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What are your top 3 choices for playable Race/Class (Character)?

LeegOfChldrnLeegOfChldrn Jcakson, MSPosts: 364Member

What are your top 3 choices for a playable Race, Class, or Character Type in a MMORPG?

For example.


General races: Halfling, Lizardman, Dragon

Specific Classes: Thane from DAoC, Everquest Enchanter or Bard, an Anti-Magic Tank (remember the Inquisitor from Vanguard?) who has [insert specific abilities/spells].

General Character Types: Vampires, Magic-Casting Ancient Dragons, Quarky Goblic Engineer Theme, Blood-based abilities (Bloodmage from Vanguard, Vladimir from LoL, Lifesteal/Lifedrain class, etc.)

Specific Character Types: Dragons from the original concepts for Horizon- Who start off as a baby and grown into an Ancient Dragon, with any skillsets to choose from. An EXACT copy of a Thane Dwarf from DAoC with an eyepatch, A Vampire which has to PK other players to survive or else becomes weaker, a Goblin Archer with the highest range in the game, a pet class that can have 5+ customizable/chooseable undead minions (like a Necromancer + City of Heroes Mastermind).


However vague or specific you want to be-- tell us your top 3 choices for the type of playable Race, Class, or Character type in a MMORPG.



1. CHARACTER- [Reason why you want this character.]

2. CHARACTER- [Reason why you want this character.]

3. CHARACTER- [Reason why you want this character.]


  • LeegOfChldrnLeegOfChldrn Jcakson, MSPosts: 364Member

    1. Dragon- I think it would be awesome if you could play as a real Dragon. Actually being larger than other races, the abilliy to fly, or even having more power than other players at a different disadvantage.

    2. Giants- Once again, this supports my idea of being SIGNIFICANTLY larger than other players. Not just like an Ogre vs. Human in Everquest 1, but actually being up to 10x the height. Feeling like you truly are large.

    3. Vampire- I'd love to play a character or "rare race" where you have to PK players or NPC's (quest) just to survive, or else you get weak. Yet the bonus is stronger abilities or powers than average.


    All three of my concepts are from the ORIGINAL game design of Horizons. I thought all of those races, skill types, and especially the RARE RACES were freaking phenominal ideas.

  • AdamantineAdamantine NowherePosts: 3,928Member Uncommon

    1. Race - Darkelf

    2. Race - Darkelf

    3. Race - Darkelf

    4. Race - ... guess ...

    I also kind of like Halfelf, Orc, Gnome, and pretty much any other underdog race.

    I sometimes play Human or High Elf, but I avoid Wood Elf, Dwarf, Halfling and any furry stuff.

    1. Class - Robed Healer. Basically I want to be the best healer of the game. Favorite Variant: Vanguard Blood Mage. All Vanguard healer classes rock, though.

    2. Class - Full Tank. Took me a while to get into that setup, but now I love tanks. Favorite Variant: Vanguard Dread Knight. Tough to keep aggro, but awesome tricks and very rewarding all over the board, especially also because of the area lifetap attack.

    3. Class - Mage. Usually the most varied of classes. No clear favorite there.

    4. Class - Lineage 2 Tyrant. Sadly I havent seen this class in any other gamen. Straight out fighter with some magic trickery. Basically a melee glass cannon. Just awesome.

    I really dont like playing Rogues and I outright hate Druid.

  • GorweGorwe Ald'RuhnPosts: 3,560Member Rare
    @above: Druchii lover!

    1.High Elf(Warhammer)
    2.Noldors(LoTR)-in other words High Elves
    3.Altmer(TES)-in other words High Elves
    4. {guess}->betcha you'll guess wrong

    I also Like various humans(but do not prefer them), animal Like races(Like those in Warcraft universe) are right out of question and I outright despise half-breeds(peredhils and half Orcs)...

    Right then! About the classes:

    1.Some kind of tanky healer(Path of Grace WP from WAR would be just what I am looking for or GW 2 Guardian).
    2.Some kind of mobile class(something akin to Magina from DoTA) that is focused on damage yet is tanky enough to survive on its own(Nightblades from TES/Bladedancers from Rift spring to mind-perhaps even GW 2 Thief).
    3.Some kind of Archer(the more unorthodox-the better!). I prefer Archer to be combat based, NOT Nature based(so no pet tyvm). Classes such as WARs Shadow Warrior and/or Rift's Marksman are ideal.
    4.Some kind of Nature class. Be it Plant/Animal domain Cleric from good ole DnD or pure Druid is inconsenquential to me. NOT rangers mind you!

    I Like my classes to have either Holy or Nature background. Arcane is passable. Combat is barely passable. Unholy/Disease/Blood/Death/Evil are outright despised. Stealth is good, but not necessary.

    And about the fourth race: it is not some kind of Elves. My fourth most favoured race are The Dwarfs(I equally Like Warhammer and LoTR ones)! I said that you'd guess wrong :)!

  • LeegOfChldrnLeegOfChldrn Jcakson, MSPosts: 364Member

    I'd imagine this would be a very popular thread. At least more than 2 people posting their opinions/dreams.

    Thank you for sharing!

  • SimphanaticSimphanatic Marion, IAPosts: 92Member

    I invariably roll humans because I'm just not into the whole elfe - troll thing. However, a couple years ago I rolled a Worgen in WoW, which ended up being my all-time favorite character. I never used her for anything except grinding endlessly for hides, but she was always a delight to get on and play.


    Otherwise, I prefer ranged classes, usually archers/hunters. That said, in TSW, I specifically started with melee weapons and for that game, at least, found they worked quite well for me. It was always a hoot to engage the skills macro on my Naga and rip though a group of mobs.

  • DragonantisDragonantis DublinPosts: 974Member Uncommon

    Race - Quaggan (Guild Wars 2) - My favorite NPC race in any MMO, I love their voices and they act cute Hoooo doooo you doooo!

    Race - Sentient Mecha - Because that would be epic

    Race - An MMO with just animals - A cool idea I had ages back, an MMO where you play animals not ones that walk on 2 legs :)

  • phantomghostphantomghost Atlanta, GAPosts: 698Member Uncommon

    1. Iksar: EQ... never really see this race outside the genre. 

    2. Mahirim: DF Always wanted to play creatures like this... reminds me of drovlarg (sp?) from EQ.

    3.  In general, unique classes... no talent trees.  There is always 1 OP tree, I would prefer a well defined class or a limit on the number of skils you can have (or # of skillpoints you can reach).  In recent games I have played dual wielding is not a good option, it seems 2Hers have taking over as better overall.


    photo SIG_zpszteuyd0ejpg
  • BeastnBeastn Orlando, FLPosts: 111Member Uncommon
    Race: ork (warhammer), I love playing bulky, evil, ugly looking toons
    Race: goblin (war > wow, but both cool), again ugly, little, evil bastards I love em
    Class: tank sword and board type
    Class: berzerker (war choppa, wow 1h fury war, tl2 zerk)
  • marsmercermarsmercer Smyrna, SCPosts: 24Member Uncommon
    I always wanted to see the Vampire Counts appear as a playable race/faction in Warhammer: Age of Reckoning. They are already part of the tabletop lore.

  • NovusodNovusod Lakewood, NJPosts: 909Member Uncommon

    Prefered races are: Humans, Dark Elf, Halfelf



    - Twin Spear Lann (Vindictus) simply the most challanging and rewarding class I ever played.

    - Bruiser (Everquest 2) a martial artist class that is fun alternative to sword and board tanks that comonplace in the genre

    - Abyss Walker (Lineage 2) fast paced and active damage dealer in the point and click gameplay

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