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What game did you buy your first video card for?



  • cheyanecheyane EarthPosts: 4,229Member Rare
    Originally posted by GwapoJosh
    A Voodoo card for Everquest in 1999 :)

    Me too same time frame.

  • RodentofdoomRodentofdoom NottinghamPosts: 273Member

    I can't really recall the game at all, it might have been doom


    but i remember the PC (mostly)

    486 DX4-100 cpu, 8bit Soundblaster Card

    a vga card (forgot what, how much ram)


    got a voodoo 3d accel (with passthrough) cable for it ..

    all hooking up to an awesome 14" CRT monitor







    apart from the screen size, my keypadless (nonesmart) touchphone is more powerful

  • bliss14bliss14 eleva, WIPosts: 572Member Uncommon
    Ultima 7 ran so herky jerky on our home computer when I was a teenager that i saved money from farming to upgrade.  I remember it was worth it but don't remember the card.  
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