 15 dollars out of people for October.

  • mmoguy43mmoguy43 In cyberspaaaaaacePosts: 2,770Member Uncommon
    Not excited but happier. I will get to play the other faction from 1-50 for free and see what the 1k CC from CE gets me.
  • KenFisherKenFisher Northwest, INPosts: 5,035Member Uncommon
    I'll try it.  Excited for it is probably a grand overstatement for my interest in SWTOR.  Still I am curious and figure it's at least worth downloading.

    Ken Fisher - Semi retired old fart Network Administrator, now working in Network Security.  I don't Forum PVP.  If you feel I've attacked you, it was probably by accident.  When I don't understand, I ask.  Such is not intended as criticism.
  • DavisFlightDavisFlight Talahasee, FLPosts: 2,556Member Common
    Will the game suddenly stop being a singleplayer online game with a recycled Empire Strikes back storyline?
  • hycxhycx Montebello, CAPosts: 11Member Uncommon
    Did they mention what items the coins can be used on? And how much the items cost? 1000 coins might actually be completely useless if it can't buy anything.
  • Sevenstar61Sevenstar61 Centreville, VAPosts: 1,674Member Uncommon
    My balance so far is 2,500 cartel pointsimage

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  • BurntvetBurntvet Posts: 3,465Member Rare
    Originally posted by bunnyhopper
    Originally posted by VassagoMael
    I'm not excited.



    A free bag of shit is still a bag of shit.


  • NoreshaNoresha Kalispell, MTPosts: 17Member


    just read it, you will figure out why the latest releases have been failures.

  • DraronDraron A town in, KYPosts: 993Member
    Gotta say, good on Bioware for making good on past subscriptions and such. Good thing I bought the CE for $50 a few months ago. 
  • JobeArthurJobeArthur seattle, WAPosts: 41Member Uncommon

    Very Excited here as it will be the beginning of the end..

    Not a Hater of the game as it would seem that i am. Thats not true I want this game to succeed, but not a fan of and I am tired of poorly managed, poorly executed updates, arrogant  game studios with very bad habits such as not even having a real PTS.. So in the end and even as a huge Star Wars fan if this game, Bioware, EA have to die for the greater good... So be it!

    They say FTP is the future of gaming.. Imo thats poor quality and unoriginal games that are simply pathetic cash grabs, while I think whoever figures out that its quality and originality that should be the real future of gaming will be greatly rewarded.

    I would galdly pay $40 or more a month for a good quality game that I get Imersed in as I already drop CCP close to a $100 every month when I play. too lazy to grind that many ETCs lol..

    As for the white knights saying I had unrealistic expectations.. I didn't care if it was a Sand Box, Theme Park, Hybrid, Story co-op RPG. I just wanted a Star Wars game that worked and have some clear direction. Not some game that gets worse with every update and basically a game that is riddled with contradictions around every system or development path. 



  • LoverNoFighterLoverNoFighter Star CItyPosts: 294Member

    F2p is ok by me.

    I'll log in and fire up my lightsaber for 20 secs and then log out.

    SWG pre cu > SWTOR

  • superniceguysuperniceguy AnchorheadPosts: 2,278Member Uncommon

    It may be exciting for the game going FREE to play, and spending as little as possible on the game, but do not expect the game to last long. They will get little income to keep the game running.

    As soon as it goes F2P, I will never sub to this game again, and not pay any money to it.

    I will enjoy the 1-50 story knowing that EA are getting nada from me

    If they added new content like added more story past 50 or something I like, then I would have subbed again for it in P2P, but not now, and hopefully I have enough cartel coins to pay for it. If not then still not paying for it.

    "Must have pets, vehichles and XP Boosts" - I do not think so. After having that droid from collectors edition, and then the Tauntaun pet, the thought of buying another is just a waste of money as they are just things that follow you around, and I bought a new vehicle with in game credits, and I did not feel awesome with having it, the STAP from the collectors edition was still better - it was just a waste of credits, so that does not interest me either.  XP Boosts are definately not worth it.


  • MargraveMargrave Posts: 860Member Uncommon
    I'm kind of looking forward to F2P. I liked SWTOR. I only canceled my sub once I heard it was going F2P. I currently love GW2, and welcome a second good title to play. =)
  • PurutzilPurutzil Posts: 3,048Member Uncommon

    I was thinkin "huh, maybe something else to do on my spare time" though honestly the whole "Cartle Coins for Epic Gear" mentioned with paying subscribers really makes me want to leave this game to rot. I don't mind maybe if its for the F2P players but charging people for basic needs who are PAYING for your game is a huge no no for me.


    Maybe if they fix it I'll be willing to play, I hate to say it but... this game (which I feel is lack luster for a P2P game) felt more compelling to me then GW2 ended up feeling despite being super generic *cringe* I can't believe I'd say that.

  • wowfan1996wowfan1996 NonePosts: 719Member Uncommon

    Before the end of the year...

    So how does this ice cold water feel?

    MMORPG genre is dead. Long live MMOCS (Massively Multiplayer Online Cash Shop).

  • tawesstawess LkpgPosts: 3,696Member Rare

    Yeah it would be great to get some clarification on this.. but each time i try to submit a ticket to support i get a error message...


    ecasue if you read the F2P page it does sound like you get your cartel coins either way but once in your account it sounds like you NEED to subscribe to get them.


    I am greatly confused.

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