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Skyrim and Dawnguard on sale @ Gamestop

kaiser3282kaiser3282 Phoenix, AZMember Posts: 2,758 Uncommon

Just noticed that Gamestop currently has the PC version of Skyrim available for download at a price of just $35.99, while it is still going for $59.99 at other stores and on Steam.

Dawnguard is also available for $13.99 instead of the usual $19.99.


  • kaiser3282kaiser3282 Phoenix, AZMember Posts: 2,758 Uncommon
    Actually looks like theyre having an "Elder Scrolls Week" sale, with pretty much everything related to TES being on sale, including TES collection which includes Morrowind GOTY Edition, Oblivion Deluxe Edition, Skyrim, and Dawnguard all for $62.48, normally costs $125. Pretty nice deal considering Skyrim + Dawnguard alone would run you $80 elsewhere.
  • Pumuckl71Pumuckl71 istanbulMember Posts: 121

    Dawnguard and its issues scared me away from buying it. Im very keen to play it ...but i dont wanna screw anything up.

    i dont hold my breath as for now ...but hopefully they release a patch to fix at least the perfomance and CTD issues.

    I can live with quest bug  to a certain degree.

    Till then hopefully Steam will offer the same ,cuz  theres no gamestop where  i live .

  • kaiser3282kaiser3282 Phoenix, AZMember Posts: 2,758 Uncommon

    Dont need to have one where you live, its available for download as well.

    Havent got around to trying out Dawnguard myself, and have Skyrim on console not PC, but I may just wind up getting the collection for PC so I can play it while Im working since my Xbox and TVs are in other rooms.

  • Pumuckl71Pumuckl71 istanbulMember Posts: 121

    the thing is everything seems to be smooth on the xbox version , i got  a HTPC connected to an 42 tv ...and a pimp desktop (dont know why i spend money on that tbh) and it seems most tech issues are PC related . Im itching to play  Dawnguard but i dont wanna give up any  of my chars for the sake of it and start from scratch......Skyrim is just too big for me to start a 4th character.


    PS : patch is badly needed anyways ....modding hurts atm

  • GruntyGrunty TexasMember Posts: 7,717 Uncommon

    Let me know when it gets down to $20.00



  • MdpatsMdpats Peekskill, NYMember Posts: 176 Uncommon
    Willing to sell my Skyrim PS3 version with hard cover strat guide.  PM me for details
  • Kaijin2k3Kaijin2k3 Santa Monica, CAMember Posts: 558
    Originally posted by Pumuckl71 Till then hopefully Steam will offer the same ,cuz  theres no gamestop where  i live .

    IIRC, Steam actually had this exact same TES sale like  a week ago.

  • FrodoFraginsFrodoFragins Manchester, NHMember Posts: 3,471 Uncommon
    I'm waiting for a really cheap version of Skyrim, like $10 cheap including DLC.  I'm just not into single player RPGs enough to pay much for them.  I also thought Oblivion was the most overrated RPG I've ever played.  Maybe xmas 2013!
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