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Some questions before i buy it...



  • ImperialSunImperialSun WorcesterPosts: 212Member
    Originally posted by Loke666
    Originally posted by ImperialSun You mean in exactly the same way that evolver1972 twisted the definition of Triple A to fit his like of GW2? See how that works? Driz

    It have a good budget and you cand find a physical copy if it in almost every game store anywhere.

    AAA does not mean that a game is perfect, that you have to like it or even that it have to be well made, both Wow and AoC are AAA after all. Something like that cant be measured in how good or fun a game is, it needs a simple rule that allows you to recognize AAA games easily and without questions.

    Go to 10 random game stores, if 9 of them either have a copy or sold out a MMO and waiting to get it in again it is AAA. That way noone can really twist it one way or another.

    So how come another posters opinion which was also presented as fact in this same thread stated quite clearly AAA status is based purely on the budget? That poster seems to disagree with your opinion?? By that posters definition SWTOR is AAA with a budget of circa 200 million (allegedly). By that definition GW2 is not AAA due to having a much smaller budget than SWTOR.

    See how subjective AAA status really is?

    And to those quoting Wikipedia as definitive proof of what makes an MMORPG AAA....just lol.

    For what its worth I like the look of GW2 and am considering getting it but it still does not sound like a AAA game to me. There are many, many complaints about the game all over these forums and lets be honest it had a mediocre launch at best with all of the problems....luckily I appreciate games for what they are and if they look like fun I will buy them.

    Currently I am trying to decide whether to buy GW2 and drop my Rift sub for it :)

    The biggest turn off right now is purely the rabbid fanboy community. This community is definitely one of the most aggressive and blatantly hypocritical communities I have ever seen in an MMORPG and I have been playing them since EQ.


  • loulakiloulaki PatrasPosts: 941Member Uncommon

    to answer from my point of view too : )


    1) there are invisible walls but yes you to go to the edges or you have to be a really annoying explorer to find them, and why is this so bad ? as they are not in the middle of the maps ... it doesnt matter, otherwise they have to make a game where you can visit the moon you see in the sky :P (or go play EVE )


    2) there are item builds/ skills to choose (limited )/ and finally traits, so there is customization and strong i would say, compared to other MMOs i have played..


    3) well leveling is pretty normal for casual players, but if you get 80lvl you havent seen enything ..! propably the half of the themepark part of the game ...


    4) well they are not HUGE (sad) but they are big and you have to do many different things ...


    5) except human cities, the rest of the world is accesible to 80% i would say, which is good .


    6) i would rate it 8 cause there are so many details so many things you can reach even if there is nothing to get just ot know you were there ..! its not 10 cause of some unreachable tops of mountains, and some closed doors ..


    7) i hope you enjoyed WoW cause its similar to this, anyway its and MMO ^^ only WvWvW you have that pleasure like Skyrim ..!

    8) for fortresses in WvW there is already, for player houses i dunno, for guilds they said they will add for sure, i hope they will add something like Rifts housing, it amazed me when i saw it ..

    well i dunno, its pretty close to Skyrim, just the fights are much more active as you get lvl and go in harder zones...


  • ChromeBallzChromeBallz Posts: 334Member Uncommon

    Well, thought i'd post here again after i got it and played a little.

    Most of my questions were answered, through experience, satisfactory at least. Some thing were less good, others better. However, i'm really enjoying the game now and for some reason my GF is actually playing it more than i am :>

    Still waiting on the housing etc though. Would be nice. More than enough doors in Divinity's Reach for example where you can implement EQ2 style housing :)

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