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I want your opinion

MadMike6537MadMike6537 Wichita, KSPosts: 2Member
I am part of a small indie team in the early stages of game development. My question for you is this: how long, do you feel, is too long for a single competitive online match? We are talking about the targeted time the game would last, of course it could be over faster or longer.

Think of games like League of Legends, but much more in depth. If you were really drawn into the game play, is an hour too long for you to sit down and play a competitive match?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.


  • robgyorgyrobgyorgy wheeling, ILPosts: 105Member
    i think the average time on any competetive match is always 20-30 mins per match.(20 the least and it can last to 1 hour+) that depends on the match tbh tho. but all in all average for me has always been 30-40 mins anywhere i played.
  • MadMike6537MadMike6537 Wichita, KSPosts: 2Member
    Thanks I appreciate the reply.

    One additional comments is that this game would be going outside the realm of normal rts games. So assume your loving the game play and not just controlling units like in an RTS but you are more involved with your character.
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