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Is the Pionear pack worth getting for the 15 dollars of in game currency ?

I'm not overly botherd about playing in the Alpha from 15 th of this month or hosting my own server so the survivor pack seems a viable option for me .

The thing that does interest me about the Pionear pack is that it has 15 dollars of ingame currency . Can this be spent to expand personal storage ( bank ) slots ?

If it can it may be a wiser choice than Survivor .


  • PurutzilPurutzil Posts: 3,048Member Uncommon
    I don't think much informtation really was released about it. If your not sure you would be spending money and the sooner start/server hosting/guest passes aren't useful for you, then you might want to just go with the basic package. Its only $5 extra you get out of it, and if you enjoy the game enough to spend on it, then what is an extra $5 to support the game on that end?
  • ReesRacerReesRacer Wellington, NZPosts: 168Member Uncommon

    server hosting won't start until november, regardless.

    i don't know many who will buy any premium items for a while, anyway.

    it comes down to whether you want to test the game 2 weeks earlier and get what little progression you can on "normal mode" characters until beta starts on 31 october (since those stats will not be wiped).

    hope that is helpful...


  • ReesRacerReesRacer Wellington, NZPosts: 168Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by curriertemporary
    It's like playing tetris and being able to pay for slow mo time.   You guys are fucking rediculous on these forums, this is why MMORPG"s are bad today, because of idiots who play them.   Only $35 monthly for the ability to jump in a game, which should have been implemented for all players, in a feasable way in the world.

    i don't know how many temporary accounts you have set to go on these forums, but you're going to need a lot of them.

    please go troll elsewhere...and take your meds.

  • Butch808Butch808 SundsvallPosts: 343Member Uncommon
    Just block the nab, eventully he'll leave.
  • deathshrouddeathshroud londonPosts: 1,366Member
    its not worth getting for ingame currency, all items you buy from the shop can be taken off you when you are killed.

    there are 2 types of mmo, imitators and innovaters.

  • ZadawnZadawn SPosts: 665Member Uncommon

    i know for a fact that you can't buy inventory/bank slots and according to their FAQ the don't plan on adding such items.

    I got the pioneer pack and it gives you something like 2100 gold coins.The average item in the market costs about 150 gold coins.

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