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Do you need to install the OS on an SSD

pdabb38pdabb38 Ann Arbor, MIPosts: 43Member
Just wondering if in order to get the best speed from your setup.Doe's the OS need to bee on the SSD, or can you put it on the HD without losing performance?


  • Void425Void425 Lake Stevens, WAPosts: 157Member Uncommon

    Anything on the SSD will load faster Anything on the Hard Drive will still be slow.


    I would put the operating system and all your utilities ( virus scanner, internet browsers, ms office, ect ) on your SSD drive.

    Then you should install your Favorite Online or Offline game on the SSD....if you have room put your top 2 Favorite.

    Storage type items will go on your old hard drive.  This includes Movies, Songs, Games you do not play much anymore. 

    When I change my favorite MMO or game im playing...then I move the game folder from the SSD to the regulard Hard Drive for storage...and use the free space to install my new favorite game.   This way if you ever want to play your other game again you can just move it back to the SSD without having to reinstall.  


    So in short...anything you wil be using a lot that has to write and load data from a hard drive or you wish it to be at its top speed..needs to be on the SSD.....and the operating system does a lot of writing and reading for every other program.


  • NitthNitth AustraliaPosts: 3,903Member Uncommon

    You would get overall better system performance from installing your OS on an SSD.

    Individual applications stored on the ssd will load faster.

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  • jdnewelljdnewell Spring Hill, TNPosts: 2,151Member Uncommon

    The difference of having your OS on the SSD is very noticable. Well worth it.

    I would have trouble going back to an HD after using an SSD o.O

  • Crunchy222Crunchy222 new york, ILPosts: 386Member

    OS on the SSD:

    Your boot time will be about 5-10 seconds.  When you click on stuff it will pop up instantly.  Your system will run a hell of a lot quieter as well without the HDD having to spin for everything you do.  System scans like anti-virus and malware become quick and easy processes to do.

    OS on the HDD:  Its safer.  Tried and true.


    IMO i see no reason to have an SSD and not have the OS on it.  Its good for some games with a lot of heavy load screens, wich an SSD will reduce significantly, other than that no FPS gains ect.  Youll want to keep games your not playing, and games that dont have a lot of load screens or long load times on the HDD.  I found games like TSW, which has a fairly long launcher load and them game load at the start firerd up extremely quick, and Darkfall which has an epic between deaths,and start up load time was significantly reduced.  Also its kind of fun popping out of an instance with your group of buddies and be out first, as well as in some games with PVP and instances (DF again i noticed this) it would actually save my life if i had to port of a dungeon whith gankers chasing me, and i was running while they were on the load screen.  Again youll gain no FPS or lag benefits, just load time reduction.  Several game i have see absolutly no benefit at all and i keep those on my HDD.

    Any 120gig SSD will have enough room for your OS and the game your playing (possibly 2-3)



    Just be sure you change your settings to keep downloads to your HDD and install all non essential stuff to your HDD.



    The OS on the SSD is soemthing that makes going back to an OS on a HDD really hard to do, especially when you get use to restarting and being back to your desktop in the amount of time it takes to take a few breaths of air.

    If you dont care about boot times ect, and just want the room for more games or whatever, then you wont miss the OS on the SDD, once you put it on there theres no going back, youll be hooked.

  • iamrtaiamrta your momsPosts: 164Member Uncommon
    Loading your OS onto an SSD is the most real life speed difference you will ever notice. AND once you do will NEVER go back to a mechanical drive.
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